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Running From the Mormons: An excerpt from HIPPIE BOY: A Daughter's Memoir

Running From the Mormons: An excerpt from HIPPIE BOY: A Daughter's Memoir



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Published by Ingrid Ricks
This is an excerpt from Hippie Boy, my memoir about a girl who escapes her oppressive Mormon stepfather and the suffocating religion at home by joining her free-wheeling dad on the road as a tool hustler.
This is an excerpt from Hippie Boy, my memoir about a girl who escapes her oppressive Mormon stepfather and the suffocating religion at home by joining her free-wheeling dad on the road as a tool hustler.

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Published by: Ingrid Ricks on Sep 04, 2010
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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from the
An Excerpt from
HIPPIE BOY: A Daughter’s Memoir
By Ingrid Ricks
It was Monday night
, the once a week time-slot designated by the Mormon Church as family night.
My friends’ families used the night to go bowling together or head to Baskin Robbins for some ice
cream. Our time was always spent in the living room, listening to some church lesson Mom or Earl preparedfrom the Family Home Evening lesson book.The eve
ning’s topic was obeying and respecting your parents and Earl
, the jobless motorcycle mechanic
who had wormed his way into Mom’s life by pretending to be a good Mormon,
had taken over. He heldcourt on the juice-stained green couch the Church had donated to us, quoting from the large lesson book spread open across his stubby thighs.
“Thou Shall Obey
Father and Mother,” he read, glancing around at all of us for effect.
 I had become an expert at zoning out. I usually tried to revert into my daydream mode
the one wherethe Osmonds figured out they were missing a kid and had come to rescue me. But on this particular evening,
I was too distracted to conjure up new family fantasies so I found a speck on the wall just above Earl’s head
and focused all my attention there. It was amazing how many different shapes a speck could take on if youstared at it long enough.After a few minutes,
Earl’s drone stopped and I heard Mom’s voice breaking in.
“Ingrid, are you listening to me?
 I said 
we are going to start Father/D
aughter talks!”
Her words felt like needles pricking my skin.
has decided to implement one-on-
one talks with all of you kids,” she continued. “I think it’
s a
great idea. We need to start changing things around here.”
I looked at her in disgust, fighting the urge to walk over and slug her.
3Earl stayed seated by her side on the green couch, not saying a word, just nodding his head inagreement. Every time he moved his head downward in a nodding motion, I could see flecks of dandruff caught in his greasy matt of black hair.
re going to do these on a weekly basis
,” Mom continued. “Ingrid, we’ve decided to start with you.”
 Of course they would start with me. I glanced over at Connie and Heidi
, who didn’t
even try to hidetheir relief. I wanted to punch them both to wipe the smirks off their faces. My brothers snuggled next toMom, free of the nightmare that awaited my sisters and me.
“Come on, Ingrid. Let’s go.”
 I shot a final dirty look at Connie and Heidi before leaving the room.I tried to get myself back into my zone-out state as I followed Mom and Earl into their bedroom, but Icould feel the blood rushing to my face and my heart was pounding too hard to relax. Just the thought of being in such a close proximity of Earl made me want to throw up.
Mom’s bedroom was tiny and between
the double bed and the dresser, there was only about two feet of moving room.
I took a seat on Mom’s bed and glared at her and Earl
. They both leaned up against the dresser in frontof me.
“First of all, I would like you to address me as `Father’,” Earl started out. “Father is a respectable nameand I deserve it.”
It was the same demand he had been making since he and Mom married a year and a half ago. I felt aswitch flip in my head.
“You a
my DAD!” I snarled. “You’re Mom’s husband. That’s all!”Earl turned to Mom. “Tell her to stop talking to me that way!” he barked.
Mom grabbed my arm. I tried to shake her off but she was digging in hard with her fingers and wasn’t
about to let go.
“Ingrid! Stop it right now!”

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Helen Winslow Black added this note
Good morning from the land of Autumn Mist threading through Cedars! Wednesday is Non-Fiction Day, and here's a glimpse into a world unfamiliar to most living east of the Rockies...if not west...I mean the Mormonism, not the abuse aspect--that knows no boundaries
Ingrid Ricks added this note
What would you do if someone tried to cast Satan out of you? I RAN.
Robin Rule added this note
ingrid, this is great. i never had the courage to run away, thogh i wanted to. also i was brainwashed pretty d***ed good. i admire yr bravery. iwhen i can't sleep at night, i pretend i'm 12 & starting over by running away. it helps me go to sleep.
Mariko added this note
Wow I can't wait to find out how it continues!
mike carvell added this note
its truth by the people for the people the only true way religions governments work this why there is war death killing world poverty
mike carvell added this note
Love the pictures fit article I was a hippi
mike carvell added this note
I am so sorry for your life treatment by religions its sad God is by freedom of choice by holy human birth right its what Jesus taught lived died for forgiven in light of the holy spirit. I feel your pain I was once devote catholic before the streets took all my beliefs its terrific heart wrenching read thanks father mike
Thea Chard added this note
Just finished reading an excerpt from my friend @IngridRick's memoir Hippie Boy, called "Running From the Mormons." Great, great read!

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