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L Immortel 22 Bullets .DVDRip.2010.En

L Immortel 22 Bullets .DVDRip.2010.En

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Published by Aldormann

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Published by: Aldormann on Sep 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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000:00:01,000 --> 00:00:04,000Downloaded From www.AllSubs.org100:01:59,659 --> 00:02:02,33122 Bullets. l'Immortel.200:02:07,871 --> 00:02:09,596Jump! Jump!300:02:10,727 --> 00:02:11,263Higher!400:02:13,447 --> 00:02:14,815So, well done!500:02:15,858 --> 00:02:16,547Smarty!600:04:28,424 --> 00:04:30,055Dad, can I go look?700:04:30,556 --> 00:04:31,621Oh, please!800:04:31,656 --> 00:04:33,365Okay, I still put the car.900:04:33,776 --> 00:04:34,672Just do not run!1000:04:34,707 --> 00:04:35,276Okay!1100:07:24,760 --> 00:07:29,056Strange thing I do, since muchcame into this world, you need to go to the end.1200:07:29,091 --> 00:07:33,848And leave no possibility.It's like a curse. For life.1300:07:33,883 --> 00:07:36,619And the bloodshed did not dry out.1400:07:37,290 --> 00:07:38,849
Spilled blood does not dry out.1500:07:39,183 --> 00:07:40,959Do you hear? Never!1600:07:41,640 --> 00:07:46,255You're my life live in fear.Relax for a moment - and disappeared.1700:07:49,304 --> 00:07:50,800Prison - this is the end game.1800:07:52,142 --> 00:07:54,144But end up usually because of nonsense.1900:07:54,640 --> 00:07:56,928But a month later you come out,all be forgotten ...2000:07:56,929 --> 00:07:58,543And you will livea normal person.2100:08:03,046 --> 00:08:04,791Eli, on the way out.2200:08:12,273 --> 00:08:15,010And believe me, baby,is better for you not to come back here.2300:08:19,776 --> 00:08:21,419You're a very nice guy, Charles.2400:09:08,507 --> 00:09:11,499Goldman, Eli. He was killed in the performanceduties.2500:09:18,683 --> 00:09:20,417Gunshot wound. Breathing is difficult.2600:09:20,452 --> 00:09:22,233Cardiovascular function violated.2700:09:24,599 --> 00:09:26,625Heart rhythm slowing.We're losing him!
2800:09:37,966 --> 00:09:38,815When you found him?2900:09:38,816 --> 00:09:39,759Ten minutes ago.3000:09:40,307 --> 00:09:40,987Pulse, blood pressure?3100:09:41,171 --> 00:09:43,067Pulse 70, pressure 90 to 60.3200:09:43,102 --> 00:09:43,772What time?3300:09:43,807 --> 00:09:44,764Enter the adrenaline.3400:09:57,810 --> 00:09:59,296Crazy with your asses!3500:09:59,331 --> 00:10:03,311And he replied: "Just do notasserts that what you are not sure "3600:10:03,728 --> 00:10:05,762And then the mayor, thinking, says ...3700:10:09,454 --> 00:10:12,503True, you do with theseasses completely confused.3800:10:13,423 --> 00:10:16,976Generally I do not understand what is at stake,what we're arguing!3900:10:18,094 --> 00:10:18,829Do you smoke?4000:10:24,394 --> 00:10:25,479You're smoking in my house?4100:10:30,135 --> 00:10:30,575Hello!42

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