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The Little Pigs Story

The Little Pigs Story

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Published by: www.getenglishlessons.com on Sep 02, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Three Little Pigs
Once upon a time, three little pigs who lived happily and carefree in their mother's house.The mother was great, cooked, went and did everything for their children. However, two of thechildren did not help at all and the third suffered at seeing his mother working nonstop.One day the mother called the little pigs and said:-Dear Children, you are well grown. It is time to take more responsibility.The mother then prepared a substantial snack for them and split her savings between the three sothey could buy equipment and build a house.It was a beautiful day, sunny and bright. The mother took leave of her children:-Take care! And always be together! - Wished their mother.The three pigs, then they left to the forest in search of a good place to build a house. But soon theybegan to disagree over what material they would use to build it.Each little pig wanted to use a different material.The first little pig, one of the lazy was just saying- I do not want a lot of work! You can build a good house with a pile of straw and even have leftover money to buy other things.The wiser pig warned:- A house of straw is no safe.Another lazy pig, the middle brother, also gave his guess:- I prefer a wooden house! It is resistant and very practical! I want to have a lot of time to rest andplay.A house full of wood is not safe - said the oldest pig - How will you protect yourself from the cold?how do you protect yourself if a wolf appears,?-I've never seen a wolf in these parts, and if it gets cold, I light a fire to get warm! - said the middlebrother.- I'll do a brick house, which is tough. Only when that is finished I can play. - said the oldest pig.When the two younger pigs were done building their houses, they came to the oldest pig and said:-Wow! You are not over yet! Not even halfway! We will now have lunch and then play.The oldest pig did not pay attention to them and continued to work.After three days of intensive work, the brick house was ready, and it was beautiful!The days passed, until the Wolf realized that there were little pigs living in that part of the forest.The Wolf felt his stomach rumbling with hunger, only to think about the little pigs.He went knock on the door of the youngest pig, the house of straw. The pig before opening thedoor looked out the window and catching sight of the wolf began to tremble with fear.The pig then decided to try to intimidate the wolf:- Get away! I just open the door to my father, the great lion! - lied the little pig.- I did not know that lion was the father of pig. Open this door now. - Said the wolf with a scaryscream.The pig went quiet, trembling with fear.- If you do not open this door, I'll blow your house and it will fly.The Wolf blew the straw house and there was nothing left, the house flew through the air.The pig ran desperately toward his brother’s house, the wooden house.The wolf chased.

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