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Complimentary Fashion

Complimentary Fashion

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Published by Case Blackwell
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Hoff approved.

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Published by: Case Blackwell on Sep 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Complimentary FashionbyCase Blackwell and Pat McLeane-mail: woodsinthebear@gmail.com  website: woodsinthebear.com 
Complimentary FashionAugust 2010CASTFranz - 30s- over the top German accentKyler - 20sDimitrious - 20Seamus - 20sGriffen - 20sHobo - 50s(Kyler is shopping for clothes. Franzapproaches Kyler.)FRANZOh, no. Not that. That’s hideous.KYLERHideous? It’s in your store.FRANZDo not lecture me on the contents of my store. I will dressyou now. Dimitrious!(Franz claps his hands twice.Dimitrious enters, modeling footwear.)FRANZFabulous! Athletic socks and thong sandals. No one is doingthis. More than fierce. Ready to tackle the town.KYLERThat’s a little too retiree in Boca for me.FRANZHah. Silly urban American boy. No style. Not ready forhigh European fashion.KYLEROk, how much are we talking?(Franz claps.)FRANZYou need price check? Dimitrious!(Dimitrious enters and strikes a seriesof poses, then exits.)FRANZ220 Euros.KYLERThat’s $440!
FRANZIt’s the price of class.KYLEROk, fine.FRANZGo see Hagen Fragen. He will have your purchase andcomplimentary designer foot ladder.(Kyler exits.)(Seamus is shopping for clothes. Franzapproaches Seamus.)FRANZOh, no. Not that. That makes you look fat.KYLERFat? I’m no where near fat.FRANZDo not lecture me on the contents of your waistline. I willdress you now. Dimitrious!(Franz claps his hands twice.Dimitrious enters, modeling outfit.)FRANZFabulous! Jean shorts and a wife beater with mustard stains.No one is doing this. Ferocious like a pretzel. Ready toinvade the disco.SEAMUSMaybe if I lived in a trailer park.FRANZSigh. Pathetic American suburbanite. No style. Thirtyyears behind German fashion.SEAMUS... Alright. I’ve got a girlfriend to impress. What are wetalking?(Franz claps.)FRANZDimitrious!(Dimitrious enters and strikes a seriesof poses and exits.)FRANZ430 Euros.

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