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Some Random Notes #1

Some Random Notes #1

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Published by Dave Smith
A collection of usable items and notes.
A collection of usable items and notes.

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Published by: Dave Smith on Sep 02, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Some random notes #1«
By David Smith Copyright © 2010On Ebay, if the tool listing the brand says µ
then read
! Really.Bankruptcy is
the carefree process shown on the TV ads ± otherwise, whywould some people commit suicide after bankruptcy... ?Funny thing is, after you file bankruptcy... you
get credit cards!.... can buy acar.... buy a house, even..... after all, the credit card companies know you can't filebankruptcy again for 7 years... that is a lot of high interest payments for them to collecton.... and because of the allowable limits.... you can keep almost everything you nowhave. Go figure«.
A reconditioned machine«Reconditioned planer $199.95
Delta TP300R Reconditioned 12" Planer 
(looks good)Includes 15 amp., 120V motor, dust chute, two-knife cutterhead, knife ... steel baseprovide a large, smooth surface for moving stock throughplaner. Handy stock roller letsyou pass stock over the planer. Poly V-belt and pulley cutterhead drive with ruggedgearbox/chain ... At about $200 this unit is about µprice even¶ with the new 12 ½ inchHarbor F unit. Hover, qualitywise, it¶s miles ahead. Any roller track system this unit uses is simplified by the table being at a fixedheight. The unit has a stock roller on top of the case which lets you pass stock over theplaner - a bit interesting, but I don¶t think it would be of great use to me. Like mostportable units it (and whatever µtrack¶ system is used with it) is best bolted down for large jobs.
ProjectsµYokes¶ for help in watering horses, or carrying a stretcher, or«
This all started when I made a replacement µyoke¶ for an outdoor museum, sothey could µretire¶ the original 200 year old item they were using to a resting spot in adisplay case where it belonged. Of course, in the making I tried it out the copy while Iwas working on it. I thought there had to be some missing padding involved, but -surprise! - for a properly carved yoke, there is
need for padding. Really ! That wasthe first surprise on the project. The next was finding out that hand strength (or the lackthereof) was not a problem when carrying a load. Ok, I can live with that.It is great to be able to, say, open a gate or fend off bushes while carrying a load,and not have to put the item down to do so. And last, just how much of a load you couldcarry?Really, as this item seems to have been first made for the purpose of carryingwater for animals, I can¶t see how I can claim a patent on it. Horse owners, let your friends drink up!Of course there had to be some way of stopping a stretcher from blind siding theleader ±I suggest a criss-cross of ropes to xxx.Woodcraft.com is a good place to go for tools.1 (800) 225 - 1153These right-hand threaded arbors attach to your electric motor for an instant,direct drive, polishing, sanding, or grinding work station.
ood place to
Work Arbor, Fits 5/8" Diameter Shaft
#01V11Price: $5.99
ome µshop made¶ tools
µConvert any electric motor into a polisher, grinder, sander, flap wheel sander, or bufferµ, the add says. Well, kind of. Flap wheel sanders work best because they are nottotally dependent on the drive shaft centering. These items work best on things that arenot totally dependent on centering. The reason is simple enough, motor bearings arenot spindle quality. And the shafts might be bent a bit, are not a precision mount, andthe mounting is not running on precision bearings. Sometimes you have to try differentposition combinations to get the best low running vibration.Rubber bound abrasives (Cratex wheels) don¶t have to be as centered. Or wire brushwheels.Multi-purpose work arbor for motors with 1/2'' or 5/8 shafts. Right hand arbor for 
rotation. Spindle thread: Right Hand, 1/2'',-20 TPI
Make your own power tools
By the way, there are a few different gadgets that can be used directly on theshafts of electric motors
they turn in the right direction! See why I suggested thelabel have a wiring diagram on it? Hint: rewire them if they don¶t.

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