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Fall 2010 Update

Fall 2010 Update

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Published by Greenpeace

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Published by: Greenpeace on Sep 01, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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fall update 2010
On the cover:
A pelican sits covered with oil from theDeepwater Horizon wellhead in Barataria Bay, Louisiana just offthe Gulf of Mexico.
 © Jose Luis Magana/Greenpeace
Our Mission
Greenpeace, Inc. is the leading independentcampaigning organization that uses peaceful directaction and creative communication to expose globalenvironmental problems and promote solutions thatare essential to a green and peaceful future. Pleasevisit greenpeace.org to learn more about Greenpeace,Inc. and greenpeacefund.org to learn more aboutGreenpeace Fund, Inc.
ISSN: 8899-0190
. Unless otherwise noted, all contentsare © Greenpeace, Inc.
Writer and Editor-in-Chief
Sebastian Jannelli
Campaigns Editors
Lisa Finaldi, Rick Hind, John Hocevar, Dan Howell,Scott Paul, Rolf Skar
Development Editors
Richard Kim-Solloway, Allison MacBride, Billie Robertson
Photo Editors
Tim Aubry, Robert Meyers
Legal Editor
Deepa Isac
fall update 2010
 ©Sean Gardner /Greenpeace
© Louisiana Dep o ildlie and isheies© Chisian Aslund / Geenpeace
 ©SeanGardner/Greenpeace © DanielBeltrá /Greenpeace
© Daniel Belá / Geenpeace©  Jose Luis Magana  /  Geenpeace
From the Executive Director
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Today, our nation stands at acrossroads.As we emerge from the hottestsummer on record, still chokingon the worst oil spill in American history and dripping withthe blood of an oil war in the Middle East, we are facedwith a choice and a challenge.Either we continue down the path that we are already on,blissfully complacent with our deadly and dangerous ad-diction to fossil fuel, or we change paths and set out in anew direction.In the years to come, our children will remember this asthe moment that changed the world forever. The historybooks will say that Greenpeace and the world’s leadingscientists warned President Obama that changing nothingwould ultimately lead to the destruction of our planet andlife as we know it. But they will also say we told our presi-dent that, if he had the courage to travel down the roadnot taken, he could finally lead the way to a green andpeaceful future for us all.It is now time for President Obama to show the kind ofleadership that Americans dreamed he would when weswept him into office. It is now time for our president todeclare a new Apollo program: a visionary and ambitiousmission to kick our oil addiction and launch a cleanenergy revolution.This is a turning point of immense historical significance.If we miss the turn, we miss the chance to grab our futurewith both hands. President Obama can reduce ournation’s global warming pollution 40% by 2030 bychampioning climate legislation that will:• Shift oil subsidies, conservatively estimated at $10billion per year, into an investment in publictransportation and smart energy grid technology.• Require that 30% of new cars are electric plug-ins by2020 (and 90% by 2030) through the EPA or Congress.• Rewrite national building codes to include outlets forplugging in cars across the country.• Require states to implement new rules for buying andselling electricity that favor renewable energy andelectric plug-in cars without costing consumers more.• Provide tax incentives to electric car buyers.A recent CNN poll found that nearly 80% of voters believethat reducing oil use and shifting to cleaner energy wouldmake life better for Americans. Another poll by the
Wall Street Journal 
in June found that an overwhelmingmajority of people support passing legislation to limitglobal warming pollution.Will President Obama listen to the people who electedhim and set America on a new path? Or will he deliveranother grandiose speech followed by more politicallyexpedient baby steps? This is the moment when all of uswho want to generate jobs, stop global warming, andstrengthen our national security must make our voicesheard. This is our challenge and our opportunity.The last time our nation came this close to embracinga clean energy plan was just a few years afterGreenpeace’s foundation in the 1970’s. We cannot affordto wait another 35 years to seize the moment, becausethat moment – that brief opportunity for real change –might not come again. As always, I thank you for standingwith us at the crossroads.For a Green and Peaceful Future,Philip D. RadfordExecutive Director
   ©   R  o   b  e  r   t   M  e  y  e  r  s   /   G  r  e  e  n  p  e  a  c  e

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