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Published by jannumehta

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Published by: jannumehta on Sep 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Working with INDIAMART INTERMESH LIMITED was a great opportunity and agreat pleasure to me. During the whole research I was considered as the part of theIndiamart family and this proves the cooperation among the various departments andthe employees of Indiamart.
The main objective of the research was to study the efficiency of the marketingstrategy of Indiamart and to judge its market position, its strengths over thecompetitors and the way to utilize it to have the benefit. 
The research was conducted keeping the objective as the aim and theconclusions drawn were that the Indiamart holds a very good position inB2B industry.
The marketing strategy of the company was also fulfilling its aims and was upto the mark. The main strength of the company was its customized solutionsand the weakness was that it holds a good product range but is costly ascompared with the competitors.
The overall conclusion drawn is that the company performance graph is rising day byday showing its progress which could be also justified on the basis of the valuation provided by Alexa.com which are provided in the Annexure. Thus it is concluded that the company is performing well and it is a hope that it willremain in future too that is it will have a bright future.1
Today’s companies need fresh thinking about how to operate and compete in the neweconomy. Today’s economy is made up of old and new elements and is essentially ahybrid. In this chapter, we want to emphasize new elements such as the following:
Companies are increasingly subcontracting activities to outsourcing firms. Their maxim: Outsource those activities that others can do cheaper and better, retaincore activities.
Companies are increasingly benchmarking their performance against best-of-classcompanies anywhere in the world.
Service marketing:
We term marketing a function by which a marketer plans, promote and deliver agoods and services to the customers or clients. In the marketing of services, the providers are supposed to influence and satisfy the customers or user. An institutionor an individual may act as a provider who requires professional excellence toinfluence the impulse of prospects and to transform them into actual customers.When we buy services offered by a service generatingorganization in a true sense we buy the time, knowledge, skill of resources. Theapplication of marketing principles in the services sector is the main thing in theservices marketing:The following key points regarding the concept or perception of services marketingare:1.It is a managerial process of managing the services.2.It is an organized effort for providing a sound foundation for the developmentof an organization.3.It is a social process helping an organization to understand the emerging social problems and to take part in the social transformation process to justify itsexistence in the society.2
How marketing practices are changing e-business:
E-business describes the use of electronic means and platforms to conduct acompany’s business. The advent of the Internet has greatly increased the ability of companies to conduct their business faster, more accurately, over a wider range of time and space, at reduced cost, and with the ability to customize and personalizecustomer offerings. Countless companies have set up Web sites to inform and promote their products and service. They have created Intranets to facilitateemployee’s communication with one another and to facilitate downloading anduploading information to and from the company’s computers.Companies have also set up Extranets with major suppliersand distributors to facilitate information exchange, orders, transactions, and payments.Bill Gates of Microsoft claims that Microsoft is almost entirely run electronically;there is hardly any paper flowing through the company because everything is on thecomputer screen.E-commerce is more specific than e-business; it means thatin addition to providing information to visitors about the company, its history, policies, products, and services online. Most company sites are still just providinginformation, not doing e-commerce. Amazon.com. CDNow, eToys, e-Steel, and e-Plastics net are examples of e-commerce sites.E-commerce has given rise in turn to e purchasing and e-marketing. E-purchasing means companies decide to purchase goods, services, andinformation from various online suppliers.Smart e-purchasing goods, services, and information fromvarious online suppliers. Smart e purchasing has already saved companies millions of dollars. E marketing describes company efforts to conform, communicate, promote,and sell its products and services over the Internet.The e term is also used in terms is also used in terms such as e-finance, e learning, ande-service. But as someone observed, the e will eventually be dropped when most business practice is online.E-business and e-commerce take place over four major Internet domains: B2C (business to consumer), B2B (business to business), C2C(consumers to consumers), and C2B (consumers to businesses). (We will omitgovernment relations like G2C, G2B, B2G and C2G.)

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