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The Best Foods for Your 40s

The Best Foods for Your 40s

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Published by Chittaranjan Desai

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Published by: Chittaranjan Desai on Sep 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Best Foods for Your 40s
Baldness, wrinkles, and back hair are the least of your worries; your body may be a walking timebomb. That's because approximately 30 percent of men in their 40s have asymptomatic prostatecancer, according to research from the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute. That is, thecancer is there but nearly undetectable. It's a terrifying prospect, but a reality in your 40s, whichmight be labeled "the decade of disease."The reason: Until age 44, accidents are the most likely cause of death in men. But once youreach 45, heart disease becomes your number-one threat, killing 36,000 fortysomething menevery year.And scientists at the University of California at Irvine discovered that men over 40 were up totwice as likely to develop melanomas than were women of the same age.There's also an elevated risk of nonfatal diseases, such as macular degeneration, the leadingcause of blindness. And don't forget about obesity: Even if you managed to sidestep it in your 30s, keeping your waistline in check doesn't become easier with age.The solution? A preemptive attack on your body's natural enemies. Your weapons: a knife andfork.
A Fat Expense Account
Eating on the company is a fast way to inflate your gut.
The fix:
Adopt a point system. Assign these values to menu items: 2 points for a salad; 3 pointsfor an appetizer; 2 points for an entrée; 4 points for a dessert; and 2 points for an alcoholicbeverage. Order whatever you want, but limit yourself to a total of 6 points. To follow this system,choose from a category only once.
Cancer-Prone Skin
Mutating moles are scary, but food can help: National Cancer Institute researchers determinedthat people with the highest intakes of carotenoids—pigments that occur naturally in plants—wereas much as six times less likely to develop skin cancer than those with the lowest intakes. "Beta-carotene is an internal sun protector," says Regina Goralczyk, Ph.D. That's because the vitaminplants itself in your skin, where its imperceptible orange and yellow pigments help deflectsunlight.
The fix:
As a preventive, eat two sweet potatoes every week. This will provide you with the sameamount of weekly beta-carotene as in men who demonstrated the lowest skin-cancer risk. Other top sources are carrots and cantaloupe.
Shrinking Muscles
The average guy loses 6 pounds of muscle by the time he's 50. But, in addition to lifting weights,you can protect your hard-earned muscles by feeding them a steady supply of high-qualityprotein.

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