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The Formation of Rain

The Formation of Rain

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Hossam Farouk Hassan on Sep 03, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE FORMATION OF RAINHow rain was formed remained a great mystery forquite some time. Only after the weather radar wasinvented was it possible to discover the stages bywhich rain is formed.According to this discovery, the formation of raintakes place in three stages. First, the "rawmaterial" of rain rises up into the air with the wind.Later, clouds are formed, and finally raindropsappear.The Qur'an's account of the formation of rainrefers exactly to this process. In one verse, thisformation is described in this way:It is Allah Who sends the winds which stir up cloudswhich He spreads about the sky however He wills.He forms them into dark clumps and you see therain come pouring out from the middle of them.When He makes it fall on those of His servants Hewills, they rejoice. (Qur'an, 30:48)Now, let us examine these three stages outlined inthe verse in more detail.FIRST STAGE: "It is Allah Who sends the winds..."
Countless air bubbles formed by the foaming of theoceans continuously burst and cause water particlesto be ejected towards the sky. These particles,which are rich in salt, are then carried away bywinds and rise upward in the atmosphere. Theseparticles, which are called aerosols, function aswater traps, and form cloud drops by collectingaround the water vapour themselves, which risesfrom the seas as tiny droplets.SECOND STAGE: ".... whichstir up clouds which He spreadsabout the sky however Hewills. He forms them into darkclumps..."The clouds are formed fromwater vapour that condensesaround the salt crystals ordust particles in the air.Because the water droplets inthese clouds are very small(with a diameter between 0.01and 0.02 mm), the clouds aresuspended in the air, andspread across the sky. Thus,the sky is covered in clouds.THIRD STAGE: "…and you seethe rain come pouring out fromthe middle of them"The aboveillustration showsthe water dropletsbeing released intothe air. This isthe first stage inthe formation ofrain. After that,the water dropletsin the newlyformed clouds willbe suspended inthe air and thencondense to formrain. All of thesestages are relatedin the Qur'an.
The water particles that surround salt crystals anddust particles thicken and form raindrops, so, dropsthat become heavier than the air leave the cloudsand start to fall to the ground as rain.As already discussed, every stage in the formationof rain is related in the verses of the Qur'an.Furthermore, these stages are explained in exactlythe right sequence. Just as with many other naturalphenomena on the Earth, Allah gave the mostcorrect explanation of this phenomenon, and made itknown in the Qur'an centuries before it wasdiscovered.In another verse, the following information is givenabout the formation of rain:Have you not seen how Allah drives along theclouds, then joins them together, then makes theminto a stack, and then you see the rain come out ofit? And He sends down from the sky mountainmasses [of clouds] with cold hail in them, strikingwith it anyone He wills and averting it from anyoneHe wills. The brightness of His lightning almostblinds the sight. (Qur'an, 24:43)Scientists studying cloud types came acrosssurprising results with regards to the formation ofrain clouds. Rain clouds are formed and shapedaccording to definite systems and stages. Thestages of formation of one kind of rain cloud,cumulonimbus, are these:

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