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Glossary of Psychiatric Terms

Glossary of Psychiatric Terms

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Published by rinkai13

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Published by: rinkai13 on Sep 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Not normal. Deviating from the usual structure, position,condition, or behavior. In referring to a growth, abnormal may meanthat it is cancerous or premalignant (likely to become cancer ).See the entiredefinition of Abnormal
Uptake. In the biomedical sciences, absorption hasdiverse specific meanings.See the entiredefinition of Absorption
Anything that is not present at birth but develops sometime later. In medicine, the word "acquired" implies "new" or "added."An acquired condition is "new" in the sense that it is not genetic(inherited) and "added" in the sense that was not present at birth.See the entiredefinition of Acquired
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder .See the entiredefinition of ADHD
In oncology, quickly growing, tending to spread rapidly.As, for example, an aggressive tumor.See the entiredefinition of Aggressive
American Psychiatric Association:
A medical specialty society withover 35,000 US and international member physicians who "worktogether to ensure humane care and effective treatment for all personswith mental disorder, including mental retardation and substance-related disorders. It is the voice and conscience of modern psychiatry.Its vision is a society that has available, accessible quality psychiatricdiagnosis and treatment." The American Psychiatric Association (APA)is the oldest national medical specialty society in the US.See the entiredefinition of American Psychiatric Association
An antidepressant medication. In some patients withdepression , abnormal levels of brain chemicals calledneurotransmitters may relate to the depression. Amitriptyline elevatesmood by raising the level of neurotransmitters in brain tissue.Amitriptyline is also a sedative that is useful for depressed patientswith insomnia, restlessness, and nervousness. It is sometimes used totreat fibromyalgia and symptoms related to chronic pain . Brandnames are Elavil and Endep. A generic version is available.See the entiredefinition of Amitriptyline
A psychology term for processes used to gain understandingof complex emotional or behavioral issues.See the entiredefinition of Analysis
Pertaining to anger, an emotional state that may range inintensity from mild irritation to intense fury and rage. Anger hasphysical effects; it raises the heart rate and blood pressure and thelevels of adrenaline and noradrenaline, and so on.See the entiredefinition of Angry
A medication (or another measure) that is believed tobe effective in the treatment of psychosis . For example, aripiprazole(Abilify) is an antipsychotic medication used to treat schizophrenia .See the entiredefinition of Antipsychotic
A feeling of apprehension and fear characterized by physicalsymptoms such as palpitations , sweating, and feelings of stress .Anxiety disorders are serious medical illnesses that affectapproximately 19 million American adults. These disorders fill people'slives with overwhelming anxiety and fear. Unlike the relatively mild,brief anxiety caused by a stressful event such as a businesspresentation or a first date, anxiety disorders are chronic, relentless,and can grow progressively worse if not treated.See the entiredefinition of Anxiety
Asperger syndrome:
An autistic disorder most notable for the oftengreat discrepancy between the intellectual and social abilities of thosewho have it.See the entiredefinition of Asperger syndrome
Not typical, not usual, not normal, abnormal. Atypical isoften used to refer to the appearance of precancerous or cancerouscells.See the entiredefinition of Atypical
The study of hearing.See the entiredefinition of Audiology
Autism :
A spectrum of neuropsychiatric disorders characterized bydeficits in social interaction and communication, and unusual andrepetitive behavior. Some, but not all, people with autism are non-verbal.See the entiredefinition of Autism^
Of or pertaining to bacteria . For example, a bacterial lunginfection .See the entiredefinition of Bacterial
That part of the central nervous system that is located withinthe cranium ( skull ). The brain functions as the primary receiver,organizer and distributor of information for the body. It has two (rightand left) halves called "hemispheres."See the entiredefinition of Brain
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:
The US agencycharged with tracking and investigating public health trends. Thestated mission of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,commonly called the CDC, is "To promote health and quality of life bypreventing and controlling disease, injury, and disability."See the entiredefinition of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Pertaining to the brain, the cerebrum or the intellect.See the entiredefinition of Cerebral
Child health:
Child health is the purview of pediatrics.See the entiredefinition of Child health
(1) The time for a boy or girl from birth until he or she isan adult. (2) The more circumscribed period of time from infancy to theonset of puberty .See the entiredefinition of Childhood
Cod liver oil:
An oil extracted from the liver of the cod. Cod liver oilwas once given religiously to children every day as a rich source of vitamins A and D. It was also used to treat children with rickets, a bonedisease due to vitamin D deficiency.See the entiredefinition of Cod liver oil
Pertaining to cognition , the process of knowing and, moreprecisely, the process of being aware, knowing, thinking, learning and judging. The study of cognition touches on the fields of psychology ,linguistics, computer science, neuroscience , mathematics, ethologyand philosophy.See the entiredefinition of Cognitive
The presence of any given condition such as HIV inboth members of a couple.
In genetics, the presence of a phenotype such as asthma in bothmembers of a twin pair.
In clinical care, agreement between physician and patient.In all sense, concordance is as opposed to discordance. From the Latinconcordare, to agree.See the entiredefinition of Concordance

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