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July 2010 Frankston Library Customer Feedback

July 2010 Frankston Library Customer Feedback

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Published by blograrian

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Published by: blograrian on Sep 03, 2010
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Library Feedback July 2010
 Your Feedback Our Response
 It’s cold outside! Why can’t we stand in the hall?As this area is often unattended until the libraryopens we are not able to let customers in due tosecurity reasons. We also use this time beforeopening to update the notice boards and ensurethe foyer is clean and tidy. Thank you for yourfeedback.Please put back the public phone box. As theclosest one that is working is a the station. A longway to walk with books to get a taxi.The public phone was removed due to the risein mobile phone ownership and it’ increasingcost to maintain. In future, if you require a taxiplease see a staff member who will be only toohappy to call one for you.Today’s music was great. Sometimes it’s tooloud but today was great! Have more of this andless of the stuff unsuitable to the libraryenvironment.Libraries have changed over the last few yearsand are now providing more programs andevents, with varying levels of noise. SundayLive Music at the library is an opportunity forlocal musicians to perform in front of a liveaudience and for the community to experiencenew and exciting talent. We hope you continueto enjoy the music and we appreciate yourfeedback.Sorry not to see recognition in the library ofNAIDOC week.This year the library held a very specialscreening of the film Samson and Delilah, insupport of NAIDOC celebrations. The AFI awardwinning film explores the issues of twoteenagers from a remote indigenous communityin central Australia.You shut too earlyThe library is open 7 days a week, across alarge spread of hours to cater to our resident’sneeds. The Library currently opens Monday-Thursday until 9:00pm, Friday until 6:00pm anduntil 4:00pm on Saturday and Sunday. Thanksfor your feedback.You need a quick drop box near the road forwhen you cant’ get parked.Thank you for your suggestion, however, PlayneStreet is a very busy and often congested roadand unfortunately, a box to return items near theroad would encourage double parking, adding tothe existing traffic flow problems.Please move the trees or cut the branches so tallpeople do not have to bend over or you will besued by someone who pokes their eye from thesharp twigs because they didn’t see them. Thankyou.Thanks for sharing this feedback. You will bepleased to know we have recently pruned thetrees and removed the lower branches.I returned the CD over 5 weeks ago and this stillhas not been cleared on your system. I amhaving to use the help of your staff in order touse the library. Please attend to this matter.Thank you for your feedback. This item has nowbeen cleared on our system and we hope youcontinue to enjoy unrestricted use of the library.
Library Feedback July 2010
 Your Feedback Our Response
 I love the libraryLove this libraryYou see, the machines are awesome with all thefunctions and glass screens.Love coming to the library. So much to choosefrom and all the staff are most helpful. Just wish Ihad more time to read!The service was good.Wonderful looking library. Well organized anduser friendly. I am very impressed.This library is fantastic! Not only has it awonderful supply of books, it also gets books forme! Superb service, friendly and helpful staff andnow, even the self checks work! Many thanksIt is super duper awesome!This library has good helping staff and goodassistantsAn outstanding library staffed by mega efficientand friendly staff. A visit is a rewarding andfulfilling experience.I love yore book’s FionaThe service was good: the self-serve was a lot offunThank you for all your kind comments andappreciation of our service and staff.
We aim toprovide a warm and welcoming atmosphere. It isalways great to hear from our satisfied customers.
 It is awful: I am trying to concentrate on thecomputer and all I can hear are children, andsome saying “rolly polly; where is Suzy; quackquack and clap clap” It is not appropriate. Theyneed a room away from the general library.Please review this. It is not fair to people comingto enjoy the peace and quiet of a library.Thank you for your feedback. We welcome allmembers of the community to the library. Wehave separated the children’s area from thecomputers to minimize the level of noise.Every second Tuesday we provide TinyTotsstorytime to our youngest members for one hourand during that time a certain level of noise maybe unavoidable. Some customers find it helpfulto use headphones while working at thecomputers to help reduce any noise in thelibrary.More DVDs on show needed and more recentmusic on CD.Thanks for these suggestions. We have recentlypurchased hundreds of films, especially Familyfilms, which will be catalogued and madeavailable for loan in the coming weeks. New CDand learning DVDs are added regularly but ifthere’s something specific you’re looking for,please lodge a request with our librarians.Why does it take so long for the feedback to beanswered and put up. It is August and you onlyhave May up. Very slow, not impressed.We appreciate your feedback. We receive agreat deal of feedback throughout the monthand we do aim to respond within the followingmonth.
Library Feedback July 2010
 Your Feedback Our Response
 Much easier to use staff.I have been attending your library for years and itis such a shame that human contact has almostgone.There needs to be a well defined area marked forqueuing when wishing to talk to a staff member.At the moment patrons are confused as where tostand, so they are seen in order. The staff arefriendly and professional.I have sensitivity to electronic equipment. Iwould welcome the concept of a coloured card toindicate that I need assistance with the checkingunitThe new system is hopeless, no proper queuing,only 2 self-serve machines and one hidden nearthe researcher’s desk. Number system to speakto librarians not being usedSelf-serve loans enable customers to have theoption of do-it-yourself or choosing to have staffassistance. Members of the Library's customerservice team are now stepping out from behindthe counter to directly assist YOU the borrower.Please supply more tables to sort out books,bags etc.We are constantly reviewing the way the newself-serve is operating. Thank you for yoursuggestion.We like your library. We need just some morefamily DVDs and Children’s DVD on maths andspelling games for computer. I am sure otherchildren will benefit from these extra familymovies and learning games.We have special need children and we needlearning DVD for computor such as mathsspelling Also more family DVD movies. If you cansupply these this would be great service for Myfamily. ThankyouI can’t seem to find (have I looked properly?) anylanguage learning material on Hebrew and / orYiddish – 2 separate languages which I wouldlike to learn. There seem to be every (almost)other language material available. It would begreat to find the above available at some stagesoonish. Thank You!You have searched correctly; the Library nolonger holds any current materials on learningthese languages. We have a couple of kits onorder from our suppliers to learn Hebrew andwill select new items to learn Yiddish for thecollection. Thanks for raising this with us.About ½ of all the DVD’s are scratched,damaged. Volunteers could be trained to use aDVD repair machine. I did that job for EchucaLibrary.We are considering whether a machine wouldbe worthwhile given the low price of many DVDsnow. Your suggestion of using volunteers is agood one, thank you.Rosebud Library have a change drawer forphotocopier use – need for one here for libraryusers also signage needed for photocopiercharge machine.The staff are able to add money to yourphotocopier card if you don’t have change forthe machine, please ask at the desk.

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