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Howard County Voters' Guide

Howard County Voters' Guide



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Published by Charles Schelle
League of Women Voters of Howard County's 2010 Primary Election Voters' Guide
League of Women Voters of Howard County's 2010 Primary Election Voters' Guide

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Published by: Charles Schelle on Sep 01, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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League of Women Voters of Howard County ~ Primary Election Voters’ Guide, 2010
Voters’ Guide
Primary Election 2010
League of Women Voters of Howard County
additional words were cut rom the end o the candidate’s statement or wherepracticable. In keeping with League o Women Voters policy, this material is aspresented by candidates. Thus, some misspellings and typing errors may appear.The Voters’ Guide includes only the names o the candidates on the ocialballot certied by state and local ocials. Some candidates may have withdrawnsince the material was compiled, and not every candidate listed in the guide willappear on every ballot.Thanks to all candidates who replied to the League o Women Votersquestionnaire.
Facts For Primary Voters
Questions about whether you are registered to vote or your polling place canbe checked online at
or by callingthe Howard County Board o Elections at 410-313-5820.Voters registered as Democrats may vote only or Democratic candidates.Voters registered as Republicans may vote only or Republican candidates.All registered voters, including those without party aliation, may vote ornonpartisan Board o Education candidates.You may check o your choice o candidates on this Voters’ Guide and take itinto the polling place with you.Sample ballots will be posted at polling places.Voters are not obligated to answer questions about how they voted.You may wish to retain this Guide as it includes candidates’ answers toquestions which will not be repeated in the General Election Guide. For otherquestions about the election, call the Board o Elections at 410-313-5820.
absentee Voting:
Any registered voter may apply or an absentee ballot byrequesting an application or an absentee ballot rom the Howard County Boardo Elections, 410-313-5820 or
Return the application to the Board o Elections by mail, Fax 410-313-5833an absentee ballot or has already voted.For nonpartisan election inormation, contact the League o Women Voters at410-730-0142, telephone or ax, or e-mail to ino@howard.lwvmd.org Website:
County voter and election inormation is available at
www.howardcountymd. gov/boe
The Maryland League o Women Voters Education Fund has a web site orelection inormation. The address is
Check the League o Women Voters on-line voters’ guide at
The ollowing web sites may be helpul.• State o Maryland Board o Elections:
• Maryland League o Women Voters:
• National League o Women Voters Education Fund:
A voter registration application may be downloaded rom this web site:
http:// elections.state.md.us/voter_registration/application.html 
early Voting
or Primary Election: September 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9; 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.Locations are:Ridgeley’s Run Community Center, The Bain Center,8400 Mission Road, Jessup 5470 Ruth Keeton Way, Columbia410-313-1693 410-313-7213• Ellicott City Senior Center,9401 Frederick Rd. (behind Miller Branch Library), Ellicott City410-313-1400
P e t, sp 14, 2010P  p  7 ..  8 p..
The League o Women Voters is a non-partisanorganization o men and women working topromote political responsibility through inormedand active participation o citizens in theirgovernment. The League does not support or opposeany political party or candidate. Materials rom thisGuide may not be reproduced in whole or in partwithout permission rom the League. The Leagueassumes no responsibility or errors or omissions.
Please note:
The candidates’ answers in theVoters’ Guide appear as submitted. I answersexceeded the specied word limitation, theor in person by September 7. An absentee ballot willbe mailed to your designated address. EmergencyAbsentee voting is available. Emergency absenteeapplications are accepted in person until the pollsclose on election day. For more inormation, call theBoard o Elections at 410-313-5820.
ProVisional ballot:
A ballot must be issuedto a voter i the voter’s name is not on the pollingplace register; i the voter moved rom the addresslisted on the polling place register more than 21days beore the Primary Election; i the voter isrequired to show identication and does not haveit; i the register indicates that the voter was issued
l     h p f  P e..............................................a 24ev............................................sp3 - sp9 (s, sp5)dq    .......................................................sp 7
Primary Election
September 14
d  H c b  e  v    .............................sp 14 8:00 p..V-pPe............................................................sp27lvhge...........................................................o12ev  g e ..............................o 22 - o 28 ( s, o 24)dq.......................................................o26
General Election
November 2
d  Hc b e v   ..............................nv 2 8:00 p..
Primary Election Voters’ Guide, 2010 ~ League of Women Voters of Howard County
The Governor is the chie executive ocero the state o Maryland and appoints the heads o statewide departments and judges to the state courts.The Governor also makes other appointments asprovided by the Maryland Constitution or by law andproposes the annual operating and capital budgetsto the legislature. The Governor may veto legislationpassed by the legislature.
2010 and 2011 annual salary o $150,000(same as current salary as proposed by Governor’sSalary Commission)
Four years, limit o two consecutive terms
How elected:
Elected statewide as a team withthe Lt. Governor
Lt. Governor
The Lieutenant Governor assists theGovernor and is elected jointly on a ballot with thegubernatorial candidate. The Lieutenant Governorlls the oce o Governor in case o death,resignation, or disability and carries out specicduties assigned by the Governor.
2010 and 2011 annual salary o $125,000(same as current salary as proposed by Governor’sSalary Commission)
c  gv  k h q:QualiFications: wh  qf  h f  gv?running mate’s QualiFications:wh    ’ qf h f  l. gv?energy: H h m    ?education: H h v k h  v v h     pK-12 ?economy: wh   m’    pp?budget: ev   h    v, hpj  h    $1.5 . wh    h pfp   v   pp   h ?
 Vote for one set of candidatesfrom your party.
Democratic canDiDates
J. P. Cusck / Mchal W. Lag J.
Campaign Website: www.VoteJP.Webs.com
No one else has the ortitudeand determination nor the understanding o theChild Support and Custody law reorm issues as Iwill bring to the oce o Governor which makes meas the best candidate or the job. The reorms needsto be done right and I am the best one to do it.
running mate’s QualiFications:
ClassPresident and Valedictorian Great Mills HighSchool, MD. University o Maryland 3 mastersdegrees in Computer Science, Psychology and inAdvanced Mathematics. 6 years US Marine Corp,served in Korean confict. Retired civil service. NavalAviation Logistics, Pax NAS, Computer AnalystGM 17.
To increase the use o nuclear power andwind power generation and decrease petroleum uelusage. We could try to start getting our Marylandpetroleum uels rom other American States.
I would be open to new ideas andnew strategies. The State could allocate resources bythe individual Counties criteria. We can gain schoolunding by the reorms or the Child Support andCustody laws and by releasing such non violentprisoners throughout Maryland.
Maryland economy is alreadystimulated a plenty, and the latest reports showBaltimore as the #15 in ranking o American citieswhich is well placed or our largest city. So we couldcreate new legislation requiring employers to hiremore and to lay o less as that is the bottom line.
We do not want revenue increases oremployees, but I would cut the unneeded spendingon Child Support enorcement and grant release ornon violent prisoners. Raise the taxes only on thevery nancially capable is an option, as like stoppingbusinesses rom passing the tax on to the customers.
ralph Ja / Fda Ja
I’m a political science teacherinvolved in a movement to end corruption inMaryland politics and replace it with ETHICS.Ethical politicians shouldn’t deal with corruptlobbyists and shouldn’t accept campaigncontributions because they’re disguised bribes. I’llserve ree,one term only.
running mate’s QualiFications:
My runningmate has been a teacher and library media specialistsince 1966. Her ethics and principles are the same asmine.
We must encourage our corporations toexplore new energy resources throughout the U.S.This means more government cooperation and lessgovernment intererence. We have to stop beingprisoners o the Middle East dictatorships andbecome energy independent.
The best thing that government cando (whether it’s ederal, state, local) is let parentsor guardians assume major responsibility or theirchildren’s education. The less intererence romgovernment, the better o we’ll be. What we need ismoral leadership, not government intererence.
The General Assembly should buttout and go on vacation or the next 3 years. Letprivate enterprise take its natural course.
Streamline the government with morevolunteerism. Many government jobs are a waste o taxpayers’ money. I would not re anyone currentlyemployed in state government. However, when manyo the positions become open because o retirementor resignation, I would ll the openings withvolunteers.
Ma o’Mall / Ah G. Bw
Campaign Website: www.martinomalley.com
Martin O’Malley is a earless,intelligent public servant who always puts peoplebeore politics. As Governor, Martin O’Malley hasa proven record o delivering results or our smallbusinesses and amilies. And with him in oce, wewill Move Maryland orward.
running mate’s QualiFications:
AnthonyBrown has a distinguished career in public service.Ater serving our country as an army Colonel, hewas elected to the state house and served as HouseMajority Whip. Now, Anthony is the highestranking elected ocial in the nation ever to haveserved a tour o duty in Iraq.
To move orward, we must conserveour existing resources while investing in alternativeenergy. That’s why I set a goal or energy savingsThis Voters’ Guide was prepared or the readers o the Howard County Times and the Columbia Flierby the League o Women Voters o Howard County. It was designed by Patuxent Publishing Companyor the League as a public service. It is being distributed ree at Howard County libraries and otherlocations and as a special supplement in the Howard County Times and Columbia Flier on September 2.
Under Maryland law, the order o candidates on the ballot is determined rst by the party o the governor, then by the principal minority party, then other minority parties in descending order basedon statewide party registration. The order o listing in this Voters’ Guide ollows that directive.The Voters’ Guide will be available online at our League’s website,
, the stateLeague website
and the national League website
League of Women Voters of Howard County ~ Primary Election Voters’ Guide, 2010
diversiy energy supplies so that we are lessdependent on oreign oil. Third, enact policies thatencourage local energy companies to create jobs,including in our wind, solar, and nuclear energysectors.
As Governor, I increased publicschool unds by a record $1.4 billion. As a result,high school AP scores were 2nd best in the U.S.and the achievement gap continued to closeamong Arican-American & Hispanic students,and students living in poverty. I will continue ullyunding public schools.
I will treat small businesses as asource o new jobs, not a source o new taxes. Iwill repeal my opponent’s 20% sales tax hike, whichhurts low and middle income amilies. I will improveMaryland’s business climate, which currently ranks45th in the nation, according to the Tax Foundation.
Maryland lost sight o its spendingpriorities the past 4 years. I will reprioritize howgovernment spends money, redirecting scarce taxdollars into programs that work and that help themost vulnerable in our communities. Ineectiveprograms that needlessly expand government will bereconsidered.
Ba Muph / Mk rma
Campaign Website: brianmurphy2010.com
No response received by deadline.
The Comptroller is the general scalocer o the state, responsible or collecting,managing and planning or revenue to supportthe state budget. The Comptroller collects andadministers the ollowing taxes: income tax (bothpersonal and corporate), retail sales and use taxes;motor vehicle uel tax, road tax on motor carriers;state tobacco tax, Maryland estate tax and excisetaxes on beer, wine and liquor. The Comptrollerserves on the Board o Public Works along with theGovernor and the state Treasurer, who is appointedby the General Assembly.
$125,000 annual base (This is thecurrent salary. A proposal by the Governor’s SalaryCommission to raise the salary in 2013 and 2014 wasrejected by the legislature in 2010)
Four years, no term limit
How elected:
Elected statewide
c  cp  kh  q:QualiFications: wh  qf  h f  cp?imProVements: wh pv    h mv ?
 Vote for one candidate from your party.
Democratic canDiDate
P Fach
Campaign Website: www.franchot.com
I’ve kept my promise to bean independent, scal watchdog and to make myoce a model or eciency. I reward those who paytheir air share and collect rom those who cheat.I’ve used my position to oppose wasteul spendingand have promoted airness towards women andminority-owned businesses.
We can build upon cost-savingmeasures to become more ecient. We need todevelop an economic vision that emphasizesMaryland’s strengths. We also need a bipartisantop-to-bottom review o state spending inclusive o the private sector and we must not raise or enact newtaxes during the recession.
republican canDiDates
Wllam H Campbll
Campaign Website: www.whcampbell2010.com
Two decades o successulsenior nancial executive experience in public andprivate entities that were experiencing nancialdistress. I was the Assistant Secretary & Chie o 15% by 2015, implemented a tax exemption orresidential solar installations and asked the ederalgovernment to remove barriers to o-shore windproduction.
Education is key to moving usorward and that’s why my administration hasully unded Thornton, investing $5.7 billion thisyear alone and a record $1.3 billion or schoolconstruction. We need to build on this progress withsmart investments and reorms to keep our schoolsranked #1 in the nation.
Our ocus is on creating, savingand maintaining jobs. With strategic tax cuts orsmall businesses, public-private partnerships andinvestments in the new economy, we will emergerom the national recession aster than most states.But we must continue to move orward by investingto create jobs.
Working together, we have restored scalresponsibility, cutting $5.6 billion in spending whilemaintaining our shared priorities. Our schools areranked #1, our Bay is recovering and our violentcrime rate is at a 35 year low. We must continuemoving orward with a smart, scally responsiblebudget.
republican canDiDates
rb L. ehlch J. / Ma Ka
Campaign Website: bobehrlich.com
I led Maryland out o arecession and a budget decit once and I will do itagain. I have 3 simple priorities: more jobs, lowertaxes, and less spending. As a state lawmaker, U.S.Congressman, and Governor, I have always believedin being honest with the citizens I serve.
running mate’s QualiFications:
Mary Kaneis a working mother, a small business advocate, anda ormer prosecutor. As the daughter o immigrants,she has a unique understanding o the unlimitedpossibilities available to amilies i governmentserves the interests o the people.
I have three goals. First, ensure thatenergy supplies are aordable and reliable. Second,
The League of Women Voters
v   v h  V’ g h P e  sp 14.
Visit www.lwvmd.org 

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