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Published by jnduck

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Published by: jnduck on Sep 03, 2010
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Kelly DicKerson
Deputy News Editor
The Ofce of Public Relations and Market
ing has hired Chris Reinolds Kozelle as thenew Director of News and Editorial Services.Kozelle began working at Berry on August16, replacing Rick Woodall. Woodall has takena job in the Ofce of Advancement. She comesfrom a background of more than 20 years innewspapers and online publications.As director of news and editorial services,Kozelle is in charge of writing news releasesabout things happening around Berry andassigning some of those releases to studentworkers to write.“Recently I wrote the news release for Cof 
fee in the Commons, something that will behappening in the Kilpatrick Commons soon,”Kozelle said.Kozelle also monitors when Berry is men
tioned in outside news sources.“Every morning I receive Google alertsand other notications so that I can monitorany stories that appear that mention BerryCollege,” Kozelle said. “I then forward thosestories to student workers and keep copies tohave on record.”Kozelle also is in charge of the “AroundBerry” section of the Berry College website.“The Around Berry section uses both pic
tures and text to show the major events thathave recently happened around Berry,” Ko
zelle said. “This week is focused on the startof the semester activities like move-in dayand the new faces talent show. Next week willhighlight rst year service day.”Kozelle is also in charge of researchingBerry itself.“My job is to nd untold stories about Ber
ry, things that haven’t been reported on yet,”Kozelle said.Kozelle chose to apply to Berry because herproximity to, and the reputation of, Berry.“I live in Cherokee county, so Berry is pret
ty close. I also knew the outstanding reputa
tion that Berry has,” Kozelle said. “I talked toseveral people who had been here and workedhere and all of them said that they didn’t justlike Berry, they loved it.”Kozelle said she was initially attracted tothe eld of journalism and public relations because of her writing ability, creativity anddesire to have a meaningful occupation.“I was always good at writing and I wantedto nd a meaningful way to use my ability.
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Volume 102 ∙ Sept. 2, 2010 ∙ Number 2
please recycle our paper.
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Fact of the Week:
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According to the
OxfordDictionary of Quotations
Shakespeare wroteabout one-tenth of themost quotable quota
tions ever written orspoken in English.
Internet securityon CampusManaging timeas an athlete
Making a proft on
The college’s largest freshman class in history participated
in the annual First-Year Service Day August 28. More than 650
students canvassed the Rome/Floyd County area to perform more than 20 separate, unique service projects for local non-prots,
churches, cemeteries and individuals.
A tradition of service...
Tyler quacKenbush,
Staff Photographer
College welcomes new director of news services
canDler hobbs,
Asst. Photo Editor
bwt ft
Thomas yungerberg
Staff Writer
With a slogan of Experience ItFirsthand, Berry’s website strivesto maintain accessibility for everystudent.However, a recent study backed by the National ScienceFoundation has determined thatthe Web accessibility of many col
lege websites to those with dis
abilities was “strikingly low.”This is because of advancingtechnologies that make certainfeatures of a website unusablefor some individuals with visualor hearing impairments. Flashapplications and sub menus trig
gered by mouse interaction maylook nice, but according to thepreviously mentioned study, theyare also very difcult to navi
gate for those using impairmentprograms.Freshman Koby Boatright,who has stationary night blind
ness, said he has encounteredsuch problems before when surf 
ing the web.“A lot of sites have scroll downor drop down menus now,” Boa
tright said. “Some sites use toomuch of them and looking for aspecic link becomes difcult.”Such features and applicationsare not found on Berry’s website,however. Leading individuals inBerry’s Electronic Communica
tion Services, who run the col
lege’s website, have taken a strictpolicy against it.“We don’t use Flash in anysituation that would make it dif 
cult to navigate the site with al
ternate means,” Cameron Jordan,director of E-Communication Ser
vices, said.The tools used to navigate theinternet differ with individualswho have different impairments.Those that would have the mostissues with navigating a websitewould be individuals who are blind, said Martha Van Cise, Di
rector of the Academic SupportCenter.
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PAGe 2, CAMPUs CARRIeRsePteMbeR 2, 2010
Buffey’s Tanning& Style Salon
10 visitsfor $25
9 Central Plaza706-802-0826
Saturday- Karoake-10% discountBerry Students
Conquer Your Mexican Side!
3989Martha Berry Hwy NE, Rome, GA 30165
Phone: 706.292.0227Fax: 706.292.0228
Buy any 2 Mix & MatchCombination dinners with2 drinks and receive the2nd Mix & match combo
 Not valid Friday- Saturday Not valid with take-out or any other offer.One coupon per table.
Cb Lg2010 Ybks wllb dy fdsbu x wk
Available Sept. 9, 10, 13, 14From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and5 p.m. to 7 p.m. all days2010 yearbooks FREE forstudents who attendedBerry last year.
Retention continues upward trend
HaLeY Van Stein
Staff Writer
Berry’s retention rate of students has increased accord-ing to data comparing the classes of 2012 and 2013.The Ofce of Institutional Research generated the stu-dent retention percentage of the past year and came upwith some positive results. In 2008, Berry had an incomingfreshmen class of 448 students, and 74 percent of the stu-dents from the 2007 school year decided to return to Berry.In 2009, Berry had an incoming freshmen class of 569. Thissemester, Berry retained 78 percent of the class of 2013, pro-viding Berry with a 4 percent increase in its retention rate.Andrew Bressette, Dean of Academic Services, attri- butes this achievement to several factors. Bressette saidthe Financial Aid ofce has been a key player in helpingstudents to return to Berry, as many families are strugglingwith tuition costs in today’s economy. He said the ofce hasworked hard to ensure that every student gets the nancialaid they need to continue at Berry.Another dynamic, Bressette said, is the small class sizesand the personal attention that each student receives,allowing them to be more successful, especially in morerigorous classes.Sophomore Christopher Keene experienced some nan-cial strain this year but he said this did not deter him fromnding a way to return and he still intends to nish out hisfour years with Berry.“I love the closeness of community you feel at Berry andall the opportunities available to meet people and makelasting connections. I was very excited to come back,”Keene said.With such encouraging statistics and feedback, Berrylooks as if it could very soon not only boast of having thelargest campus in the world, but one of the most vibrantand thriving student populations as well.According to the Forbes list, Berry College is rankednumber 163 of the 610 schools that made the list.The Forbes list is a ranking of the best colleges in thenation, “ranking only nine percent of the 6,600 accreditedpost-secondary institution in the United States.” The listuses 11 objective factors that fall into ve different catego-ries that range from student satisfaction to postgraduatesuccess. The Forbes list acknowledges that “…appearingon [its] list at all is an indication that a school meets a highstandard.” Berry’s student retention rate rose signicantlyin the past year.
2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009
 Yearly Retention Rate
Firsthand Campaign Wins National Gold Medal in CASE Circle of Excellence Competition
From StaFF reportS
Berry College has earned a nationalaward from the Council for Advancementand Support of Education (CASE) for“Experience it Firsthand,” a creative mar-keting campaign developed in collabora-tion with the Blue Sky Agency of Atlanta.The initiative, launched in fall 2008, cap-tured a gold award in the 2010 CASE Circleof Excellence Contest, topping 11 otherentries in the Institution-Wide BrandingPrograms category.“We were extremely pleased to learnof this recognition,” said Jeanne Mathews,assistant vice president for public relationsand marketing. “It afrms our belief thatthe ‘Firsthand’ campaign has been success-ful in bringing the Berry story to life for a21st century audience.“Firsthand” places particular emphasison the hands-on nature of Berry’s nation-ally recognized educational experience. Itencompasses everything from the amaz-ing opportunities for outdoor recreationavailable on the world’s largest collegecampus to the personal interest faculty andstaff members take in the success of everystudent. The “Firsthand” philosophy of education is most evident in Berry’s Work Experience Program, which guaranteesstudents the opportunity to complementtheir classroom education through a paidposition on campus.“The ‘Firsthand’ brand is a consistentand effective part of the language we use torecruit students,” explained Brett Kennedy,director of admissions. “The challenge to‘Experience it Firsthand’ captures in a sim-ple and accessible way those core elementsthat are distinctive about the Berry Collegestudent experience.”The focus of the ongoing campaign wasidentied through intensive research con-ducted by Simpson Scarborough, a teamof nationally recognized marketing strate-gists. Armed with the results of that study,the Blue Sky Agency crafted a new taglinethat captured the essence of a Berry educa-tion in three short words, “Experience itFirsthand.”Once the tagline was approved, BlueSky’s creative team collaborated with Ber-ry’s Public Relations and Marketing Ofceto bring the brand to life through printedpublications, electronic and Web basedcommunications, outdoor advertising andother outlets.Because the work program is sucha powerful differentiator for Berry, the“Firsthand” message has been especiallyeffective when directed toward prospectivestudents. Despite the challenges posed bya struggling economy, Berry welcomed oneof the largest rst-year classes in its historyin 2009.“We have seen the message resonatewith prospective students and parents,”Kennedy stated. “As director of admis-sions, nothing makes me feel better than tosee the ‘Firsthand’ message as the closingwords of an essay explaining why a partic-ular student wishes to attend Berry.”Although she is extremely pleased bythe positive recognition “Firsthand” hasgenerated for the institution, Mathews isquick to share the credit with others onthe Berry campus and beyond who playeda critical role in bringing the brand to life.“This has been a collaborative process sincethe beginning,” Mathews said.“From the initial research – whichfocused on students, faculty, staff andalumni, among other constituents – to thecreative implementation, we have con-stantly sought input from other voicesin the Berry community. An incrediblegroup of diverse and insightful individu-als helped to shape the message, and I ampleased to see Berry reaping the rewards of such collaboration.”Founded in 1974, CASE is a professionalassociation serving educational institutionsand the advancement professionals whowork on their behalf in alumni relations,communications, development, market-ing and allied areas. CASE helps its mem- bers build stronger relationships with theiralumni and donors, raise funds for campusprojects, produce recruitment materials,market their institutions to prospective stu-dents, diversify the profession and fosterpublic support of education. The organiza-tion serves more than 61,500 advancementprofessionals on the staffs of member insti-tutions and has nearly 22,000 professionalmembers.
F  i  d  
september 2, 2010CAmpUs CArrIer, pAGe 3
Intnatinal IntnsiInf Tabl f Dblin,Iland
so y and lan aouinnhi availal in I-land in Kann oday a 11a..
Cmmt Stdnt Mt-ing
m fllo Cousudn , lan aou co-u vinc, and ginfoing a a fo moun-ain Day Olyic oday a11 a.. in Kann 217.
Ckt wit t Fllw-si
Co join h Fllohi arichad Gy a h l-co ack by udnih a cookou onigh a 7..
Ballm & Swing DancClb Back t SclDanc
Co cla h aof h chool ya ih hballoo & sing DancClu in richad Gyonigh a 8 .. boh ginn and xincddanc a lco.
At Jam
Co join h A sociyfo a nigh of caiviy anda-hd ga. On oall by udn on Fidaynigh s. 3 in moon a7..
Back t Scl BBQ
enjoy o bbQ food ihh black sudn Alliancfo hi annual back oschool bbQ sauday s.4 a 12 .. Locaion tbA.
Mt. By Mis
pucha dicoun oviick fo moun bysqua movi in KannCn fo sauday nighs. 4.
Gilman stdy abadsclasi mting
Lan ho o aly fo hicholahi fo on of laya’ ciin in oo105 of Kann a 11 a..on tuday s. 7.
No classes onLabor DaySept. 6
CoNTINueD FroM pG. 1
In collg I ook a oing cla and covd a Ciy Hall ing,”aid Kozll. “No only did I ally njoy i; ha xinc hod h ioanc of ging infoaion ou o h ulic.”Kozll ha a achlo’ dg in jounali fo h Univiyof Kana.Kozll aid h okd a h Alana Jounal-Coniuion fo1998 o 2009, uch of ha i a an ducaion o. sh haokd fo na in Akana, Kana and Oklahoa.Kozll ha on aad fo h sociy of pofional Jounali,Akana Aociad p managing edio, and h Akana pAociaion.
Tel: 706.235.0711Fax: 706.234.7511
$4 off on next visit!
315 Riverside Parkway - Rome, GA 30161
 An independently owned and operated franchise
Eternal Expressions 
b a in on
w hav ovidd cuo dign, adiion, oai and lack and gay ok. w u h la chnology & iliza-ion chniqu o ak u you a af.
2009-2011 tattoo shop of the year
The Hawaiian-themed Welcome Back Dance was
the nal event in the year’s rst Viking Weekend sponsored by KCAB. Dur
ing the dance, a group of students sporting colorful spandex suits added their own personal touch to the festivities.
Saturday night avor...
Staff Photographer
CoNTINueD FroM pG. 1
“I’ a nigha o ad o u h In-n if lind, u i’ ncay,” Van Ciaid.In od o u h Inn, lind individ-ual u u a oga calld Jo Accwih sch o JAws, hich ad h xviil on h cn aloud, Van Ci aid.Oh viual iaid udn ighnd o u Zoo tx, a oga hanlag h x on a cn o  ag.Accoding o Van Ci, concn aou acc-iiliy iu can  dal ih hough h
“my oiion in h collg i no onu ucc, u o nu acc o hayou nd o uccd,” Van Ci aid.A niond y oh Jodan and VanCi, h collg i alady aking addiionalau o ak a cou ih Zootx availal in h liay o any udnhould hy nd i.today, la dica ha if uch aniia no ovidd fo ho ho a dialda fdally fundd uin and iniu-ion, lgal conqunc could follo. Onla Jodan niond ha la o h col-lg’ i a h 508 Colianc.th 508 Colianc a ad in 1998a an andn o h viouly adrhailiaion Ac of 1973. I qui haa coany o iniuion ha i fdally ackd nd o hav a i ha i acc-il o all u.“I’ good acic o ak ou iaccil o vyon,” Jodan aid, hnconiding h 508 Colianc in laiono a iva iniuion lik by.by ha gon a fa a o ucha of-a calld sigh Iov ha chck h
website every ve days for misspellings and
ay o iov any acciiliy iu Jodan aid. Hov, accoding o Jodan,ofa lik sigh Iov i ju on  acollg can ak o nu i acciil-iy. th  of h oc ju qui iand caful conidaion fo ho ca-ing h i Jodan aid.“You can ak a i accil ihnohing o han i, and y aking uh i coding i oly foad,” Jodan aid.
Chck ou oi on -a,h iac of h fhancla and h n galaciclook on Viking tail a .vikingfuion.y.du

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