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Das Racist

Das Racist

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Published by mary eng

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Published by: mary eng on Sep 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Meditation on brooklyn music group “das racist” freeganism, waste, braingarbage8-10-09
i first heard the word freegan in probably 1998 from some cute punk rockerin nashville in 1998. nobody talks freegan in hollywood. victor of "dasracist" claims to be freegan in an interview. the idea glosses through manyideas: anti-consumerism, waste, environmentalism, cruelty, and artist'slife--->work less, spend less, waste less, create more . . . drop out of systems of violence and waste. refuse to give dollars to death machineries,make it free . . . .up in oregon the educated hippie drop out intelligentsia do not buy . . . . forinstance, people barely work, they get permanent food benefits from thegovernment, they garden, they get donations from co-ops, markets,mainstream corporate stores. food not bombs feeds 5 days a week often.you can eat gourmet vegan organic delicious homecooked meals on thecorner of the streets made by anti-capitalist peace loving punkers, straight-edgers, whoever . . . unemployment checks . . . attics and basements arefilled with these thinking people . . . they live and meditate in garages oron the streets. make music, grow herbs . . .fregan also as a concept connotes a reluctance to spend money to supportauthorize and encourage animal cruelty. but at times some freegans,depending on conscience and rationalization, will at times eat or use theproducts of animal cruelty--if it is outside the money cycle---and wouldnormally go to waste otherwise---so if its leather, or cheese, or even flesh,people who self-describe as freegans might look at the vegan style as mostethical, but in practice partake of a little non-vegan stuff, so long as a dollarsign is not involved---and it was offered freely and not a part of thesystems of monetized violence.so when victor of "das racist" says he's freegan, it makes it way moreinteresting, funny, profound.because freeganism embodies anti-corporate, anticapitalist, non-violentcritique of systems of slavery, destruction, war, animal cruelty, workerexploitation. it embodies reverence for the high art of the disenfranchisedpoor who's wageslave toil is gobbled up by the bare necessities of living ala"pizza hut and taco bell."with brilliant opening words"bar code, bar code"so the "chicken and meat" song to me, embodies the corruption of globalproliferation and the mistaken luxury status of meat eating especially as itis marketed and programmed into the cultures of non-industrialized nationsor the working poor, as some marker of status, accomplishment, and
sophistication. when they sing "people eating bacon all across the nation"like it is some fantastic wonderful accomplishment of moderncivilization . . . and not some backward reversion of anti-environmental,numbed consciences, deluded by the momentary illusions of jaded taste-buds . . . . reeking havoc on the bodies of innocent life-forms for themomentary rush of dominance . . . when no other artistic avenue is offeredby a mechanistic culture . . . . that bacon is the laurel in your cap of greatness, dominance, status, survival.bon appetite!forget health care!forget strokes and cancer!forget pollution!forget abused immigrant labor!forget slaughterhouse injuries, missing fingers and limbs!forget the screams of the dying!forget factory farms!forget fossil fuels, tractors, pesticides and all the non-organic grain thatfattened your pig meat while babes in africa starve and die!forget unicef, malaria, aids, the congo!forget desertification!forget it!love, love it!love those golden arches and your oppression!kiss the chains around your own arms!consider yourself free, thinking, informed, volitional, decadent, powerful!pick a meal!and forget the ear muffs protecting slaughterers from the squeals of pigs!music of death!and the trigger finger of killers, repetitive stress injuries!forget that as well . . .forget that they might rather make art, or something beautiful, somethingbesides the bloody slab of death on your plate . . .****think of the smiths powerful early eighties poetry, and morrissey's heart,and thom yorke, and tolstoy, leonardo da vinci, einstein, gandhi, michaelstipe, bob dylan, philip glass . . . joan baez and jane goodallherbivores with an aesthetic sense . . .i don't know what to eat today.tempeh maybe.coffee.forgive this little foray into the real! into hell!i try to keep it sanitized of profundity for the hard of heart!
try to keep it frivolous as champagne . . .***and of my friend, a long term artist thinker poet musician, who struggleswith his passion . . .apathy has infected me, or patience.i told him,you must love human beings hold them, in the palm of you hand, likewounded birds and stroke their feathers, love them.if you lose your audience, before you even reach them, you've nullifiedyour own objective.and so, vampires, drink blood!***as "das racist" sings about getting sent to guantanamo, and white castlehamburgers . . . the fast food megalopolis feels as oppressive as aprison . . . the fast food neon=the modern mecca . . . with heartseverywhere dying, unfulfilled . . . just watch "chicken and meat":and express yourself!as a consumer, the only way permissiblein the locked-down cultureexpress yourself with a bucket of bones! jadedmedievaleco-blindmasochistsculturally impovrishedsoul-less***or take a look at the internet and read about the global food crisis,nutrition, disease, your own bodyread about starvation and world hungerread about pesticides and deforestation in brazilread about polluted watersystemsand think about pain.lidocaine . . .i hate pain . . .***when i was 16 i started refusing to take the eucharist at the catholic churchi was forced to go to.can't anybody refuse anything?why does everyone have to eat what's on their plate, blindly, like happy

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