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Ncp Constipation

Ncp Constipation

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Published by Faith Bingan

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Published by: Faith Bingan on Sep 02, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ASSESSMENTDIAGNOSISINFERENCEPLANNINGINTERVENTIO NRATIONALEEVALUATIO N Subjective:“Hindimadumi anganak ko”(My baby isconstipated)as verbalized by the mother.Objective:Altered bowel sounds.Reports of abdominal pain or cramping.V/S taken asfollows: T:36.5 P: 130 R:30Constipation related tochanges indigestive process.Hirschsprung’s disease(congenitalaganglionicmegacolon) isthe congenitalabsence of or arresteddevelopmentof  parasympathetic ganglioncells in theintestinal wall,usually in thedistal colon.Symptoms arerelated tochronicintestinalobstructionand usuallyappear shortlyafter birth butmay not berecognizeduntil later inchildhood or (rarely) inadulthood. Inthis order thelack of colorectalinnervationAfter 8hours of nursinginterventions, the patient willdemonstratechanges in behavior asnecessitated by causativeandcontributingfactors.-Determinestool color,consistency,frequency, andamount.- Auscultate bowel sounds.- Monitor intakeand output(I&O) withspecificattention to foodor fluid intake.- Recommendavoiding gasforming foods- Assess perianal skinconditionfrequently,noting changes-Assists inidentifyingcausative or contributingfactors andappropriateintervention- Bowelsounds aregenerallyincreased inconstipation.- Mayidentifydehydration,excessiveloss of fluidsor aid inidentifyingdietarydeficiencies.- Decreasesgastricdistress andabdominaldistension.- Preventsskinexcoriationand breakdown.After 8 hoursof nursinginterventions,the patientwas able todemonstratechanges in behavior asnecessitated by causativeandcontributingfactors.

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