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Part 6 of 8. Lucas Daniel Smith 4th of July Letter to Congress

Part 6 of 8. Lucas Daniel Smith 4th of July Letter to Congress

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Published by Inspector Smith

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Categories:Types, Research, Law
Published by: Inspector Smith on Sep 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Lucas Daniel Smith letter to United States Congress. 4
of July 2010 
. 1
Lucas Daniel Smith1626 5
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52403Avenue SELucas_d_Smith@live.com319-804-044007.04.2010United States Congressman Michael McMahon323 Cannon House Office BuildingWashington, DC 20515202-225-3371
Barack Obama was born in Kenya. I personally obtained from his birthhospital and now have in my possession a certified copy of his originalbirth record from the British Protectorate of Kenya.
Dear Congressman Michael McMahon,I am writing to you today regarding a matter of national security.We may have spoken before. This letter will, in part, serve as my official record of my havingcontacted you regarding the above referenced subject matter.The President of the United States of America is not eligible to serve as our President.President Barack Hussein Obama II is not a natural born citizen of the United States of America.President Obama was born in Mombasa, British Protectorate of Kenya at the Coast ProvinceGeneral Hospital in 1961.I, Lucas Smith, have proof of this.In the month of February 2009 I was on the continent of Africa in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This was not my first trip to the dark continent. The first time that I set foot onAfrican soil was in the year 2007. In February of 2009 I traveled to the Congo to document thestory of a cryptic (as in cryptozoology) animal that lives there in the Congo. This fabledcreature is a dinosaur-like animal that is commonly referred to as Mokele Mbembe.It should be noted that other such hidden, or once fabled, animals have been discovered in whatis now the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The animal now known to most of the world asthe Okapi was once considered to be a mythical creature by Europeans who referred to it as theAfrican Unicorn.
Lucas Daniel Smith letter to United States Congress. 4
of July 2010 
. 2
In the same month of February 2009 I traveled throughout both of the Congos, Uganda andKenya. I’d gone to Nairobi, Kenya specifically to interview a man that claims to have seen theanimal (Mokele Mbembe) years ago when he was a soldier in the Congo.Upon my arrival in Nairobi I was bombarded with questions in English on my feelings andopinions of a Kenyan governing the United States of America.The first several times I responded in saying that not enough time had elapsed since Barack Obama's appointment as President of the USA. I went on to say that I'd have to hold my officialopinion until at least January 2010. A year in Office might be sufficient for me to judge hisability to govern the USA.Natuarally I thought that by "Kenyan" they were referring to Barack Obama’s blood, being thathis father Barack Obama Sr was a native of Kenya. After a day and a half of my being inNairobi I learned that they were literally referring to President Barack Obama Jr. as being born inKenya, a native of Kenya.Now I started asking questions; did his father's Kenyan blood somehow entitle Barack Jr to bethe equivalent of a native Kenyan? No, not all, I was to find out. They were referring to Barack Obama Jr's physical birth on Kenyan soil.Kenyans were amused at how gullible Americans could be when it came to obvious things likethe fact that Kenyans overtly admit to Barack Jr's Kenyan birth, yet the Americans continue tobelieve that they know better.I traveled to Mombasa, Kenya with the specific intention of procuring some sort of birth recordfrom the hospital (CPGH) that so many Kenyans had referred to as being the hospital where USPresident Barack Hussein Obama had been born.I delved further and found that a birth certificate was on file at Coast Province General Hospitalin Mombasa.Upon a perimeter inspection of the hospital (and with the help of a friend from the Congo) Iascertained that me even being allowed to enter the hospital was going to prove to be a task, anda tremendous one at that.At that point I began to form an intricate plan which would not only grant me access to thehospital but also an opportunity to procure a certified copy of the hospital birth record of USPresident Barack Obama, if a birth recordMy ground plan entailed two hospitals in Mombasa, Kenya: Coast Province General Hospitaland also a second hospital named Mombasa Hospital. My plan expanded to include a Kenyanmilitary / police officer. The plan developed further and included a second Kenyan military police officer.at the Kenyan hospital did indeed exist.
Lucas Daniel Smith letter to United States Congress. 4
of July 2010 
. 3
I paid a total of three monetary bribes in the amounts of (in chronological order) $200 USD,$500 USD and $5,000 USD.The whole undertaking also included the assistance of a friend from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.My plan proved to be very effective and successful. On the 19
The birth certificate includes two signatures from 1961. One of the signatures is from the handof the attending doctor, James O.W. Ang’awa; the other is that of the Supervisor of Obstetrics,John Kwame Odongo.day of February 2009 I, LucasSmith, walked out of the Coast Province General Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya with a certifiedcopy of President Barack Hussein Obama II’s original hospital birth certificate / record.The British Protectorate of Kenya birth certificate also includes a 2009 stamp and signature fromthe Chief Administrator of Coast Province General Hospital, Helton Maganga. The certificatealso includes a 2009 embossed seal from the Coast Province General Hospital, Mombasa, Kenya.President Barack Hussein Obama II was born in Mombasa, British Protectorate of Kenya, in1961. He was born to a father who himself was born in the Colony of KenyaIt should also be noted that the father (born in 1939) never acquired US citizenship when he wasin the United States of America via a student visa..Honorable Congressman McMahon, I respectfully request that you fulfill your lawful obligationto honor The Constitution of the United States of America and remove from Office the de factoPresident Barack Obama.Without your help, Honorable Congressman, what options are left for ‘We The People
Attached to this notarized letter addressed to you, I have included a copy of the 1961
’? TheHonorable Courts of our country make claims they lack jurisdiction and have also used the issueof ‘standing’ to avoid permitting the necessary investigation to take place.
CoastProvince General Hospital birth certificate of US President (de facto) Barack HusseinObama II. I have in my possession a certified copy of Mr. Obama’s original birth record.As explained above, I personally obtained this document in February 2009 from his birthhospital in Mombasa, Kenya
Honorable Congressman, before I close this letter I’d like to bring to your attention
SenatePublication 103-21
. This “103-21” is an edition of the Constitution of the United States of America that was published at some point during the 1990s, perhaps during the 103 Congress. Ireceived an official copy of this “103-21” in the year 2001 as it was sent to me via US PostalService mail from the United States Senate.

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