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Published by pramodc22

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Published by: pramodc22 on Sep 03, 2010
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Ch. 1. The CreationCh. 2. Great IncarnationsCh. 3. Grah Characters and DescriptionCh. 4. Zodiacal Rāśis DescribedCh. 5. Special LagnasCh. 6. The Sixteen Divisions of a RāśiCh. 7. Divisional ConsiderationsCh. 8. Drishtis of the RāśisCh. 9. Evils at BirthCh. 10. Antidotes for EvilsCh. 11. Judgement of BhavasCh. 12. Effects of Tanu BhavaCh. 13. Effects of Dhan BhavaCh. 14. Effects of Sahaj BhavaCh. 15. Effects of Bandhu BhavaCh. 16. Effects of Putr BhavaCh. 17. Effects of Ari BhavaCh. 18. Effects of Yuvati BhavaCh. 19. Effects of Randhr BhavaCh. 20. Effects of Dharm BhavaCh. 21. Effects of Karm BhavaCh. 22. Effects of Labh BhavaCh. 23. Effects of Vyaya BhavaCh. 24. Effects of the Bhava LordsCh. 25. Effects of Non-Luminous GrahasCh. 26. Evaluation of Drishtis of GrahasCh. 27. Evaluation Of StrengthsCh. 28. Isht and Kasht BalasCh. 29. Bhava PadasCh. 30. Upa PadCh. 31. Argala, or Intervention from GrahasCh. 32. Karakatwas of the GrahasCh. 33. Effects of KarakāńśCh. 34. Yoga KarakasCh. 35. Nabhash YogasCh. 36. Many Other Yogas
Brihatparāśarahorāśāstrafile:///C:/Documents and Settings/Pramod/Desktop/BPHS/BPHS.HTM1 of 2469/3/2010 2:05 PM
Ch. 37. Candr's YogasCh. 38. Sūrya's YogasCh. 39. Raj YogCh. 40. Yogas For Royal AssociationCh. 41. Combinations for WealthCh. 42. Combinations for PenuryCh. 43. LongevityCh. 44. Marak GrahasCh. 45. Avasthas of GrahasCh. 46. Dashas of GrahasCh. 47. Effects of DashasCh. 48. Distinctive Effects of the Nakshatr Dasha, or of the Dashas of theLords (Vimshottari) of various BhavasCh. 49. Effects of the Kaal Chakr Ch. 50. Effects of the Char etc. DashasCh. 51. Working out of Antar Dashas of Grahas and Rāśis in Vimshottari etc.Dasha systemsCh. 52. Effects of the Antar Dashas in the Dasha of Sūrya (Vimshottari)Ch. 53. Effects of the Antar Dashas in the Dasha of Candr Ch. 54. Effects of Antar Dashas in the Dasha of MangalCh. 55. Effects of the Antar Dashas in the Dasha of RahuCh. 56. Effects of the Antar Dashas in the Dasha of GuruCh. 57. Effects of the Antar Dashas in the Dasha of ŚaniCh. 58. Effects of the Antar Dashas in the Dasha of BudhCh. 59. Effects of the Antar Dashas in the Dasha of KetuCh. 60. Effects of the Antar Dashas in the Dasha of Śukr Ch. 61. Effects of Pratyantar Dashas in Antar DashasCh. 62. Effects of Sukshmantar Dashas in Pratyantar DashasCh. 63. Effects of Prana Dashas in Sukshma DashasCh. 64. Effects of Antar Dashas in the Kala Chakr Ch. 65. Effects of Dashas of Rāśis in the Ańśas of the Various RāśisCh. 66. AshtakaVargCh. 67. Trikon Shodhana in the AshtakaVargCh. 68. Ekadhipatya Shodhana in the AshtakaVargCh. 69. Pinda Sadhana in the AshtakaVargCh. 70. Effects of the AshtakaVargCh. 71. Determination of Longevity through the AshtakaVargCh. 72. Aggregational AshtakaVargasCh. 73. Effects of the Rays of the GrahasCh. 74. Effects of the Sudarshana Chakr Ch. 75. Characteristic Features of PanchmahapurushasCh. 76. Effects of the ElementsCh. 77. Effects of the GunasCh. 78. Lost HoroscopyCh. 79. Ascetism YogasCh. 80. Female Horoscopy
Brihatparāśarahorāśāstrafile:///C:/Documents and Settings/Pramod/Desktop/BPHS/BPHS.HTM2 of 2469/3/2010 2:05 PM
Ch. 81. Effects of Characteristic Features of Parts of Woman's body.Ch. 82. Effects of Moles, Marks, Signs etc. for Men and WomenCh. 83. Effects of Curses in the Previous BirthCh. 84. Remedial Measures from the Malevolence of GrahasCh. 85. Inauspicious BirthsCh. 86. Remedies for Amavasya BirthCh. 87. Remedies from Birth on Krishna ChaturdashiCh. 88. Remedies from Birth in Bhadra and Inauspicious YogasCh. 89. Remedies from Nakshatr BirthCh. 90. Remedies from Sankranti BirthCh. 91. Remedies for Birth in EclipsesCh. 92. Remedies from Gandanta BirthCh. 93. Remedies for Abhukta Mula BirthCh. 94. Remedies from Jyeshtha Gandanta BirthCh. 95. Remedies from Birth of a Daughter after Three SonsCh. 96. Remedies from Unusual DeliveryCh. 97. Conclusion
Ch. 1. The Creation
I prostrate before the lotus-feet of Lord Vighneswara, offspring of Uma, the causeof destruction of sorrow, who is served by Mahābhutas (the five great elements of the universe) etc., who has the face of a tusker and who consumes the essence of Kapittha and Jambu fruits.1-4. Offering his obeisance to all-knowing Mahārishi Parāśar and with foldedhands, Maitreya said: “O venerable Mahārishi, Jyotish, the supreme limb of theVedas, has three divisions, viz. Horā, Ganita and Samhita. Among the said threedivisions Horā, or the general part of Jyotish is still more excellent. I desire to knowof its glorious aspects from you. Be pleased to tell me, how this Universe iscreated? How does it end? What is the relationship of the animals, born on thisearth, with the heavenly bodies? Please speak elaborately”5-8. Mahārishi Paśar answered. O Brahmin, your query has an auspiciouspurpose in it for the welfare of the Universe. Praying Lord Brahma and Śrī Sarasvatī, his power (and consort) and Sūrya, the leader of the Grahas and thecause of Creation, I shall proceed to narrate to you the science of Jyotish, as heardthrough Lord Brahma. Only good will follow the teaching of this Vedic Science tothe students, who are peacefully disposed, who honour the preceptors (andelders), who speak only truth and are godfearing. Woeful forever, doubtlessly, will itbe to impart knowledge of this science to an unwilling student, to a heterodox andto a crafty person.9-12. Śrī Vishnu, who is the Lord (of all matters), who has undefiled spirit, who isendowed with the three Gunas, although he transcends the grip of Gunas
Brihatparāśarahorāśāstrafile:///C:/Documents and Settings/Pramod/Desktop/BPHS/BPHS.HTM3 of 2469/3/2010 2:05 PM

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