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Night People

Night People

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Published by beckyhall
Mary lives in a world much like our own. Only she is of a lesser race as fars the Authoritarians are concerned. When her friend Joe is taken by the Authoritarians,she has to find him but she isn't prepared for what else she finds out...
Mary lives in a world much like our own. Only she is of a lesser race as fars the Authoritarians are concerned. When her friend Joe is taken by the Authoritarians,she has to find him but she isn't prepared for what else she finds out...

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Published by: beckyhall on Sep 02, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 n i g h t  p e o p l e
Did you ever play chase as a child? Silly question, of course you did.Even if you are by yourself, the sheer freedom of running as fast as you
can, lls your entire body with energy and exhilaration. Sometimes, if 
you don’t look behind you, it is easy to imagine you are being chased.
To imagine that any minute now you could suddenly feel a hand on
your shoulder or hear fast footsteps homing in on you. Do you remem- ber the thrill that passed through you and carried your legs faster?That’s the great thing about imagination. You’re in control. You can
 be ‘chased’, right up until the point where it becomes too frightening.Unfortunately, this time Mary was older, she was very frightened andthis wasn’t her imagination.
Watching the Authoritarians go about their mysterious duties, she
couldn’t help wonder how she managed to get herself into such a pre
carious situation. Life before now was never really ‘safe’ but it wascomfortable enough. As long as you kept away from the Authoritar 
ians, they would usually leave you to it. As far as Mary could tell, itwas only when you angered them or trespassed on their land, you would
 pay the ultimate price...sometimes death, sometimes something else.
Mary had seen her kind marched into the huge isolated buildings a few
times. What happened to them after that, nobody but the Authoritarians
seemed to know.
One week earlier...
‘Do you have to do that in public?’ Mary quickly turned away after having noticed what Phoebe was doing.
‘Oh, get over it! I’m feeding my child! Blokes scratch their bits for the hell of it anytime they feel like it!’ She glanced quickly in Mary’s
direction as she spoke but not for long. This was her and Annabelle’s
time and she usually only had eyes for her during their breastfeeding
sessions. Annabelle wasn’t looking at anyone, her eyes calmly shutas she slowly suckled and drifted into a world of her own, one palm
stretched out across the breast.
‘Anyway, we’re digressing, we do actually have something quite impor 
-tant to discuss here.’ Mary said, half seriously but completely stoneyfaced.
They shivered as a gust of wind howled past them and threatened to blow away their food. Phoebe squeezed Annabelle tightly to her al
though she seemed completely oblivious to the wind as she slept. Theold barn was warm enough on the whole but the gaps in the ceiling andwindows ensured everyone felt it when the weather got angry. Not the
 best place to hold a meeting but this one had become so regular, no-
 body really planned it with any precision anymore. The wind protestedloudly at every new idea and suggestion but remained an unheard inter 
ference as each member casually tried to feign interest. Except Mary,
of course.
‘I don’t need to tell you what will happen if this goes wrong. We’ll
either starve or tick off the Authoritarians.’ She turned to Joe, ‘Do you
want to tick off the Authoritarians?’ He didn’t answer but gave her a
sheepish grin in return.
‘Right, now, Joe, you’re the bloke. You enter the grounds.
‘Why me? That’s the most dangerous part.’
His question went completely unnoticed by Mary, ‘Phoebe and I willsplit up and keep watch from the different angles.’‘Oh, how difcult for you.’ Joe said sarcastically.Mary smiled. The wind grew stronger and they all agreed it would be agood time to cut the meeting short. Phoebe wandered off, soothing An
nabelle as she’d woken up and had started crying.It was illegal to enter Authoritarian territory and nobody wanted to bethe one to venture into it. But times had become desperate, people were

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