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The Fish Book

The Fish Book

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Published by Yulleg Rahardja

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Published by: Yulleg Rahardja on Sep 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Fish Book For the love of the gameI had dedicated this book To every one that love to breed black ghost knife fish
Black ghost knife fish
BLACK GHOST Fish (Apteronotus albifrons)I.INTRODUCTION
 Be hold I shall introduce to thee the Ghost and the Darkness; kidding here the lessfrightful creature, the black ghost knife fish. Black Ghost Fish (Apteronotus albofrons),derived from the Amazon river, Brazil, South America. This fish also known as devil fish(ghost fish) for the Native American believed that this fishes carries their dead soul.Apparently the nickname is actually less accurate, because the appearance of ornamentalfish is not daunting, but it impresses their fans. Black Ghost of ornamental fish speciescurrently cultivated by a lot of ornamental fish farmers in Jakarta. While these fishmarketing in the country besides also the types of fish are exported and they are alsoquite high. Black ghost knife fishes also eaten by East Asian Men for they had believingthis fishes (juvenile one) has the abilities to enhance their vital stamina (still don’t knowwhy do they believe this funny little creature being eaten as soup for that purpose). Themarket share of this fishes is great if not humongous around the world. This is why inIndonesia since a lot of this fishes being bred because only in Indonesia that can breedthis fishes so successful so far.
1.Parent Selection. A good parent is to fish for spawning a healthy and mature, agedapproximately 1.5 years with a body length between 7-8 inches (20-30 cm). - Master of healthy body can be characterized by bright colors, clean, no defect and agilemovements (active).2.Male and female differences. Female parent female fish have a short chin, body fatand greater with a shorter size than males. Fish Male Parent Males have a long chinand flat (straight) with long and straight body.3.Breeding mode can be done in two ways, namely:a.Set Install. Spawning in a way done in an aquarium set of pairs of size 100 x50 x 40 cm can be charged with seven breeding male parent with acomparison of three and four breeding females. b.Set Bulk. On the set of mass spawning, the black ghost spawning in ponds or tanks with a length of fiber glass, 2.5 x 1.5 x 0.5 m. into the pool or bathtubcan be filled in 20 fiber breeding black ghost with the comparison eight male parents and female parent 12. The ideal pH of the water for fish spawning isaround 6.6 but this fish will grow well at pH 6-7.4.Equipment for spawning. Hiding places hiding place is one of the essential equipmentneeded in the black ghost fish spawning. This relates to the habits of fish, black ghostwho liked the dark atmosphere. Conversely black ghost will come out of hiding. Thesize is adjusted to the size of hiding places ghost black parent. Type can be either metmarket pipe, brick, or tile. The use aerator is to increase the availability of oxygen inthe water. And we must have places to lay eggs. We can use for fish breeding a fewfern or palm fiber materials that made as block that have been neatly arranged, the
range between those fiber material is adjusted using matchsticks between the layer of that fiber material, (of course not the material girls).5.Nursing cultivated parent. The water temperature during spawning should always bemaintained around 26 up to 28 degrees Celsius with a pH range between 6 - 7. thekind of the food to fed the black ghost brood stock are blood worms (blood worms)and mosquito larvae (mosquito larvae). Blood worms can be given in live or frozenand one other thing the tubifex is totally forbidden for the fat contain inside the wormwill hinder the eggs production (imagine your wife is over weight too much, thatcondition truly make her has more difficulty to delivered the baby, well it’s all thesame here); while the provision of mosquito larvae serves to accelerate the aging of the egg. When the spawning process should not be given ghost black. The amount of feed given 3-4% from the total black ghost weight. Replacement of water aquarium /spawning is done by siphoning / aspirated as much as one third part of the overallamount of water and carefully done so the process not disturbing the brood stock.6.The brood stock must be put away for sale after 2 or 3 years for the production rate isalready declined).7.Egg long with the removal of the commencement of seeding will need to be preparedto accommodate the roots of fern aquarium that already contain eggs. We must takethe fern blocks that contain eggs from the spawning pond on the morning after thenight before the male to female already spraying the sperm and eggs inside the space between the fern.
 Within 3-4 days the black ghost eggs will hatch. Eggs do not hatch or rot should beimmediately siphoned or discarded in order not to interfere with the survival of newlyhatched fish. I can’t breath said the fries if you forget about it you know.A newly hatched black ghost at first has white color, and the skin produce a lot of mucous. With increasing age the black ghost fries shall change color from white to black.As their color change was also followed by the disappearance of mucus from the body.After one week old, black children have a black coloration on its body.When the black ghost fries are only a week old, feed them still with little water flea or aswe known as daphnia (help I was about to be eaten by the fish fries) or artemia. After 2or 3 week then switched to tubifex worms.To enhance the rate growth of the fries in the aquarium, you going to need an aquariumwith the size at least 100 x 35 x 50 cm (40 gallons) and can be filled with black ghostfries newly hatched 3-4 days of 200-250 fries. After 2 darn long week with a few deathones you can feed them with the tubifex worm to enhanced the rate of growth for the fish.The main reason for that is that the tubifex has much better absorbed proteins and sincethis fishes actually a carnivore although in captivity we can give them pellets (drowningones) then the fishes will eat those worms a lot. The water that we use should be thewater that has been deposited during the day and night. Quality water for growing thefries must be considered with the same condition as during spawning. At the aquariumaerator equipment is a must to provide an adequate oxygen level and you must (not love

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