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Your father and I want to take you out for a farewell celebration.” There
She was a big-boned girl with a brusque manner which hid a warm
Miss Gould left a message for you to ring her as soon as you arrived. The
With a flourish she places the gateau on a superb crystal dish and set it
Friday. We never keep food here over the weekend.” Her eyes reached
In a moment an omelette—golden brown outside and soft and creamy
Miranda went over and drew out half a quiche. “Aren’t you going to join
And what bad luck that he should be the Managing Director. It took away
B. H. Jefferson. Without doubt those initials stood for Big Head. They
Watson is an absolute poppet. He’s the one responsible for the catering
But today they had started at five o’clock in order to finish shopping
Looking at the calf-skin diary on her desk. “If he changes his mind about
There were two dining roomsto cater for today: the main one where there
It was a specially cured gammon bought from a private source of
Jefferson’s wrath down on Judd at a time when the old man had enough
Your name shouldn’t be Jefferson—it should be Jeffreys. Judge Jeffreys! And
He accompanied the word with a wide smile that completely transformed
Nightingale and could as easily have been envisaged carrying a lamp
Jefferson. It was annoying to think that three days had gone by without
Thursday she had been consciousonly on the fact that he wasnot in the
City gent that Miranda had to restrain giggle. He led her down to the
They lived in different worlds and it was only by luck that she had even
B.H.J. were set down for every day of the week. There would also be two
Miranda felt she had been working non-top—asindeed she had—for she
Deliberately she contented herself with combing her hair smooth—it
Bert—who washer main informant—told her Mr. Jefferson preferred it this
Working at his home she would at least have the opportunity of seeing gin
Mr. Jefferson.” She was delighter at how cool she sounded. “When exactly
Mrs. Linton confirming that Miranda would be working personally for him
Miranda laughed and promised to make one especially for him
She gave him her address in Knightsbridge
He was an easy man to be with and had the assurance of someone who
London again. It would mean having to find out the places that Blaize
Jefferson went to and then inveigle Alan into taking her there. But first she
English in style with most of the pieces being genuine antiques. Knowing
Jefferson’s choice she had not expected this home to be at such variance
All glass and Swedish timber. But then he found this place and started
Tomorrow there’ll be eight for lunch and probably the same number in the
Miranda went to her room. It was going to be nerve-racking to cope with
Holden formed her that Maria had offered to take over the running of the
But he mustn’t be allowed to think she was interested in his friend; that
It was an effort to stop herself from going to the window and peering out
Yoursislike a camellia.” He touched one curving thigh and she jumped up
By this time the two Americans had joined her and Alan sat up to watch
Her eyeswere on a level with his feet and she was intensely aware of the
Miss Jones.” With a lithe movement he heaved himself from the water and
She kept reading different meaning into the remark: one moment seeing
Americans were preparing to leave. She wondered with dismay whether
Kerr joined them. Like h iswife he wasfair and plump and seemed
Miranda frowned. “You’d better ask him what time he would like it.”
I've never met anyone as mercurial and changeable. I was thinking over
Miranda had the feeling that their conversation had brought back
The music changed and the violins were replaced by harps. Suddenly she
Though his shirt there exuded the warmth if his body. It made her
On the wall nearest to the hi-fi were booksmuch more to he liking: the
Light fell full upon it and she could almost imagine herself in the shady
My only god in the daysthat were.’
book and was moving to the shelf when the door opened and Ann Kerr
Lothian wasin the middle of some important negotiation and Blaize was
Dorsen. A week later they were married. I think it was suddenness of it
Miranda laughed. “I can’t imagine it.”
Blaize because he was the best looking boy in the district and the most
Blaize would be married by then. Now there’snothing to stop him running
She was by servants’ door and she stopped and looked at him
Blaize. When she came back she would take one of the armchairs. She
Rosemary would be staying as a weekend guest. From what Ann told her
Ann could be prejudiced and there night be extenuating circumstances to
Blaize came into the kitchen. His face was marred by a scowl and though
He wasobviously afraid that if he were alone with Rosemary he would fall
Rosemary’s behavior that astonished her more. How thick-skinned she was
Miranda in the conversation and went on talking to Blaize asthough they
Rosemary sighed. “I have enough on my conscience anyway.”
Miranda together on a settee. Miranda felt the two of them must make a
He nodded. “Nothing had changed.”
I made no close friends during my marriage.” The blonde head turned to
Blaize. “Harry never kept his friends for long—except the ones who worked
Blaize!” With an effort she smiled at Rosemary. “But I suppose it was
Rosemary had made it up in order to account for the complete lack of
His eyes sparked. “What’s that supposed to mean?”
Rosemary’s effrontery. Had she gone to Blaize’sroom to talk to him alone
Rosemary had only been pretending when she had said she did not believe
His look wassardonic. “These days one can never be sure.”
The movement made the muscles ripple visibly. She had no means of
Rosemary had come in here in her pink night-gown you’d have been a
His mouth dropped open. “Why do you want a book?”
With a murmur he lowered his head and rested his mouth in the shadowy
If she did not remember this she might read more than he meant into his
Rosemary’s bedroom door to make sure the words audible. “You were
Understanding dawned in Ann’seyes. “What a chump I am! You’re in
Rosemary went up to her bedroom to collect her coat. “Just when you
Dorsen’s companies. She’ll either have to do that or take an active part in
Blaize looked puzzled. “Break eggs?”
Resolutely Miranda refused to turn for the last glimpse of the house. She
She hesitated. “I suppose I was thinking of Alan.”
He has the loveliest girl under hisnose and he’s too blind to see her.” He
She fastened dangling ear-rings into her lobesand they swung against her
Blaize commented on as she came on and he handed her a corsage of
Miranda’s hands slowly as he rose to greet him and the woman by hisside
Ann isjoining Mark in town thisweek. She suggested we went with them
Rosemary’s behavior towards him indicated subtly. “I suppose she told you
Blaize’sstartled movement she knew it had his home. “I suppose she thinks
I seduced you and then bludgeoned you over the head with your own
The idea was so ludicrous that she giggled
He stood poised there like a statue and then did a perfect dive into the
Miranda’s annoyance she looked stunningly beautiful in a vividly
They strolled back to the pool and Miranda was aware of Rosemary’s eyes
Her engagement ring sparkled in the sunlight and Rosemary’s eyes went
Rosemary drew away from it haughtily. “If you like diamonds.”
Yet no her whole world was bounded by him. The knowledge that in a
Blaize leaned over into the back of the car and lifted out a small hamper
She sipped it and found it delicious. “Lovely.”
She sniffed miffily. “I suppose she preferred cream.”
He looked quizzical. “Are you proposing to me?”
He flashed her look. “So I have.”
Mr. Schneider off early. You might not have as much control over your
Miranda knew it would take more than a diamond ring to convince the
Alan nodded. “It looks as if we’ll have to stay here.”
He did not answer but leaned across and opened the door. “Get in.”
London. We had no choice but to stay the night in a hotel. In a separate
Go back to Goldilocks. I'm not your concern anymore.” She began to
They slowed down for the traffic lights and Alan glanced at her. “Are you
Barbara told her the Managing Director had telephoned to way how
Rosemary had finally won. How long had it been before Blaize had
The lobstershad been presented to her with a flourish of pride and she
Miranda and a glass of brandy was placed into her hand. “Drink up. It will
Blaize raised an eyebrow. “I don’t follow you.”
Miranda remained where she was
Immediately his hands came around her waist and pulled her back with
I'm not her fiancé. She has some other poor devil in tow. Another South
African whom she’s known several years.” His lips moved along Miranda’s
Everyday I expect Alan to come in and tell me it wason. Then when he
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Roberta Leigh - Cupboard Love

Roberta Leigh - Cupboard Love

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Published by: neferetrose on Sep 05, 2010
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