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Published by leenajaiswal

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Published by: leenajaiswal on Sep 03, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Fifth letter of a Nasdaq stock symbol specifying that it is the company'ssecond class of preferred shares.
  The two-characterISO3166 country code for OMAN.
  TheISO4217 currency code for the Oman Rial.
Oath of Inspectors
A sworn statement signed by the Inspectors of Election, usuallynotarized, wherein they swear they will impartially and faithfullyexecute their duties as Inspectors of Election at theannualor specialmeeting of shareholders.
Objective (mutual funds)
  The fund'sinvestment strategycategory as stated in theprospectus.  There are more than 20 standardized categories. E.g.Aggressive growth,balanced.
Objective probability
  The true unobservableunderlyingodds that something is so.
A legal responsibility, such as to repay adebt.
Obligation bond
Amunicipal bondwith aface valuegreater than the value of the underlyingproperty. The difference is designed to compensate thelenderforcostsexceeding the mortgage value.
A person who has anobligationto pay off adebt.
Observational Noise
  The error between the true value in a system and its observed valuedue to imprecision in measurement. Also calledMeasurement Noise.See:Dynamical Noise.
Ocean bill of lading
 Receipt for a shipment by boat, that includes freight charges and titleto the merchandise.
Odd lot
 Atradingorderfor less than 100sharesof stock. Compareround lot.
Odd-Lot Buy Back 
An offer made by thecorporationor itsagentto purchase shares from odd-lot shareholders.
Odd-lot dealer
 Abrokerwho combinesodd lotsof securitiesfrom multiplebuyor sell ordersintoround lotsandexecutes transactionsin those round lots.
Odd-Lot Resale
An offer made by thecorporationor itsagentto purchasesharesfrom odd-lot shareholders and immediately resell them in the market,usually in round-lots to institutions, thus saving the corporation theexpenseof merely buying shares back.
Odd-lot short-sale ratio
  The percentage of totalodd-lotsales that is composed of short sales.
Odd-lot theory
  The theory thatprofitscan be made by makingtradescontrary toodd- lottradingpatterns, sinceodd-lot investorshave poor timing. This theory is no longer popular.
OEX index
 Applies to derivative products. Quotron symbol for theS&P100index  option.
Off-balance-sheet financing
 Financingthat is not shown as aliabilityon acompany's balance sheet.
Used for listed equity securities. Transactedaway from a nationalsecuritiesexchangeeven though thestockitself islisted, such as on theNYSE, and instead of on theOTCmarket, aregional exchange, or in thethirdorfourth markets(between customers directly). After 9:30 a.m., if the stock has not opened due to the exchange's discretion,tradingcan occur elsewhere, but thetradermust assume the role of a quasi-specialistin the process.
Off-budget Federal entities
Federally owned andcontrolledentities whosetransactionsare excluded from thebudgettotals under provisions of law. Theirreceipts, outlays, and surplus ordeficitare not included in budget receipts,outlays or deficits. Theirbudget authorityis not included in totals of the budget.
Off-floor order
 Used for listed equity securities. (1)Ordertobuyor sell asecuritythat originates off thefloorof anexchange; customer orders originating withbrokers, as distinguished from orders placed byfloor members  tradingfor their own accounts.Exchangerules require that an off-floor order beexecutedbefore orders initiated on the floor.Upstairs order. Antithesis of on-floor order; (2) order not handled on the floor butinsteadupstairs.
 Indicates a willingness to sell at a given price. Related:Bid.
Offer price
Offer wanted
 Used in the context of general equities. Notice by a potential buyer of asecuritythat he or she islooking forsupply from a potential seller of  the security, often requiring acapital commitment. Antithesis of bid  wanted.
Offering date
 Date on which a new set of stocksorbondswill first be sold to the public.
Offering memorandum
 A document that outlines the terms of securitiesto beofferedin a private placement.
Offering scale
 Therangeof prices offered by theunderwriterof aserial bond issue  with differentmaturities.
Offering statement
 A shortenedregistration statementrequired by theSecurities and  Exchange Commissionondebt issueswith less than a nine-month maturity.
 Often refers toinitial public offerings. When afirmgoespublicand makes an offering of stockto themarket.
Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS)
Anagencyof the U.S. Treasury department responsible for the U.S.savings and loan industry.
Official reserves
 Holdings of gold andforeign currenciesby official monetaryinstitutions.
Official statement

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