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Kansas Home School Law

Kansas Home School Law

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Published by deldobuss
An overview of the law in Kansas that allows for homeschooling.
An overview of the law in Kansas that allows for homeschooling.

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: deldobuss on Sep 03, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Homeschooling in Kansas(current as of 2010)Kansas requires that all children between the ages of 7 and 18 attend school. Aschool is defined as either a state accredited school, like a public or private school, or anon-accredited school. A non-accredited school simply means a school which does notmeet the
state requirements for accreditation. Some private and public schoolsfall into this category. Kansas does not have an exemption or law specifically forhomeschooling, therefore homeschools are simply private non-accredited schools thathave been established in a residence.There are three requirements that each non-accredited school must meet:1)
Such schools must conduct their educational programs for a period of time which is 
substantially equivalent 
to the public school year.
Homeschoolsmust meet for a time equivalent with what the public school system requires.Currently in Kansas, public school classrooms must have 1,116 hours peryear in grades 1-11(usually divided into 186 days of 6 hours). Homeschools inKansas are free to arrange the allotment of hours and are not required toschedule 6-hour days.2)
Teachers in such schools must be 
This requirement is vague atbest. The term
is not defined in the statute nor by case law.Competent does not equal state certified, nor does it require testing scores orminimum academic credentials. Teacher competency is not subject to theapproval of any governmental authority.3)
Private schools must register their existence when initially established with the Kansas Department of Education.
This in accomplished by filing a formwith the Department of Education online, or by mailing it to the office inTopeka. There is no fee to register, and annual re-registration is not required.It is required to provide a change of address if you move.Important things to note:
There are no other requirements required of homeschools in Kansas. However,if you are removing your child from a public or private accredited school, youmust inform the former school that your child is changing schools. Otherwiseyour child will be reported truant.
There are no regulations on standards of learning or curriculum in Kansas. Youare free to teach what you want, when you like, as long as you meet theminimum hours for the year. It is helpful to know the Kansas Dep of Education

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