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Bleak House - Charles Dickens

Bleak House - Charles Dickens

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Published by Abderrahman Najjar

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Published by: Abderrahman Najjar on Sep 03, 2010
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A C󰁨󰁡󰁮󰁣󰁥󰁲󰁹 󰁪󰁵󰁤󰁧󰁥 once had the kindness to inorm me, as one o a company o some hundred and fify men and women not labouring under any suspicions o lunacy, that the Court o Chancery, though the shining subject o much popular prejudice (at which point I thought the judge’s eye had a cast in my direction), was almost immaculate. Tere had been, he admitted, a trivial blemish or so in its rate o progress, but this was exaggerated and had been entirely owing to the ‘parsimony o the public,’ which guilty public, it appeared, had been until lately bent in the most deter-mined manner on by no means enlarging the number o Chancery judges appointed—I believe by Richard the Sec-ond, but any other king will do as well.Tis seemed to me too proound a joke to be inserted in the body o this book or I should have restored it to Conver-sation Kenge or to Mr. Vholes, with one or other o whom I think it must have originated. In such mouths I might have coupled it with an apt quotation rom one o Shakespeare’s sonnets:
“My nature is subdued o what it works in, like the dyer’s hand: Pity me, then, and wish I were renewed!’