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How to Answer the 13 Most Common Interview Questions

How to Answer the 13 Most Common Interview Questions

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Published by Landon Long
Interview questions aren’t always so simple because employers are some tricky bastards. They say things for all sorts of reasons and sometimes its hard to know exactly what they’re trying to get at. Relax.
Interview questions aren’t always so simple because employers are some tricky bastards. They say things for all sorts of reasons and sometimes its hard to know exactly what they’re trying to get at. Relax.

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Published by: Landon Long on Sep 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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How To Answer The 13 Most Common Interview Questions
aren’t always so simple because employers
are some tricky bastards. They saythings for all sorts of reasons and
sometimes its hard to know exactly what they’re trying to get at.
Just don’t be a smart
-ass and try not to create any negative connotations when answeringinterview questions
and you’ll be good.
But just because we know you’re going to go in there and have a panic attack, we’ve collected some of 
the common interview questions for you to think about ahead of time.
1. So, Tell Me About Yourself.
“Well, I burn weed, get wasted 7 nights a week, and sleep with someone new every Friday night.”
it seems like asking this and expecting the truth is about as brilliant as asking a hooker if she has STD’s
before purchasing. The thing is, in their interview questions
they aren’t just testing your confidence and
communications skills, they are evaluating you as an investment, because that is what you are. Tell them
why you’re a worthy investment of their time and energy, mean it, and deliver.
If you can’t answer 
interview questions, how are you going to get the job done?
2. What Were Your Duties in Your Last Job?
They don’t care that it was your obligation to clean the toilets on Fridays.
Pick the three most important,hopefully relevant, tasks you performed regularly. Word it like a mission statement and make it relevantto the job at hand.
“I was responsible for creating and nurturing customer relationships,” is a playful spin
on answers to these types of interview questions. You might maen the same thing, but at least youdressed it up to sound pretty.The way you describe your responsibilities paints a subconscious picture of your worth
do you reallywant that picture to include you scrubbing the inside of a toilet? List your most valuable contributionswhen answering interview questions and let them fill in the gaps.
3. What is Your Ideal Work Environment?
If you’re applying for a job pouring cocktails in a back alley of downtown New Jersey, you’d better 
mention your fondness for slobbering barflies and mopping up vomit.
The trick is to make your “dream job” a symbolic representation of the job in question.
Don’t kiss too much ass, but put it in their mind that you’re a perfect fit.
If you do choose to say that all ofthe negative a
spects of the job appeal to you when answering interview questions, it’s not going to bevery believable so don’t overdo it.
 Also, your reasons should be more idealistic and impressive than creature comforts and fringe benefits.
You don’t want to give th
e idea you are selfish.
4. What Was the Biggest Project in Your Career For Which You Were the Catalyst?
Don’t start talking about your group effort to isolate and terrorize Jenny from Sales until she had a
nervous breakdown and checked into a mental hospital. They want you to answer interview questions
like these with work-
related projects here that were in the company’s best interest.
interview questions 
such as this is your chance to demonstrate motivation and drive.
5. What Would Your IdealEmployerBe Like?
“One that never comes to work.”
Just kidding. The fantasy of an undisciplined workplace might be a nice
thought, but you wouldn’t have a job long with that kind of chaos. And since they will be there to direct
and guide you, they want to know what to expect of you. Are you going to be a headache? Is it all aboutyou? Rather than describe a boss, describe the kind of healthy working relationship that bosses dreamabout.
You don’t have to lie with these kinds of interview questions, because who wouldn’t
want a perfectworking relationship with their boss?
6. What Do You Know About This position?
This is the time to show you know what you’re getting yourself into as well as illustrate your research
abilities. Talk about the duties involved and what they mean for the company as a whole.
It’s always
good to relate your role in the company as part of a bigger picture because that is their perspective when
you’re asked these types of interview questions.
Getting on their wavelength builds rapport.
7. Do You Know Anything About What We Do?
—they’re really giving you the chance to show
-off how well you prepared when they throw theseinterview questions at you. I hope you have.
It’s time to talk about the company and where they fit in the
industry. Also, touch on the relationship they strive to create with the greater public.
It’s important to
convey a respect for their role and a desire to be a part of that when answering tricky interviewquestions.
Don’t dog on their environmental track record and
all the baby pandas they kill
not if youwant the job anyways.
8. Why Did You Leave or Are You Leaving Your Other Job?
Not the time to say you’re boss was an arrogant asshole.
Everything should be framed positive. Youwant to open up new career opportunities.
You’re intrigued by the future of the envelope industry.
Yourwant to ride your bike to work.
Don’t lie, but be tactful.
 No matter how reasonable you reason for a less than positive exit, if you bash your incompetent boss, themental seed will still be planted that it was your fault. Employers identify with employers, not employees.
It’s human nature, so handle these interview questions with care.
9. When Are You Available to Start?
“I don’t know.
I’ve got a lot going on this week, and next week my brother’s coming to town.
After that is
St. Patrick’s Day and there’s a big party at my boyfriend’s place.
Can I call you next week and let you
Even with a crumbling economy and
lack of jobs, you’d be surprised at how many grads pull this
shit. Set yourself apart.The best thing to do is ask them when they need you. Even better, look them straight in their eye and
say, “Right now.”
You’ll be surprised how often that gets you a
 job on the spot, so be ready to back it up.Never answer interview questions with anything but the truth because it could bite you in the ass if theyexpect you to follow through right away.

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