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Des Moines Meditation Group Brochure

Des Moines Meditation Group Brochure

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Published by Charles Day
Brochure describes the group, when and where it meets, and provides information regarding the teachers and practices related to sitting meditation, other meditation and mindfulness practices, and the Buddha's Eightfold Path.
Brochure describes the group, when and where it meets, and provides information regarding the teachers and practices related to sitting meditation, other meditation and mindfulness practices, and the Buddha's Eightfold Path.

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Charles Day on Sep 02, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Des Moines
“What we think, we become. Speak and act with a pure heart and happiness follows likean unshakable shadow.Buddha
The Des Moines Meditation Group was founded in 1994 by Charles Day to support one another in our practices of meditation, mindfulness, and Buddhist philosophy. These  practices train us to be more fully present in the here and now to let !o of the conditioned thou!hts, emotions, and sensations that cause sufferin! for us and others, andto e"perience more lo#in!$indness, compassion, %oy, and peace in our daily li#es.&ll are welcome. 'nstructions are pro#ided for be!inners. ("perienced meditators may use any silent method or the breath method we teach.
!here !e Meet
Des Moines )alley *riends Meetin! +ouse, 411 Grand &#enue Des Moines, '& -/1. 0ocated on the northwest corner of 4nd treet and Grand in Des Moines. 2ar$ in the lot off 4nd treet.
!hen !e Meet
(#ery Tuesday from 3/ 5 6/ pm3/ 5 6 pm ittin! Meditation 6 5 6/ pm 2resentation followed by a short meditation
Chairs, mats, and cushions are pro#ided. 7ccasional full5day retreats are held.
*red 8elson
, &dministrator Charles Day
Cris Dou!lass
Da#id Dra$e
Donations Appreciated
 is the 2ali word for !enerosity or !ift !i#in!. The teachin!s are considered  priceless, so there is no char!e, but
 donations are !ratefully appreciated as an e"pression of your !enerosity and support for the continuation of the teachin!s. Donations are shared with the Des Moines )alley *riends Meetin! for use of their facility. The rest is used for meditation mats and cushions, !roup brochures, handouts,  printin!, retreat e"penses, national directory listin!s, and support of Buddhist and meditation acti#ities.
Meditation &all Eti'uette
7ut of respect for those meditatin!, please enter and lea#e the meditation hall before and  between meditation sessions. Maintain uiet in the foyer and silence in the hall at all times, e"cept durin! the :;& session. Turn off cell phones. 0ea#e shoes in the foyer. 2lease do not wear scented lotions because some may be aller!ic. Do nothin! to disturb others and do not be disturbed by what others do.
*ocusin! on the breath and returnin! to it whene#er the attention wanders is a uni#ersal sittin! meditation used in all reli!ions, in yo!a, and as a !eneral rela"ation techniue. 't facilitates psycholo!ical and spiritual !rowth.it on a chair, a mat and cushion or meditation bench. it in a stable, rela"ed, and comfortable position and $eep the bac$, nec$ and head in a strai!ht line. Close your eyes.Dili!ently $eep your attention focused on the chan!in! physical sensations in the nose, chest, and<or abdomen as you naturally breathe in and breathe out. =ust as the heart beats, the mind thin$s, so the attention will be distracted by thou!hts, feelin!s, sensations, sounds and smells. >our attention may stray for a few seconds or se#eral minutes. (#ery time you notice it is not on the breath, !ently and without %ud!ment, let !o of where#er it went and return it to the breath. Meditate 1 to ? minutes once or twice daily, or for %ust a few minutes when time permits, but decide before each sittin! how lon! it will be.Mindfully focusin! and refocusin! on your breath anchors you in the here and now. 't trains the mind to identify and let !o of harmful conditioned patterns and attachments, so
that thou!hts, speech, and actions are less reacti#e and more appropriate, compassionate, and lo#in!. >ou feel happier and more peaceful, feelin!s that often spread to those aroundyou.
0o#in!$indness and Compassion Meditation
irect to yourself and others, durin!a sittin! meditation or anytime, such phrases as, @May ' Aor name a person or !roup be well, happy, safe, and peaceful. May ' be healed, free from sufferin!, and at ease with all that happens. May ' li#e in peace ; harmony with all bein!s.@
al$in! Meditation *ocus on the breath while wal$in! or on the sensations in each foot as you place it on the !round. 7r wal$ slowly enou!h to e"perience sensations in the heel, ball, toes, an$le, and le! when liftin!, mo#in!, and placin! each foot, and in standin! and turnin! around.
Mindful Breathin! 7ccasionally obser#e the breath, e.!., before answerin! the  phone, waitin! in line or for an appointment or traffic li!ht.
Mindful (atin! Mindfully pic$ up and eat each bite of food before ta$in! the ne"t bite. Be aware of hand and arm mo#ements the foods aroma, taste, and te"ture, and the sensations associated with chewin! and swallowin!.
Meal Meditation @This food is the !ift of the whole uni#erse the earth, sun, rain, and much lo#in! wor$. May ' li#e and eat with mindfulness and !ratitude. May ' thin$ and act in positi#e ways and o#ercome ne!ati#e feelin!s. May ' eat only food that nourishes me and pre#ents illness. May ' accept this food in order to e"perience understandin! and lo#e.@ AThich 8hat +anh
Mindful 0i#in! Mindfully attend to the moment5to5moment sensory e"periences of showerin!, dressin!, washin! dishes, feedin! a pet, dri#in!, wor$in!, and all other daily acti#ities.
1.ise Enderstandin! ufferin! is uni#ersal and caused by attachment to desires, a#ersions, and the delusion of a separate self or e!o. 2racticin! these !uidelines can end sufferin!..ise Thou!ht 2ractice wholesome, useful, positi#e, and harmonious thin$in!. Fefrain from ne!ati#e and unwholesome thou!hts related to !reed, an!er, harmin!, and self5centeredness./.ise peech 2ractice truthfulness, $ind, and useful speech. &#oid lyin!, !ossip, and di#isi#e, abusi#e, harsh, #ain, and unnecessary speech.

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