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66 - September 2010

66 - September 2010

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Published by jules67

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Published by: jules67 on Sep 03, 2010
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Page 1Flowerdale Flyer November 2008
September 2010
Flowerdale Community House INC
Forming Friendships ABN 30 127 305 127
September, 2010
: 500 copies to Silver Creek Rd., Silver Parrot Rd., Creekside Dr., Riverside Cres., the service road, Moore’s Rd., Spring V
alley Rd. Upper King Parrot Rd, and the main road asfar as Minto Rd. Also the Hazeldene Store, Flowerdale Hotel, Strath Creek Store and Glenburn Roadhouse. Articles, advertisements, etc. can be left at the store, posted to PO Box 2008,Hazeldene, or emailed to the Community House at fch@internode.on.net
PO Box 2008, Hazeldene, 3658
FLOWERDALE COMMUNITY HOUSE & ALL AT THE FLOWERDALE FLYER would like to extend a great big thankyou to the two Communitymembers who have just recently stepped down from the FlowerdaleHouse Committee of Management, for their years of tireless dedicationand dutiful service.Brenda Beckett was our Secretary and Vicky Parry our Treasurer. BothBrenda and Vicky were two of our foundling members, along witha handful of caring people approximately six years ago- saw a desperateneed in the Community to create a place where people could meet,share experiences and ideas and start up self help groups, the purposebeing to draw people out of their houses and become active members intheir community. I'm sure it wasn't an easy decision to make, stepping down from our committee, lovingtheir community as they do, but there comes a moment in one's life when one feels it is time to move on tonew goals and accept other challenges. We're sure whatever they decide to do in the future, they will attack it with the same passion they've always shown. Well done! and good luck from all of us we hope you findhappiness and satisfaction in your new endeavours.
 A very special thankyou goes to Brenda for starting up our very first Community Paper, “The FlowerdaleFlyer”. This paper is instrumental in
uniting our community, and it gives our town a sense of pride in itself.It also enables Shire and Government both local and federal to inform the people of their plans and visionsfor the future of Flowerdale. Locals can use this paper to inform eachother whether it be by advertising, letters to the editor -any news at allfor the benefit of all.Brenda published a Flyer every day straight after the devastation of Black Saturday to keep everyone in town- in the know- stating whenand where group meetings were held - what aid was available etc... Itwas a life-line. Flowerdale was the only town after the fires that hadthis daily information at hand, it was invaluable.Thankyou Brenda we will all be forever grateful for your compassionand dedication.Paula Turner, President, Flowerdale Community House
Elightened Spirits
Flowerdale Community Bus
Hoof Over Hills
Letters to Editor 
Junior Youth Group
Flowerdale Primary School
Ben Hardman
Murrindindi Shire Council (MSC)
Health & Wellbeing
Scouts & Tradies List
Whats on Community House
Community Phone Nos
Inside this issue:
The Flowerdale Flyer will continue, Julie Bateman will be now the contact if you would like to contribute articles,stories and advertising of businesses. Contact details:  jbateman@y7mail.com or phone 0418589072 or contact the Flowerdale Community House, fch@internode.on.net or 57802664.
Page 2Flowerdale Flyer November 2008
September 2010
To all Flowerdale/Hazeldene residents
 You’re invited to be part of Sharon Collins art project,as part of Regional Arts Victoria’s
Castings Times
Thursday 2
Sept 6:30pm
8:30pm Flowerdale PubTuesday 7
& 14
Sept 11am
2pm Rec ReserveThursday 9
, 16
, 23
Sept 6pm
8:30pm Rec ReserveSaturday 18
Sept 11am
6pm Rec Reserve
Bookings need to be done ASAP:Sharon Collins 0422 748 662Odette Hunter 0429 012 129
On the 17
May 2009, Flowerdale held their Memorial Service. We were all given a badgewith a burnt out tree on it, this was the first time we had seen this logo. The tree becamesymbolic and the love that Flowerdalians have for it has been so deep that 80 people havehad this image tattooed onto their body.Because of this connection with the community my project idea is to replicate the treeusing each community members hand castings. The hands will be cast in a clear crystaland placed on a large light box to form an artistic tree showing the unity and bond of our town.I believe that this project will be incredibly symbolic to the community representing what we have been through,where we are going and how we are going to get there.The tree that was strong and alive became a hollowshell which is symbolic of our town after the fires. Our town was empty, just a memory of what it had oncebeen. Then groups of people (the branches) lookingand working towards a better brighter future haveattached themselves to this shell.The hand castings are wonderfully symbolic of eachperson from the community; as each hand is differentand unique so is each person that it belongs to. Eachhas a different aspect, different talents and ideas tooffer, yet each is attached to a branch and then to themain bodyThis is true of the direction in which our community idheading after the fires. We are taking the empty hollowtown and attaching groups of people embracing their individuality and uniqueness, joining them together tomake something that is beautiful and full of light.
The local presentation for the project will beSaturday November 20
more details to comeAnd will be on display at federation square for a week in 2011
Page 3Flowerdale Flyer November 2008
September 2010
The first four classes of the Flowerdale Women's Chainsaw Course (TheFlowerdale Timberware Party) graduated on Saturday 7th. Only nine of the14 graduates could attend, mostly for family reasons, but a good time washad by all, with each of the women receiving a certificate of attainment forthe elements they had successfully demonstrated. The course is based on theCertificate II in Horticulture module "Use and Maintain Chainsaw", and alsothe course required by the CFA for chainsaw use.I would like to both congratulate the women who attended, for their successand the obvious interest and care they demonstrated, and thank them forbeing such a great class. Their keenness and enthusiasm made my role astrainer both easy and fun. I'd also like to thank both Flowerdale CFA and theCERES Farm and Training Team, for the loan of safety gear and saws.Without their equipment the task would have been far harder and trickier. The course was auspiced by FlowerdaleCommunity House, and I'd like to thank Odette for managing the arrangementsand looking after the paperwork. The course couldn't have been held withoutJohn and Anna, who graciously allowed the use of their shed and grounds, sothat we had a comfortable and safe environment to work and study in. As witheverything we achieve in Flowerdale, we had to have a celebration, and Annieand Odette get koala stars for the lunch they provided.There are still many women who are expressing interest in doing the course,and, as soon as the Flowerdale Community House can organise some sets of chainsaw chaps and safety helmets, we will be advertising another set of courses, probably in September/October. We are also investigating the possibilityof offering a men's course, and one for teenagers.Peter Auty.
On Wednesday 1st September the Flowerdale Community bus arrived which now will be able tobe used for all groups/individuals/organisations.
 A big thankyou to Salvation Army for their generous donation and support. I’m sure our
community will enjoy having our own bus to hire and go to events not only in town but otherareas.If you would like to hire you need to contact the Flowerdale Community House on 57802664 formore details.

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