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Samudrik Laksahanam

Samudrik Laksahanam

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Published by Himanshu
Samudrika lakshanam, prime most important things for knowing about a person’s nature and his indicative self as taught by revered jyotish Guru Sh. S. ganesh, Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan,Delhi
Samudrika lakshanam, prime most important things for knowing about a person’s nature and his indicative self as taught by revered jyotish Guru Sh. S. ganesh, Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan,Delhi

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Himanshu on Sep 02, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This chapter deals with the general observations that are not observed in ordinary parlance, but carry much importance for an astrologer. All such observations tell a lotabout the person who comes to an astrologer. Basically, when a person comes to you, hewill radiate certain electricity from himself. Would that be favorable for answering hisquestions or not, is to be very minutely seen. That is why in older times' astrologers usedto set square on the floor so that whoever comes, that person also sits on the floor anddirect communication is established between the queried and the querist. When you siton the floor, a direct communication is established because when you sit down, theelectricity cross from your body and establishes a direct connection to the persons sittingacross you. Samudrika lakshanam is always considered to be one of the prime mostimportant things for knowing about a person’s nature and his indicative self.If a person approaching an astrologer enters the house with his right foot forward,he has good intentions. If he enters the room with the left foot forward, it indicates thathe has a mental imbalance about the person whom he is approaching; he does not believein him and has just gone there with the intentions to test if the astrologer can dosomething with the horoscope. He does not have full faith in the person whom he isapproaching.Furthermore, while coming in, a person may touch his body parts. They havedifferent meanings. If a person touches his head first, he has come to test the astrologer and he should not be encouraged. If a person touches his cheeks then he is havingextraordinary problems and he wants immediate solution for them. When he comes inand touches his nose, he is having something that is bothering his pride and he is veryworried about his standing in the society or whatever it is. If a person touches his leftthigh while entering, he is going to have a major loss. If he touches the elbow, he isgoing to lose one of his immediate elders. If he enters and moves towards left, it meanshe considers you a
. If he moves towards right, the person is arrogant, often not tellwhat he wants to know and he may not hesitate in lying to you.A person who is entering may have certain gifts with him. If they are sweets, the person wants to know about his children or marriage. If it is fruits, he wants to knowabout his general prosperity. If it is something else, then he wants to know about his professional life. How will you decide? Count the number of fruits; if it is 1-5, he hascome to know about self. If it is 6-9, he has come to know about his progeny’s successand if it is 9-12, then he has come to know about his family welfare or success. If he has brought two types of fruits, one having seeds in it and another not having seeds, say pomegranate and banana, you can right away say that he has come to know about his progeny also. Either he is not having progeny or his progeny is not having prosperity.Question shall be related to progeny. Now we come to the appearance of the person. First is
. If a person is having black hair, he is considered to be of gentle nature; brownish hairs indicate an always-doubting nature. Thick hair - well disposed, thin hair - may not be a good person. Now
. Forehead can be broad or it can be lengthy also. If it is lengthy, a personis extraordinarily blessed and can have intuitive powers; will always make other personhappy with his extraordinary help. He will always like to help others. With length andhaving two ‘
’ on forehead, a person will be extraordinarily good in mathematics,calculations will be always good. His life will be always on calculated note only. If theforehead is lengthwise, the power of 
will be more; progeny will be more. He willalways be worried about impregnating his wife whenever he has sex with her and on that basis he will always be under tension. The amounts of shortness it has, that much amountless quality living sperms' one has in his body. This should not be short; the shortnessindicates the weakness in sperms. Now see the
. If brows are thick, a person has . If brows donot have enough of hair in it, the person is calculative; he will not be emotionally moved by others; may not like to hear others; will always have arrogant nature. The browsshould not also meet with each other. If they meet each other, a person will meet povertyin his life. Some persons are born with such eyebrows; they will never have that kind of self-containment. If they are joining, a person will not be trustful to his parents.
;large eyes indicate a well-disposed person. Small eyes indicate a liar, would always lie toeverybody - a compulsive liar. Broad eyes . Round eyes . Spliteyes; mentally disordered, cyclic influences, psychiatric cases.
. Shiftingeyeballs - a person has mental imbalance, indecisive, will have constant worriesregarding progeny. Stable eyeballs - extraordinarily gifted person, will have attachmenttowards trinity, a person who can become a seer. Eyes can be of major three colours: black, brown or honey coloured. Black-eyed person is warmth, trustworthy, indicative of wealthiness. Brown-eyed person is though warmth, but he can not be trusted, self-centered. Honey coloured eyed person is untrustworthy; would do anything for selfishmotives - a materialistic personality. Now eyelashes; eyelashes can be of three types -closed lashes, open lashes & cervical lashes. A person has feminine disposition if hislashes are cervical. A person having open straight lashes is considered to beextraordinarily masculine; would be brutal often. Closed lashes' person is calculative;will not open before others. It is very hard to give prediction to such person. Self esteemor self-prestige will be always involved with this kind of persons. They will feel insultedif something awkward is told.
; with ears only, you can give predictions about the person. They indicate of man’s past, present and future, though we will not go in those kinds of details. Ears can be lengthy, short, broad or lean. Length of the ear indicates the longevity of the native.Earlobes should not be attached with cheeks; if it is so, one will always have emotionalups and downs in his life. The length of your ear should not be less than your middlefinger; if it is so, one will have ‘Akal-Mrityu’. If it does not correspond to your middlefinger, it will definitely correspond to ring finger; if it is not so, one will have ‘poorva janma doshaalong with ‘Akal-Mrityu’. The person having broad ear indicatesextraordinary wealth, philanthropic attitude a person who will be equated to theelephants. The person having short ears will be calculative, untrustworthy; often wouldcommit adultery. Lean ears indicate a diseased person; he will often fall prey to seasonaldiseases like viral, etc.

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