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Movie Review on Summer School

Movie Review on Summer School

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Published by Lady Mae Ramos

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Published by: Lady Mae Ramos on Sep 03, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I. IntroductionCarl Reiner directed a film which entitled
Summer School.
This movie is aboutthe notorious students who need to attend a summer school due to their failing gradesin English subject and their teacher was just forced to teach the said students. It’s sohappened that he’s a gym teacher and he doesn’t know how to teach in a pure lectureclass. Having a happy-go-lucky teacher and ill-famed students in a class will surelytakes you to roller coaster feelings that made the movie concept unique, original and notonly an adaptation.II. Characters
Mr. Freddy ShoopA gym teacher who forced to teach the English remedial class on summer school. He is responsible for the unexpected change that happened to hisstudents.
Francis ‘’Chainsaw’’ GrempOne of the summer school students who has an unfavorable attitude. Hedoesn’t want to be addressed by his real name, he prefer to be called‘’Chainsaw’’ since he is an avid fan of ‘
"The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" 
which placed some fun to the movie.
Dave Frazier Bestfriend of Chainsaw who is also a horror-film-obsessed. Dave is also astudent of Mr. Shoop.
Pam HouseStudent in an English remedial class who’s always lack of concentration.
Kevin Winchester He is also a student of Mr. Shoop who is so eager to be a good footballplayer.
Alan EakianA nerd student in an English remedial summer class.
Rhonda AltobelloShe is a pregnant student of Mr. Shoop.
Denise GreenA war-freak student in an English remedial summer class.
Larry KazamiasA ‘nocturnal’ student of Mr. Shoop who has a job during night time thatmade him sleeping during class.
Ms. Robin BishopA teacher in summer school who is teaching beside Mr. Shoop’s room.She also helped Mr. Shoop to teach properly that made them in love toeach other.
Phil GillsThe Vice Principal of the school that Mr. Shoop is teaching who forced himto do a remedial class and who also wants Mr. Shoop to get fired. He hasa love interest to Ms. Bishop.
Anna-Maria MazarelliShe is an Italian exchange student who will join the class of Mr. Shoopthat will make Dave and Chainsaw enchanting.
KelbanThe principal of the school where Mr. Shoop is teaching and who willdecide if Mr. Shoop will be fired or not.
III. SettingSince the movie is about a summer class, it is then happened during summer where everyone wants to have a summer vacation but all of them were stuck in their remedial class. Though they spent their time for some fieldtrips in zoo, beach, andtheme park, the school was always the place where they stayed, given that this movie isabout a summer school it’s just appropriate that this film will be taken mostly in schoolwhich they done.IV. SummaryThe movie starts at school where everyone is so excited for their last day and for the upcoming summer vacation. While they are packing up their old things and gettingready for their vacation, a security guard is giving a paper for some students whichbrought them in one room. As all of them were counting down, especially the gym classof Mr. Freddy Shoop who is already dressed Hawaiian attire, the Vice Principal Phil Gilltold the students who received a paper from the guard that all of them got a failinggrade in English subject and they are required to attend the summer class. The originalEnglish teacher won the lottery and immediately quits teaching. Gill run to the teachersat the parking area where all of them left except Mr. Shoop and his girlfriend who arevery ready in their summer vacation in Hawaii. Gill rapidly ask and blackmail Mr. Shoopto teach English remedial class on summer. Mr. Shoop sadly said to his young girlfriendthat he needs to take that offer so her girlfriend continues to travel in Hawaii withouthim.The summer school starts, while Mr. Shoop is preparing for his class, Ms. RobinBishop, a Psychology teacher, came to him and asking for thumbtacks, since then Mr.Shoop is asking her for a date but Ms. Bishop don’t allow him. On the first day of summer class Mr. Shoop experienced how notorious the class is, the students doesn’thave any respect to him. While calling their names and reading their background onestudent goes to the lavatory and they leave one by one. Nothing happens in their classsince Mr. Shoop is not doing any effort to teach until all of them realized that they needto do something fun so they decided to have a fieldtrip. They went to theme park, zoo,and beach, unfortunately, Alan Eakian, the nerd student got sick and his ticket from thezoo was caught by her mother so she complained to the school. Gill scolded Shoopabout what happened and he frightened him that he’ll be fired if one of his students fails.

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