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Superstitions - Sample first 50 pages

Superstitions - Sample first 50 pages

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Published by David Sumner
This is the first 50 pages of my first complete script.
This is the first 50 pages of my first complete script.

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: David Sumner on Sep 06, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 NIGHTMARE SEQUENCEWe see flashes of various occult symbols. Burning candles,and a weird symbol chalked out on a hardwood floor. There isa flash of light.CUT TO:INT OF HIGH SCHOOL CLASSA young girl, CINDERBLOCK, yes it¶s a strange name for ayoung girl, wakes up. We realize it was her dream. She looksaround at the students giggling and smirking at her while theteacher, MRS MASTERSON, looks offended. Also in the class areOHRI NOCO, CINDER¶s best friend, who sits next to her andRENNY PROST, CINDER¶s boy best friend, who sits behind her.OHRI looks at Cinder sympathetically.MRS. MASTERSONI don¶t much appreciate having oneof my students disrespect me andthe rest of the class like you¶redoing.CINDERI¶m sorry I didn¶t get very muchsleep last night.MRS. MASTERSONHey, we all have things in ourlives but that doesn¶t make itokay to disrupt the rest class.Does it?CINDERNo, I guess not.MRS. MASTERSONYou guess not or you know not?Renny grimaces in response to this bullshit.CINDERNo, I¶m sorry.
RENNYWell, actually her sleeping wasn¶treally disrupting the class; itwas you telling her how badsleeping was that disrupted theclass. Now maybe if she had beensnoring-MRS. MASTERSONMr. Prost.Parts of the class giggle. Cinder looks back at him nervousas to how this will play out.RENNYYes, sir.MRS. MASTERSONWith how bad your test scores havebeen lately I hardly think youshould be worrying about anyoneother than yourself.RENNYIt¶s just that it¶s notCinderblock¶s fault, I mean yourlecture is so boring.At this point several students laugh. Cinders looks amazed ina good way.MRS. MASTERSONGet out! Go to the principal¶soffice right now.The class goes quiet now. Renny gets up and starts walkingtowards the door. As he passes Cinder he winks at her. She isvery pleased that he stood up for her. He goes out the door.We hear the sound of an end of class bell ringing.CUT TO:INT OF HIGHSCHOOL HALLOhri and Cinder are walking down the hall among many otherstudents now that class has ended. They are walking towardsthe cafeteria and talking.

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