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The Transology of changing events! The World Indictment!

The Transology of changing events! The World Indictment!

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The Indictment of the World has come and the only thing left standing is God and His People! What an awesome read!!!
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The Indictment of the World has come and the only thing left standing is God and His People! What an awesome read!!!
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Published by: The Message of Transfiguration on Sep 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Holiness Unto The Lord
The Transology Of Changing Events
By Rev. George Leon Pike Sr.
Published ByGrace TemplePO Box 129Bogart, GA 30622 USA Web: www.GraceTempleOnline.org
[EDITOR’S NOTE: We ask our readers to acknowledge that many illustrative statements within this discourse arenot intended to represent verbatim quotations from the Holy Bible, but they are retained to preserve the anointingand originality of its delivery. Except for minor deletions, additions, and corrections, this is a transcription froman actual preaching service.]
ENG8008S • English The Transology Of Changing Events
Because o the intriguing desire o human ethics, the ever-changing acets o lie causes our daily concept, roma domestic viewpoint, to seem oreign or oriental to the average human status o one’s existence. Because o that,it requires a prayerul lie with deep consideration and deep concern. So then, our desire should be to master oursituation in a godly and diplomatic way, that by this, we might constitute a state o being that will make an allow-ance or all mankind, in projecting a light o good, simple reasoning, along with a conduct that is to be appreciatedby people who are searching or truth with good understanding, so that one might escape the awesomeness o unreasonable people and the multiple pressures o lie.
It is with great pleasure, reverence, and respect, that in this age o liberty, I express my views as a proclamationo human rights and religious convictions.Over the period o years and transition o time, I have, through careul observation o changing events, seenthe world system, their politics, along with human ethics, deteriorate and all apart. I have beheld the dissolvingo brotherhood rom sea to sea in my travels around the world.I have been associated with people on every level o lie. I have communicated with those o the abase sort, andthe elite that I have ound in the upper echelon, the rich and the poor, the learned and the unlearned. Te greatestobstacle that I have been conronted with among humanity is the lack o delity and truth.It appears that the amily o mankind, through sel-will and sel-esteem, has become characterized as an imageo deceit and covetous practices. Tere seems to be no ear o God beore their eyes, and truth has been taken arrom them. It seems not to matter as to a good name and good character any more. Morals o decency, standards,and quality o lie have diminished until it is as though the sunlight o day has slowly gone out, and the shadowso night or darkness have become an overwhelming orce, as though a great brutality has allen upon the people. Te strength o majesty and honor has slowly dissipated until integrity has been lost in the shue o time. Tere is no more joy, as to the memories o yesterday, nor is there hope or the uture o tomorrow. Fears andanxieties have lled the hearts o mankind, as Satan, the great enemy o God, has spun a web o devastation overthe whole world.As this menace o humanity slowly closes in or the kill, there seems to be no way o escape. Man has obviously lost his aith and condence in God, and in so doing, he has oreited his right to eternal security.But beloved riend, there is one hope, and that is the love and mercy o our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, andthe wonderul works o Calvary. In the Scriptures o the Holy Bible and the everlasting Word o God, we are toldthat God, through Christ, has given us all things that pertain unto lie. He said that i those that are called by My name will humble themselves and call on Me, I will move away the ravished turbulence o a diminishing society and heal their lands, or it shall come to pass that whosoever calleth upon the name o the Lord shall be saved, orthere is remission o sins, saety, peace and tranquillity in none other name. Te name o the Lord is a strong tower,the righteous ee into it and are saved. As it is requently stated in the eastern part o civilization, “Shalom,” orpeace to all, rom the manger o the birth o the King o kings and the Lord o lords, the great and mighty Princeo peace who said, My peace I give unto you, the Master o all masters, who willingly took your place in death,suering and sorrow, who paid or your sins and wrongs that you might be lled with His wonderul Spirit o joy and happiness and have eternal lie.

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