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Subiecte Engleza Oral Rezolvate

Subiecte Engleza Oral Rezolvate



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Published by anon-166142

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Published by: anon-166142 on Jun 28, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Subiecte engleza oral rezolvateBiletul 2
Do you agree with the idea that children should be raised by their grandparents? Why yes/no?We live in the 21 st century, a century of speed that under the development of technology hadcaused changes in people’s lifestyle. People have become more and more busy and family lifehas changed considerably. Because of these changes more and more children are brought upby their grandsparents. Parents forget a bout the importance of the environment, children arebrought up in , their education and the fact that parental love and care is indispensable for achild.In my opinion children shouldn’t be raised by grandparents on their own.First of all, if a child is raised only by his grandparents, he will miss parents love and care.Although a child loves his parents and his grandparents too, these are two different feelings.For example we can consider parents that go abroud for work. These parents think that moneyand material things can replace their love. These children usually become isolated or starthaving bad attitudes, they have bad marks, leave school, some of them even tried to comittsiucide.Moreover, grandparents might not be able to educate a child properly. Grandparents aresometimes too tolerant , they spoil them too much and are overprotective. The results of thefact that they are not authoritative enough can be seen when the child will grow up , he will bebad and rebellions and will consider that he deserves everything.Last but not least even if grandparents have enough time to look after a child , they might nothave enough patience or they are not physically strong enough. In theese cases , childrenaren’t involved in healthy activities , such as playing in the park or being read bed timestories.However , in some special cases , if parents die or the child is abandoned , grandparentsshould raised them.In conclusion , besides of the busy life parents have nowadays , they shouldn’t let theirchildren be raised only by their grandparents , they should raise them together and neverforget that a child needs parental love and care.
Biletul 16
Speak about the things you do to have a healthy life. Give arguments and examples to sustainyour ideas.We live in the 21 st century, a century of speed that has caused dramatic changes in people’slifestyle turning it into an unhealthy one. The main majority of the people , because of theworld in which we live, have adopted unhealthy and dangerous customs beginning with theireating habits ending up to the way in which they spend their free time.I had always tried to avoid such unhealthy habits , in order to mentain a healthy life as muchas possible .First of all , I avoid eating unhealthy food. Because everybody is always in a big hurry andbecause they forget about the importance of what a meal should contain and how you shouldeat it, most of the peolpe eat junk food and drink soda every day. I considered that this fact isdangerous for my body so I concentrated myself on some important things. I always take carethat my meal has enough proteins and vitamins and try to avoid sugar, salt and fats, that canbe mainly found in junk food. I take into my attention that a meal request time , at least 20
minutes for each meal and that you have to eat slowly . A very important thing that peopleforget is that it is not healthy to eat only once or twice a day , big and heavy meals , youshould eat more times a day , smaler quantities of food. Instead of eating a big sandwich froma fast food or chips , I prefer eating a big fresh salad with some tomatoes and cheese or afruit , avoiding fats and salt , replacing them with vitamins.Secondly , I do sports. Nowadays we are used to travel by car or bus eaven on short distancesand spend most of our time in front of the computer.We forget that we have to do some sports. I personaly love swimming, so everytime I can I gofor a swim , or when I have to go somewhere and I would arrive too eaqrly to my destinationif I took a bus , I take a walk. I realise that it is very important to combine your everydayprogram with some healthy activities such as doing sports.Last but not least, another healthy thing that I do is trying to spend my free time in nature.Cities are a poluted and noisy place, that causes you stress. So, at the end of the weektogether with my friends we go away from the city, for some fresh air and for a little piece andquiet. There we relax ourselves and we forget about the stress of the city. Spending a part of your free time is better than losing nights in clubs and it has a possitive effect on people’smind and soul making them more calm and relaxed.In conclusion , althought we can’t live a perfect healthy life, we can at least try to have somehealthy customs avoiding the unhealthy one’s.
Biletul 28
Speak about the impact of music on your life.Music has always played an important role in each persons life. Besides the fact that music isan art, it was always seen as a way of getting relaxed or as an source of entertainment.Seaking about myself , music has become a necesity in my life.First of all , music is a very good source of relaxation. Nowadays life has become more andmore stressinly , so people search for different ways of disconnecting themselves from thecotidian problems . The method that has succes in my case is listening to music. At the end of the day , after a heavy tst or a great effort I listen to some calm music or to my favorite one.In this time, I forget about my problems and get the chance to recharge my bateries.Secondly , music makes me get in a good mood, becoming a more calm and optimistic person.For example , when I am upset or angry only a piece of my favorite music makes me happyand I instantly forget the reason of my anger or sadness. Another example would be listeningto musoic in the morning making me feel fresh and optimistic that that day is going to be aperfect one..Last but not least , music has an important role at each party. How is a party like withoutmusic? Music at such events brings up people together, they socialize , have fun and dance.Another reason why music is important in my life, is the fact that help me remind events fromthe past. I usually asociate events with a certain song, so after years when I hear that songagain I automaticaly rememorate that event.In conclusion , music has a great impact in my life , not only because it is a way of relaxation ,it also made me a more calm and optimistic person. For me has became an instrument of keeping memories and one that always reminds me about the beauty of life.
Biletul 32
Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of being your own boss. Give arguments andexamples to support your ideas.
In our days, in the field of work, there exist two categories of people , those who areemployees of a company and freelancers , people that work on their own and are there ownboss.Although the ideea of being your own boss may sound atractive, being a freelancer hasbesides it’s advantages, disavantages too.On one hand it offers you some advantages . First , you have more independence , you don’thave a boss that tells you what to do or what you shouldn’t do. You are now your own boss,the one that has the absolute power of decision. Secondly you have total freedom of organising your time . This can be a great help in family life, you can look after your children,you can help them with homework . In this case you have more time for yourself and forsolving personal problems. If you were employed , you couldn’t go and solve these problemsin the time you wewrw at work, you were obligated to take a day or two off, losing some of your vacation days.Another important thing is that you are no longer forced to go to work when you are ill orcaught a flu.You can stay in bed and recover. If you are employed , you are either obliged togo to work, so you will recover ion a longer period of time either to take a sick leave vacationand then you lose a part of your salary.The third advantage would be that you decide the amont of work , in oder to earn moremoney than if you were employed . If an employee has to work from eight to ten hours perday in order to gain a certain amount of money , a freelancer doesn’t have to work that much.On the other hand besides the big advantages, there exist also disadvantages that can’t beforgetten. First would be the fact that you have to look for work on your own. This mightcause you a feeling of insecurity because you never know for sure for how much time you willfind what to work.Secondly , another disadvantage is that all the responsibility is on your shoulders, if you makea mistake , it is only your fault.Third, sometimes you have to work longer hours then an employee, in order to finish a projectin time. This may cause a disorganised life because you have periods when you work a lot anddays when you don’t. In some cases it is better to be a worker in a company because youhave a certain schedule that makes your life more organised.In conclusion , although there exist both advantages and disadvantages of being an employeeor being your own boss, when you decide on which part of the workers you want to be , youmust take them into consideration.
Biletul 33
Comment on the following statement: Where there;s a will there’s a way . Bring argumentsand examples tosustain your ideas.This statement refers to a very simple fact in each persons life. ”If you really want something ,you will secced in having that certain thing “. This also refers to the mechanism of wantingand having what you wish.On one hand the majority of people have wills that motivate them todo something that is usefull or necessary in their lifes. Considering children and teenagers, most of them want to finisha high school and university , because they think that without a proper education they cannotsucced in life , althought school is compulsory after certain stage. But not all youngstersmanage to finish a school or a university. This is only because they didn’t wanted to or theyweren’t convinsed about the necessity of education .On the other hand there exist wills that cannot become true only if they are realistic. Somepeople that are not happy and satisfied with their work place want to become succesfulbusiness-men, to earn a lot of money. They consider opening a business, but not all of themsucced either because of the lack of motivation the business plan is not a realistic one.Another categorY of wills are those that go hand in hand with luck. For example , I would like

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