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Passing the Driving Test First Time

Passing the Driving Test First Time

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Published by astraldrivingschool
An introduction to Passing the Driving Test First Time.It does take effort and application which is not replaced by just owning a Car and Swanning around!
An introduction to Passing the Driving Test First Time.It does take effort and application which is not replaced by just owning a Car and Swanning around!

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Published by: astraldrivingschool on Sep 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Astral Mini CoursePassing the Driving Test First Time.Part One: - Introduction... Stacking the Cards in Your Favour!
Copyright Astral Driving School ©2006 All Rights Reserved
There are a number of key points that will
Stack the Cards
in your favour and give youa much better than average chance of successfully completing the Driving Test!
your pre test preparation is vital. Even if deep down you are not thatconfident…you can still prepare adequately. This requires determination and a plan of action which is detailed throughout the mini course and which your Instructor will helpyou with.Some techniques may need much more practise than others to get absolutely right.Remember you only have eight marks maximum to play around with ...these are veryeasily thrown away by lack of knowledge or insufficient practise.
far too many Learner Drivers don’t prepare in advance with an Instructor orif they do enlist the help of a professional, they don’t leave enough time for themselves topractise the key techniques that they will receive from the Instructor! Every LearnerDriver is weak in certain areas and good or excellent in others. You just have to bite thebullet and face up to the difficult techniques!
the driving test as it is currently constituted is not difficult, at least it’s notrocket science but in order to pass you have to be aware of the rules of the game. Somany first-time Test takers think that because they have been driving for a year or so thatthey are now experienced. Without lessons and without pre test tuition it is very difficultto pass the Irish Driving Test.So you have a choice…get lessons and pre test tuition and give yourself a fightingchance or ignore this advice and cross your fingers! The first option is the best …withouta shadow of a doubt. A first time pass will give you an altogether better audience with
your Insurance Company. So invest first and get the insider tips and techniques from aprofessional and then you can reap the reward subsequently!
You can only do your best on the day but if you have prepared well for theordeal your confidence level should be as high as is possible for anyone. Driving Testnerves have always been a key factor in the result of the Test and realising that you havedone everything possible to cover all the points at issue should give you plenty of confidence.
Doing the Driving Test is an important day in your life but it’s one of manychallenges and not the end of life as you know it if you are unsuccessful! You should notbuild yourself up into a frenzy of nerves as though you have just spotted a Great Whitebearing down on you! Now that
definitely be cause for alarm…The Driving Test? No sweat…you are not going to be incarcerated if you fail…you arenot going to be forced to emigrate…you won’t be kicked out of the house…and it won’tmean you get dumped by your significant other (unless of course he or she doesn’tpossess a licence either and you have just bought your first house 50 miles from work!)
So it’s down to good old fashioned common sense preparation and a positiveexpectation. You would be surprised how effective this strategy will be!
So what are the Benefits of passing the Driving Test first Time?
Higher Self Esteem and great Kudos within your social circle.2.
Immediate Lower Insurance Costs.3.
Faster Route to full no-claims bonus (assuming you have no accidents along theway) with your full license.4.
Ability to hire a Car when travelling abroad either on Holiday or Business.Provisional License holders will not be able to hire a car.5.
Travel to U.K by Car and Ferry is extremely tiring and also time consuming sobeing able to hire a Car and Fly/Drive is a tremendous benefit and probablymuch cheaper overall.6.
Removes the need for refresher lessons prior to a second or subsequent DrivingTest.
Likely to be easier doing the Driving Test now rather than later. (June 2006)The changes that have been taking place over the last three years to the DrivingTest and those additional requirements that have been proposed in recent daysmake it a priority to get stuck in with lessons and to sit your Test before itbecomes even more stringent.8.
Since we have the least demanding Driving Test Regime in the developedCountries of Europe it will be much easier to take and pass the Test in the Next18 months than hereafter.9.
The Mandatory Tuition which is common throughout Europe will catch up withus (and which is absolutely necessary) and when it does every Learner Driverwill be required to have taken a certain number of Lessons before being allowedto sit the Driving Test.10.
This doesn’t mean that having done a certain minimum number of Lessons thata Driving Test Pass is guaranteed but it will reduce the waiting list subsequently.You won’t be allowed to sit the Driving Test without a certificate from anaccredited Driving Instructor showing you have completed the basic minimumof hours of training.11.
All of the money saving aspects of the above mentioned points could contributeto you being able to afford a better car with the add-on beneficial effect of probably less breakdowns and expensive repairs!12.
Cars are very expensive to run. Most new drivers have very little idea of justhow much it takes to keep a car running safely and legally. So a first time TestPass will benefit you enormously by spending less on Insurance and devotingmore to the running and maintenance of the car.13.
A full License, sooner rather than later will definitely improve your careerprospects. A full License looks very good on a C.V. especially if you are veryyoung! Why So? Well any employer will know that any driver who has passedthe Driving Test first time has:-(a)
A Brain(b)
A functioning one at that.

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