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Boom2010_Newsletter__Letter for the Boomers _ Part I

Boom2010_Newsletter__Letter for the Boomers _ Part I

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Published by Andy Weisner

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Published by: Andy Weisner on Sep 06, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Andy Weisner <retinafunk@googlemail.com>
Letter For The Boomers | Part I
4 messages
Boom Festival HQ <info@boomfestival.org>Sat, Sep 4, 2010 at 11:12 AM
To: psynergy@retinafunk.comOne afternoon at the Dance Temple
Dear Boomer,Days are finally getting back to normality – whatever that means. Some of us are with the 'Boom blues syndrome' or PBS - Post BoomSyndrome while others are already in full swing on a daily life where the Boom memory lasts for good.Onsite we are breaking down all the beautiful structures that have been built and a sense of kalachakra mandala is present – we built acolourful Boom cosmology grain by grain and now we are tearing it apart. It is now time to say thanks to the Boom workers, to all theartists that spread the magic and to the Boomers that made this edition possible.Here we share our thoughts on some topics on how we have experienced Boom 2010, one of the most successfuleditions so far.Golden Shack Pagoda and the Gamelatron
The Boom 2010 Background
We started the Boom production back in June 2009. The beginning was full of changes as some people left the team and others came in.Like in all transition periods, our own processes involved facing resistances from many people and at the same time getting the support ofso many others. For us the most important thing was to keep the Boom psychedelic essence and upgrade some ideas while remainingfaithful with the purest intention for Boom. The theme of water materialized this sense of fluidness. And our motto, "Make Change Happen"started to reverberate from this time onwards.The idea of finding a new location was the best way for Boom to go into new horizons and in November we got the new venue that has
06.09.2010Google Mail - Letter For The Boomershttps://mail.google.com/mail/?ui=2&i1/5
amazed everybody. It was one of the reasons for such a good Boom edition. Along this period one of Boom's totems, our colleague JorgeFialho, got ill and eventually died in April 2010. It was eight months of emotional turmoil for all of us. He is an inspiration to us and we'llkeep honouring his legacy: Jorge, you are always with us!On the work level, we flattened our work structure and a cooperative process of thinking about the whole festival based on a solid teamfrom production, art and construction ignited. We all felt that for Boom to be a special moment all teams should develop art, discipline andcompassion. The pre-production was an effort full of good achievements; construction period was epic: from May onwards the vibe washigh onsite with an amazing spirit between all the teams. Thanks to all of you that have been with Boom Festival during this unforgettableperiod!Healing Area
The (Un)Popular Boom-Distances
We designed the new Boom venue taking into account two sides: the Boom sector and the entrance sector (with parking lot and caravanpark). We didn't want to have such a huge distance however we needed to take some measures on occupying the place of the Boom-Offas most of Boomers didn't enjoy the noise from that tecnival in 2008. It was a no-option to have them next door. Plus we were assured thatthere would be transfers organized by the local city council and in the end that didn't work out.The distance that people needed to walk generated a bad reaction and, despite the fact that distances are also huge at many festivals ofthe world, we won't repeat the same design. One thing is our priority for the future: the caravan park and car park will not be placed so far.Our intention is to put cars and caravans on the north side of the Boom venue, around the Boom Bus station.With regards to the distances within the Boom sector we do feel that by having such a beautiful place we can avoid the sense ofovercrowding, which resulted perfectly at Boom. The areas had space, but at the same time there was a cosy feeling and a sense offreedom all over the venue. We can improve on the placement of the flea market though.In conclusion, the solution for cars and caravans was not the best and we will commit ourselves to solving thisin time for 2012.Inner Visions - Art Gallery
The Vibe at Boom 2010
The vibe that was felt and built up this year was one of the best we ever experienced. There was a sense of tribe, a collective joy and anamazing laid back way of experiencing Boom. Collective waves of cheering and whistling could be heard everyday in a pure and simplecelebration of happiness. We were happy to see how our EcoTeam cleaned the venue and how receptive Boomers were to leave no trace.Most of the people enjoyed the cultural variety and a playful vibe was felt at Boom 2010. One more example of a higher self-awareness wasthat we had the lowest number of cases at the Kosmicare ever.
06.09.2010Google Mail - Letter For The Boomershttps://mail.google.com/mail/?ui=2&i2/5
Many thanks for bringing so much shine and positivity to Boom 2010!
Conditions At the Caravan Park
For the first time we had restaurants, water points and toilets at the caravan park.These are improvements compared with previous editions. Showers were not there as some trucks have these facilities. We opted not toput more showers on site as water is a scarce resource here and the more showers we have the bigger is our water footprint. Even so, forthe next edition we feel it's imperative to build showers at the caravan park and place it nearer the Boom venue.Sacred Fire
Art: The Most Art-Oriented Boom Ever
Boom has always been a festival of arts and this year we wanted to do the most art-oriented Boom ever, as art has the ability to open ourcreative portals *and connect us with a universal language of expression. We involved more people from the Boom team in finding the bestcolour codes, projects, artists and the finest materials.The notion of art was developed in many areas: bioconstruction (using bamboo, cane, clay, superadobe), land art, art installations, visuals,garden design, theatre, art gallery, performing arts, cinema showcase, to name just a few. In the end we had 780 artists at Boom and asense of open-air gallery was fully achieved.Some of the best feedback we got so far went to: the art installation made with trash from Shrine and the Gamelatron embedded in it; themagnificent Drop and the pristine Dow Tow; the Sacred Fire stage and its gardens; the Keynote statue and the holograms at the DanceTemple; the Art Gallery with an exquisite selection of visionary art; the crate structure at the Groovy Beach; the land art that was built bythe hands of Vicente Bittencourt. And, of course, the always-popular Kaleidoscope and its giant aquatic being! You can see some of theBoom art in our photo gallery on our website.Groovy Beach
Ticket Pricing: A Major Problem
Back in 2008 we had the feeling that Boom had gotten too big. At the time we opted to limit the number of attendees to revive the cosinessand the sense of belonging that have always been a part of Boom. A limited number of people require an extra effort for funding the wholefestival.Now we understand that our limitation of tickets increased the prices of the festival: the ticket, the prices of shops and restaurants, the
06.09.2010Google Mail - Letter For The Boomershttps://mail.google.com/mail/?ui=2&i3/5

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