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Published by Harry
The future is here!
The future is here!

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Published by: Harry on Sep 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Harry J. Chong

My travels into the future have astounded me. I have seen the future—and there are very
little problems, thanks to science and its resulting technology. There is no climate or
energy crisis. Energy is clean and practically unlimited. Energy coming from the
boundaries of space was discovered to be a viable solution and alternative to petroleum,
hydrogen, and nuclear fuels.

There is no medical crisis. Everyone has access to healthcare. Nanorobotics and
other new solutions in medicine have led to a period of physiological calm. Rarely do
people have to go to the doctor. They simply consult an electronic database and self-
diagnose. But if they must see a doctor, they can simply connect to a camera, and consult
a woman many miles away.

Another thing about that, there are many doctors, actually. Education has become
simple and more leisurely. There is a device which you place on your head, which allows
you to absorb information: both auditory and visual. Within a minute you can read a half-
thousand page book.

Life seems quite easy. I dare say that many young people here do not appreciate what
they have. They have robots with simulated human intelligence that do everything for
them. These robots do all the minutia of the day. They cook; they clean; they fix; they
find; they help in almost every single manner. All physical activities have been passed
down to these mechanical men.

But people have not become out of shape, contrary to what you might think. They
are healthier than before. The reason for this is due to breakthroughs and affordability in
genetic modification. Parents can choose what sort of physical and mental traits they
want for their child. They can weed out all the bad things, and keep only what they want.
Naturally, fathers have chosen their boys to be brawny and hearty. Women have chosen
their girls to be pretty and intelligent.

Society has done well from this practice. I am quite envious. I’ve had to make my observations in disguise. I am not a hideous man, but am considered to be quite ugly in the future. My body is out of shape and I have mottled skin.

Nevertheless, I continued my observations.

One invention in particular that interested me was the dream machine. One can go into a machine and live their fantasies for several hours. It’s cheap too. Dream machine shops have been set up at every corner. They are incredibly popular. Video games and movies are obsolete. This is the number one form of entertainment. It allows people to escape into their own, perfect world. More perfect than the actual world. (People are addicted to these dream machines like sex and drugs.)

Another thing I’ve noticed is that religion is dead. Without depravity and
desperateness, and with science, people stopped believing. There are a few who believe
in a higher power, but none who believe in God. They laugh at people from the past and
think how stupid they must have been, much in the way we of today (or the past as it is
now) laugh at people before us who thought the universe be on the back of a turtle. I
won’t say this is a negative thing, but I find it highly unusual. I suppose a world with
little poverty does that to you. You don’t need magic to help you out.

Yes—there is little poverty.

But funny enough, what is considered poverty in the future is considered middle-
class in our time. It should make sense though that there is little poverty here, since
everything is in such abundance. This is partly due to recycling methods and resource

allocation methods that have been perfected. There is absolutely no waste of anything.
Nothing is garbage. Everything turns into something that can be used. And astonishingly
there is no inferiority in products of recycled origination.

And there is a lot of land here. Lots of green, open spaces. The population has
actually been on the decline. Most people are—and I don’t mean this in an insulting
manner—hedonistic. Many do not want to have children. This may be partly due to
education programs touting the burdens of babies. They are burdensome, but so cute. But
cuteness has mainly been replaced by puppies.

Puppies that eat artificial meat…! There ain’t a steak or burger around here. Not a
proper one, anyway. All meat is artificially grown. There are no farm factories and there
are no dairy farms or anything of that sort. Every animal—except for the bees and cute
animals—have been pushed out of use. Why need a cow for steak when, after all, you can
just grow it in a pot. How’s it taste, you ask? Not bad, actually. Not bad at all. I dare say
it is equal to anything I’ve had before. But I must admit that I stole it. (It was easy, since
nobody expects that behaviour.)

You can’t get anything around here without being identified. You buy everything by
scanning your thumb. It connects to your bank and draws out your credits. There is no
money or dollars. Just credits. Yes, I realize that we have something like this in our day—
but it is far more rampant in this future. You never have to carry around any cards or
anything. You just scan your finger and a special device captures the landscape of your
thumb or index or pinky in three dimensions. You can’t fool these machines with a flat
image. Also, your picture is taken, and the time and date and location are all recorded.
This information is sent to a database.

Transport is nice too. Nearly everyone has a flying car. You just hop in and voice
your destination. It takes you there in a second with the use of anti-gravity technology. It
is fast. The fastest thing you’ve ever seen. They go about the speed of a space shuttle. It’s
not uncommon for people to take their cars from, say, Toronto, Canada to London,
England. It only takes about thirty minutes.

Ho, but in spite of this transport, there are still accidents. Yessiree. Sometimes you
can’t always prevent stupidity. I seen kids try to get rides on the back of flying cars. They
hang out with a hover-board under their feet, then they fall to the ground, and crack their
skulls or lose an arm.

Luckily most of them survive. I remember I saw this one boy who lost an arm. He
fell right on it and it snapped away. But he called for help, and the flying ambulance
came by, and picked him up. Next day I saw him with a completely new arm. I looked it
up. They’ve found a way to regenerate any human organ body or pieces, simply by
extracting your DNA, and feeding it into a machine. I’m sure that machine, however, is
very quite complex.

Yes, they can do all of it, even the eyes and the spine. You can get a new spine and
eyes; though the transplantation of these pieces are much more complex than, say, a
finger or a nose. They require special treatment, and you have to get some injections to
bridge the nerves or something other.

So, as one can tell, this place is quite safe. I can walk around in this city without any
hassle. I been going around since four in the morning. There is security everywhere.
There are both flying and walking robots that intervene when there are scuffles. They are
better than human policeman in my opinion, since they have on interest in protecting
themselves. They don’t retaliate—they simply protect and defend. I’m surprised that they
haven’t fingered me. I guess they just took my appearance as an error of some sort.

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