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Barefacts (2000-2001) - 1

Barefacts (2000-2001) - 1

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Published by The Stag

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Published by: The Stag on Sep 05, 2010
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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News1 - 2n
nFeatures4-5, n
nReading Festival 8 n
nSocieties 9 n
nGeneral 11-12
Issue no: 984
barefa cts@surrey.ac.uk
Nurses & Midwifery
Freshers Feature
Barearts - Reading Festival Review
Win a stunt
Freshers week
countdown begins
In just 10 days, on Sunday 17th
September, this University will once

more be swamped with the arrival of 100s of this years new 'little' first years (aka Freshers) with mummy, daddy, &

bags in tow. Needless to say, we need a little help from you guys to move them into their new residences and

give 'em a little insight into real student livin' and just for this we'll give you a bonus £15 and a free T-Shirt each for

your efforts.
Any student can get involved and it's

always been a great laugh in the past so you fancy getting a piece of the action then tootle on up to the Students

Union and sign up at the Reception desk or pop along to see Susie Westwell (VP Education & Welfare) in

the Sabb offices.

Those of you who haven’t been around for the last year will no doubt have noticed there have

been quite a number of con-
struction changes on campus.

The first major change is the newly constructed Edward, Duke of Kent Building, which is visible to the

masses all around Guildford, not just us students. The European Institute of Health and Medical

Science (EIHMS) is home to our nurses, midwives and chiropratic students.

As well as the EIHMS the
University finished building their

new catering service, the Hall Restuarant Complex in November 1999. This now offers a varied

range of food at all price ranges.
You may have seen that train-like

building near Yorkie’s Bridge and wondering what earth it is? Well, this fine new construction is an

extension to

University Court accommodation, which will house 200 students. Each flat has six

study bedrooms with ensuite bath- rooms and a shared kitchen. University Court Phase 4 is about

90% completed and will be finished
by the end of September.

It’s not just the University who have been beavering away with their construction projects, but the

Union also has with the newly
refurbished Helyn Rose Bar, recep-

tion area and a newly laid floor in Haris. At the moment in the Union you may notice the construction

work outside Chancellors where the Sub Aqua store used to be. This area will be converted into

offices for Ensleigh Insurance. In the future Ensleigh will be occupy- ing the space offering student

insurance to the University of
Surrey populace. Further construc-
tion plans for the Students’ Union

include the inclusion of an extra ATM machine next to the original Natwest machine.

The Student Union’s food service
has evolved over the summer, with

a great new menu arriving in Chancellors. Student demand has lead to the provision of a selection

of ‘healthy options’ which are avail-
able now.

But...If you’re feeling on the piggy side then visit the new HRB Express in the evening and try our

new range of burgers, hot dogs,
fish and chips.

On a sporting note the University of Surrey Golf Team were the proud winners of BUSA beating a top

Scottish side.
This year is set to be one of the

most exciting ever with great events lined up, so come along, get involved and most importantly -

have fun!!!
(KM & LA)
At Platform Four......
At Platform Four......
University Court Phase 4
EIHMS building


Barefacts Editorial Meeting
7pm Monday 11th September,
Grant Mitchell Room,
Students’ Union.
bf000907-1.qxd 9/11/00 10:44 Page 1
Bare Facts
Union House
University Of Surrey
Tel: 01483 879275
Fax: 01483 534749

Bare Facts is an editorially independent newspa- per, published by the University of Surrey Students' Union Communications Office.

The views expressed within the paper are those of individual authors, and do not necessarily represent the views of the Editor,

the Editorial Board, the University of Surrey Students' Union or the University of Surrey.

This publication may not be reproduced in whole or
in part, stored in any form, copied or distributed,
without the express permission of the publisher.

All submissions must include the author's name and Union or Staff Number. Submission is no guarantee of publication.

Anonymous and Pseudonymous articles will not
be published.
Printed by
East End Offset (TU),
East End Offset (TU),
Bow , London, E3 3LT
Bow , London, E3 3LT
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Deadline for
Monday 12pm
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disk /email
Kevin Marston
Deputy Editor
Deputy Editor
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Production Editor
Andrew Thomas
News Editor
News Editor
Features Editor
Features Editor
Music Editor
Music Editor
Owen Hazelby
Arts Editor
Arts Editor
Chris Morton
Sports Editor
Sports Editor
Dave Chapman
Marketing Team
Marketing Team
Editorial Team
Editorial Team
The first thing I am going to say is

welcome back to those of you who are returning and hello, to those of you who are just starting. Hopefully

you are all settling back into the student lifestyle after the summer months off. Certainly the people

down Cindy’s on Monday were,

Well, here’s the first edition of barefacts, a rather short one, I know and not particularly bursting

at the seams with the latest news,

gossip, and features. It’s rather more of taster of things to come as like all good things it takes

time…but don’t worry it will be in the near future. Barefacts will fea- ture campus stories, features,

music reviews, art reviews, sport features as well as competitions and events.

So, if you want to write something,
join the team, or raise an argument

over an issue that you want heard then contact barefacts either by posting a letter in the barefacts


Finally, I would just like to say thank you to all the contributors to this issue, otherwise I would not of

been able to published it and most likely gone mad in the meantime. Anyway, that’s it from me, folks,

until next time.
Oh yeah, and in great tradition of

Sesame Street, this week’s barefacts was brought to you in association with the number 2 and

the letters b & c.
Kevin Marston
VP Communications & Marketing
Government under fire over Dome

The government is this week trying to fend off the tor- rents of criticism aimed at it after the announcement that a further grant of £47 million has been allocated to the Millennium Dome. This comes at the same time as the failing attraction replaces its chairperson for the second time in four months.

French Truckers In War over Fuel Tax Rates

Recent roadblocks around French fuel depots and refineries, which have threatened air and road trans- port, have resulted in an agreement between the pro- testers and government. The draft called for the tax per litre of fuel to drop by a further 25 centimes per litre next year, although the truck drivers seem reti- cent to agree before their demands are met. Fuel sta- tions have this week been guarded by police to ensure the emergency services can run safely.

Meg and Noel Split

Following hot on the heels of Liam Gallagher's split from Patsy Kensit, Meg Matthews and Noel Gallagher have this week announced that they are splitting up after "drifting apart".

Bush makes an ass of himself

George W. Bush made a fatal faux pas during his last phase of campaigning for the imminent American elections when a live microphone picked up his com- ment "There's Adam Clymer, major league asshole from the New York Times."

Whether this has pushed Al Gore ahead in the polls is
yet to be seen.
London Underground Enquiry

London Underground safety chiefs are this week look- ing into how 2000 commuters became trapped for over two hours inside a sweltering tube train which halted in a tunnel between Bank and Liverpool Street

stations. 13 casualties were treated at the station for
heat and shock, whilst 3 were admitted to hospital.
Big Brother Phenomenon
As the nation still sits and awaits the fate of Mel,
Darren, Anna and Craig, the voyeuristic TV show

receives massive ratings. This Friday sees all house- mates except Anna up for eviction by public vote. Bookies have this week touted Craig as the favourite to win the competition.

Schools Covering Up Staff Shortages

An NUT report out this week states that many British schools have been covering up staff shortages through the employment of unqualified staff and the manipulation of the curriculum. The subjects most likely to be understaffed are CDT, Maths, Foreign lan- guages and Physics.

To Resuscitate or Not to Resiscitate…That is the

New guidelines which have come out this week have eased the mounting fears amongst Britain’s older generations over the increasing rate of “Do Not Resuscitate” labeling in hospitals. The guidelines aim to counteract ageism in the NHS, an issue which Age Concern view with the utmost of seriousness. New hospital resuscitation policies are being written as a result of the report.

Hermaphrodite Polar Bears

Concerned scientists in Svalbard in the Arctic have recently discovered that over 1% of the island’s polar bears are hermaphroditic. These animals have the reproductive organs of both sexes. This bizarre con- dition is thought to be caused by exposure to chemi- cal pollutants which damage the endocrine and immune system.

News In Breif
Sabbaticals 2000 -2001
Fiona Wareham
Kevin Marston
VP Communications
& Marketing
Susie Westwell
VP Education &
Luke Mackenzie
VP Finance &
Ben McCauley
VP Sports
Lucy Andrews
VP Societies &
bf000907-1.qxd 9/11/00 10:44 Page 2
Campus Safety
Campus Safety
Dear Editor,
I am writing to you concerning an
incident of sexual assault which
occurred on campus in the last
week of term. The incident
occurred after the Wednesday

Night Out in the Union. My friend was attacked walking back to her halls of residence when she was

approached by a stranger. She
was walking with a large group of
people but left then when she

reach her court. The man
attacked her when she was alone,
dragged her into the bushes and
assulted her.
Another student came to her aid
and she arrived at my room. This
individual I am truly grateful too.
We called university security who
arrived within ten minutes but the
police were only called on my
insistence that she had been
attacked. I am unsure whether
security went to the actual point
where she was attacked but there

was vital evidence there which
was never recovered due to
someone removing it.

I do not mean to scare your read-
ers but assaults can happen on
campus, I spent four wonderful
years at Surrey and have never
felt intimidated walking around
campus and to and from work. In
the last week of my final year it hit
me that the campus is not as safe
as I thought it was. Please as stu-
dents be aware and as a student
body you should insist the
University to provide more lighting
and make more of a presence of
security on campus as a deterrent
and to make students feel safe.
Kirstie Ormston
X-student nurse
Dear Sabbatical Team,
I have just completed my final
year at Surrey and wish to thank

the University for four enjoyable
years. However, there is an issue
which I feel needs addressing for

the start of the new semester.
At the end of last semester my
friend was sexually assaulted
whilst on campus. The incident
occurred on the last Wednesday
night out when my friend walked
home from the Union. Although
she walked home alone, which
with hindsight was ill advised,
there were lots of other people
about. My friend was dragged into
the bushes near Surrey Court and
attacked. Had it not been for the
intervention by a group of lads I
dread to think what would have
My friends and I have been under
the misconception that campus is
safe. Obvisously campus is not
safe and this needs to be
stressed to all students on cam-
pus particularly the first years. I
am not trying to cause panic but
feel if people were better informed
they would act more responsibly.
If incidents do occur on campus
they should be announced openly
so people can take extra precau-
tions. A notice outside the Union
would be appropriate. At the time
we were anxious for students
safety on the Thursday and Friday
night out but had no way of
informing people to be extra vigi-
There always appears to be an
abundance of security staff within
the direct vicinity of the Union at
closing time. Would it be possible
to place security staff at strategic
points i.e., the main walkways
through campus, when the Union
I am aware no where is 100%
safe but do think if this issue was
dealt with more openly campus
would be safer for subsequent
Yours Sincerely
Jo Dickinson, 2000 Graduate
Dear ALL,

In response to these letters, the
chief of Campus Security has writ-
ten personally to the authors as

they have now left university. I am writing this article, on behalf of the sabbatical team, to assure you

that such things are never pushed
to one side and that issues of
security and personal safety of all
our students are taken extremely
As much as we can reassure you
that Surrey campus is one of the
safest university campus's in the
country and that Surrey county
has one of the lowest crime rates,
I could not tell you that it is 100%

safe from all possible danger,
nowhere in the world could do
that. I can however tell you that

the Students' Union and Campus
security are 100% committed to
doing everything we possibly can
to make it as safe a place as pos-
sible, both in terms of informing
you all of what you can do to

assure your own personal safety and in terms of patrolling, lighting and surveillance we can provide.

I have spoken to security person-
ally and can assure you that every
single night there are up to 8

campus security officers patrolling campus, even more on particular- ly busy nights on campus, securi-

ty cameras cover all routes on an
around campus, and lighting,
cameras, and pathways are
checked regularly every month.
We are constantly looking to
improve any areas of lighting

which are inadequate and in the
past few months much of the
undergrowth has been cut back to

ensure clear sight for cameras
and pathways for pedestrians.
In direct response to Jo's letter,
security employed by the
Students' Union cannot be
insured to be placed around cam-
pus on busy nights. There was a
considerable increase in campus

security for those last busy nights of term however, and many extra security officers were paid over-

time to patrol around campus in
the hours of darkness. In the
event of this particular incident,
security was considerably
increased and so the decision
was made not to publicise the

details of it in order to avoid creat- ing mass panic and leading some of you to be unnecessarily scared

of even being on campus. Such decisions are of course made at the time with the best intentions

for the welfare of students, and
necessary measures will be taken
in future to inform students to be
more vigilant if such a situation
were to arise where it were need-
Issues of student safety are
always a great concern to all
union officials and security staff,
and this concern has been worry-
ingly increased over the past year
as a consequence of Wednesday
night cheap spirits promotions.
We are sorry, but for this reason

the union has had to change the Wednesday night promotion and which will no longer be for dou-

bles&mixers. I am sure most of
you will be aware of the potential
consequences and implications
that vast quantities of high
strength alcohol bought so cheap-
ly can have on a persons actions
and, as unpopular as some of you
may feel this decision to be, we
would hope that you can under-
stand that this is a risk we can no
longer afford to take in terms of
personal safety issues. To replace
this though there will still be differ-
ent drinks promotions on a
Wednesday Night, a regular bottle

bank and look out for our exclu- sive Wacky Wednesday feature beginning in Freshers week.

Susie Westwell
VP Education and Welfare
(on behalf of the Sabbatical
Your L etters

Every year, a selection of brave individuals step for- wards and volunteer as Course Reps, that is, to be representatives of their particular academic course

and attend certain meetings to feed back the opin-
ions of their course mates on the progress and
quality of their studies.
It's really important that each course is adequately
represented so that problems can be raised and
ironed out, and issues affecting students' welfare,
education and general well being can be addressed
through the proper channels.
Make sure your course decides on a representative
and look out for news coming soon about Students'
Union training for course representatives.
Fancy Having Your Say??
13,000 Students
= 1 Voice
bf000907-1.qxd 9/11/00 10:44 Page 3

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