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Mystery of Egypt - First Tunnel Radu Cinamar

Mystery of Egypt - First Tunnel Radu Cinamar

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Published by daniel rechita

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: daniel rechita on Sep 03, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MYSTERY OF EGYPT - FIRST TUNNEL RADU CINAMAR a Mystery EGYPT - FIRST TUNNELCHAPTER 1 A CHANCE Formidable No doubt the last two years of my life has meant profoundchanges both in concept and world view and personal ideology on goal life, as well as terms of my social integration and access that I had some very astounding reality for common man. Imight add here and the opportunity to come into contact with an elevated area of esotericknowledge. To do this, especially, and the other I am grateful to Brad Caesar, who almost lit mypower of understanding on some basic aspects of life. I do not know yet, nor my best to analyzethe subtle causes which led to my participation in active rather complicated gear of theDepartment Zero work-related events, but the fact is that parents view Arsenie Boca expires instep with pas1 this very special time in my life I often put the question very seriously if we livedand what I saw was a dream or if it was just the reality of everyday existence. I soon learned that,at least in terms of principle, the distinction between these two states of consciousness is enough(1) Here the author refers to a passage from Chapter 2 of the first volume in the series (futurehead of the dead - backstage power) (the vision) relative. in some very intense moments, theboundary between dream and so-called physical reality seems to fade a lot. Machandi goddessmeeting in the cave in Tibet and especially at the start that we received on top of mountainsRetezat2 Gugu can integrate easily into this category. However I have opened unexpectedopportunities in their daily existence. My goals have changed largely and aspirations have turneda great force to study esoteric depth and spirituality. secretly harbored intense desire to beinitiated in the mysteries of alchemy authentic, thanks uluitoarelor information that we receivedfrom Elinor3. began to understand that almost nothing is accidental in life that we live and therelationships and encounters with certain people who deeply impressed us in terms of mental andemotional causes are actually the result of mysterious and apparently only coincidental, leadingto a definite purpose.(2), (3) See volume 2 of the series (12 days - A secret initiation into the mysterious realm of thegods) (the vision) secret laboratory during the short period that I spent with Elinor, this proved tobe fully true, because shortly after we returned from2 Retezat Mountains I notified that he must leave the country for an indefinite period. I explainedthis in a discussion that I wore it on the phone and I remember that I noticed that Elinor suggestive pause did it after I introduced to his departure. Then he confided that Xien doctor advised me to leave me in care of the villa, while the country will be missing. Perhaps the twohave talked on this subject, but Elinor was limited to I make that offer totally unexpected for me.The discussion was held in February of 2005 and I pretty excited and surprised, I accepted'mglad his proposal. Not only Elinor's villa was a very pleasant space and modern living, but anirresistible attraction was the great library occupies two large rooms upstairs, specially designedfor the study. one of the visits that I did after returning from Elinor's Retezat he introduced mearound the villa and its annexes, giving me details about the library was especially rich. I watchedamazed at the approximately seven thousand volumes (some of them very rare, as he himself informed me), nice and orderly placed in special wooden shelves. Now, looking back, I'm surethere was a hidden meaning in his desire to present my house, it was very possible that he andDr. Xien have already made that decision to leave my house first and then Elinor made no thanme 'accommodate' the space. Naturally, I responded with a barely restrained joy when I realizedwhat it was. After a short break in which I felt pleased that accepted his proposal, he added with aserious voice on the phone: - There is an issue about which I speak, but this requires us see. Iguessed that it was something more serious and we set the meeting for the day, evening. I wasalso punctual and eager to know why he invited me to Elinor. - First, you have to say thattomorrow I will leave Romania, he immediately clarified one of his major points. Although I wasrather amazed at how quickly it happened, though I learned to adapt to time and control mybarrage of thoughts and questions came to mind natural to me, ordering them after immediateneeds. Elinor then gave me some technical and administrative details on maintaining the villa andthen invited me to a follow in the basement, where I had never been until then. I got on a elegantwhite marble staircase and I got a way round the living room, with a diameter of about fivemeters. Curved wall was painted a beautiful light blue, soothing, and the marble floor was amosaic that presence without a doubt a symbol with deep esoteric meaning, it consisted of atriangle with the scale on which we descended and tip until the only door in the basement there.Triangle have Tan, and inside were the more complicated signs, among which I noted and
famous symbol of the caduceus of Mercury. However, these representations were made in whitemarble and dark red. I felt suddenly that I shudder of feet up in the crown when I came down laststep, following one by Elinor, and I reached the door which was made of wood and metal. Thewood in the center of the door was carved a symbol made of copper alloy, it was a big circle,3consists of a snake that turned so get to catch in his own mouth tail. the door I noticed a digitalalarm system, which was deactivated by dialing a specific code Elinor. Immediately after he heardthe tinkling particular safety signal is removed, Elinor and I pushed the door handle broke a prettybig room where there were many devices and systems, especially glass. I was invited in andgetting into that place that I find a true sanctuary, I realized that it represented a modernlaboratory alchemy. Along the time had had the opportunity to see some photos and icons thatrepresent moments in the work of medieval alchemists, but what I depict the eyes there, inElinor's villa basement, far outstripping the complexity firavele flasks of alchemists of old drawingsrepresenting laboratories Renaissance. Tube systems were very complicated, sometimes withthe arms across the room over our heads, that is crossed and who later came down to someglass, some higher, some lower, having either a truncated cone shape or form of Ball or even thehourglass. I also saw two cars of modern centrifuges, with several tubes, a strange metal plant,which was connected to what I interpreted as "oven" and a computer. In one room walls wasplaced a large closet with several shelves that were aligned with different coloring glasscontainers, each with its label. I approached one of the shelves at random and read the label on aperfectly sealed glass jar with a lid including: sodium thiosulfate. Everything was perfectly orderlyand clearly arranged in a certain order to be used most effectively. About one third of the lengthof the cabinet was divided and there but otherwise I could notice even more books andmanuscripts, which seemed to be very old. Undoubtedly they were a part of that target specificdocumentation mysterious alchemical processes. I returned to Elinor, who was concerned toregulate something metal device placed near the center of the marble table, on it were retorteleand glassware. I noticed it on the wall behind his two large installations of ventilation, fullyautomated, which set and maintain evidence of that room air to some predetermined values. Onthe ceiling I noticed four fire-fighting equipment and a modern oven before I saw it was placed aleather sofa pretty narrow for two people. I approached this place, because the oven had apeculiar shape, somewhat resembling a house with pointed roof. - Unfortunately we concludedthat, just as powerful and as such modern oven that is electric, it can not replace the value of classical furnace, flame, explained Elinor. Missing some subtle dimension to the process, but stillponder this issue. After a brief pause, he said smiling slightly: - Know that no one entered in thisroom, after I installed everything here. In your case but I feel it is about something else and so Iwanted to show you this secret part of the house. However it is too soon, given the knowledgethat you have now, to go into technical details and I'll explain the alchemical processes that work.Moreover, I myself still intense study these processes, which holds many mysteries. I put thequestion then that I stood on language: 4 - But you got Philosopher Stone ... Elinor laughed veryrelaxed. - My dear, this is a goal that all alchemists and-a desire, is really fundamental aspect of their work. If I already managed to get the Philosopher's Stone, hardly what I would have had togo into the laboratory. However, we arrived at some intermediate results. And saying it wasmoving to a section of the great wardrobe and take the shelf a bottle containing a yellow liquidcopper. Elinor left to fall just two drops in an elegant silver spoon and then invite me to swallowthat liquid. A little nervous and insecure, and we've got yet teaspoon quickly swallowed thecontents. In fact, because of very small, almost like I felt that this substance in my mouth. At first Inoticed nothing unusual, but after about half a minute I felt that I stumble and fall; an acutenausea seems to block my breathing at the neck, which I had the impression that huge swellbecause he could not swallow. I suddenly slipped and I sat on the couch pretty panicked in frontof the oven. Meanwhile, Elinor quietly read a book they had on the shelf. I included a sudden heatof the soles, rapidly ascending to the head. My heart was beating like crazy and sweating lake.When that feeling of intense heat has reached the right neck, I felt a strong energy releasearound me, as a field that included me in the head like thousands of needles. I think then, for amoment, I lost consciousness, but I managed to resist that very intense feelings. Gradually, Inoticed the heat as it dissipates, leaving a very nice moods and very pure. I actually feel a fullclean as if I would be born right then. My soul was flooded with a great joy, and my forces have
recovered sharply, but more amplified. I stood up with a jump on the couch and I sit strugglingwithout me very well adjust voice volume and joy because they had been included surescitarii, Icried Elinor's that I like to drink the liquid that . Man of my face and I closed the book lookedamused. - Of course, I said it, but only if you want very much to finish accounts with this world. Itis an elixir so strong that the state and the psycho-physiological condition in which you are now,your body would almost certainly fail. Remember that one of the basic rules in alchemy is to keepharmonious proportions. In time, they will guide the human being to physical condition, mentaland spiritual of increasingly elevated and then it will come to understand things in a completelydifferent way from a higher position. I ruled with a heavy desire to counter but his words I realizedthe truth yet. We both left the room and then, after it secured entry, Elinor led me downstairsliving room where he gave me other administrative details that had to get busy in his absence.She said she has full confidence in me, and that will come a time when I will explain in moredepth some specific aspects of operational science of alchemy. He stressed that to reach thatstage, was a necessary first step to get documents very well. I immediately understood theallusion to the huge library which I had available and I sincerely pleased with a lot of trust in mean award. The next day he left Romania and Elinor, though he revealed to me to be correctdestination, and other specific elements of this issue, anyone has asked me not to mention thosedetails. Because I knew5broadly the history of life, I immediately understood his motivations in this direction. He boardedthe personal car, very elegant, being accompanied by a male couple, which you do not know. Itstruck me that to see that leaves only a small travel bag, in which there is the mysterious devicewhich virtually never separated. He said that at that time could not know precisely when we meetagain, but this will still be possible in the not too distant future. She handed me all the keys of thehouse without me and figures yet destainuiasca the alchemical laboratory in the basement. Askedme to understand that his decision was a further precautionary measure, both for me as for him.Then I felt great regret. Noting my disappointment, my Elinor said that it was only a temporarysituation and should not worry me in this regard. - Soon you'll understand in depth all the thingsthat happen when they have their show. Everything is in a certain order and is dictated by acertain spatial-temporal necessity that must not pass over, than in very exceptionalcircumstances. You will clarify these things ever better, as your knowledge will become ever closer. Sometimes, to your great surprise, 'jump' can also occur suddenly. We said good bye andwe went with the hope that what has begun, must somehow continue under the law of evolution.Had no idea then how much justice had Elinor telling me about those moments of life thatsometimes give us some chance amazing opportunities. Reviewing Soon we found the villa'slibrary contains works Elinor remarkable, many an inestimable value, so I made a habit of passingmore often and stay there sometimes for hours of reading and books conspectând which werecarefully selected. Many times I wanted this intensity Caesar to me discern some aspects thatwere mentioned in those esoteric texts, but which we could not guess the full meaning. I knew hecould illuminate very quickly in those respects, as he had done many times before. Yearned for his voice calm and filled with goodness, never ironic or exasperated by my ignorance. His merepresence near me and create a state of high security, clarity in thinking and open mind. In thattime we spent after Elinor's departure I was almost completely alone, preferring to meditate asdeeply to people that I met and the events that I faced in recent years. Slowly I realized there wasa profound effect on how our life takes place and that what we spend is a causal link directly toother actions that we have committed before. However, my conclusion based firm had more thanan intuitive, because I was not yet able to meet these "roots" of my deeds past, which led to theextraordinary circumstances in which I was involved. Rather, I feel a wireless directory guides mestep by step, the unknown, that I could intuitively feel in your heart and in my soul. From this idea,I wondered what or who is guiding me so. Had already long before the decision to abandon me,regardless of risk, serving six in a selfless good after my own possibilities. Moreover, the mainways in which we were urged to realize that I was suggested by people who owe almosteverything in terms of my spiritual maturity. I refer here especially to Brad Caesar, then the doctor Xien, the Elinor and in a manner very different from Machandi goddess. I found that manyreaders of the two earlier volumes that I've written have expressed impatience and bewildermentacross the three volumes of the series that has not appeared on the market soon. With total

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