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Summary of Leadership Challenge

Summary of Leadership Challenge



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Published by success 87
James Kousner, Barry Posner. Excellent Summary of a very useful book for effective leader.
James Kousner, Barry Posner. Excellent Summary of a very useful book for effective leader.

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Published by: success 87 on Jun 29, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Leadership Challenge:
About how leaders mobilize others to want to get extraordinary things done in org.
are practices leaders use to transform values -> actions1.visions-> realities2.risks-> rewards3.Obstacles-> innovations.
The abundance of challenges is not the issue, is how we respond to them.
There are opportunities for each of us to make a difference, for ex: Providedirection and support our teams
Set positive examples of the meaning of honesty
LEADERSHIP CHALLENGE is about those who do, how systems of rewards, punishments give way toinnovation.
Purpose of the book is to assist people, help you develop your capacity to guide others to places thathave never been before.
Is written to strengthen your abilities and uplift your spirits.
 PART 1Chapt 1
The five practices of exemplary leadership
Dick, was an executive for bank of Americas consumer call center. He felt that people where notenjoying what they where doing and their performance was decreasing.
He decided to sit for 3 days to talk and listening to people, did interviews.
He said: “if you keep your eyes open and periodically actually shut your mouth and you have thecourage to turn the mirror around on yourself, its amazing what you can learn and how you can changethings”.
He led his employees describe the company with 5 adjectives, he found out words such as: not fun,disorganized, frustrating, and volatile. But also found positive ones such as dedicated energetic andsupportive.
He also asked them to describe how they see the future of the company, found out words as; amazingresults, world class, learn and grow. With those inspirations he created a mission, mission and set of values (which they called commitments).1.He said that what was missing in his life was the ability to make a difference in peoples lives.2.He told his story to the employees, he was nothing at the beginning but he wanted to be really be in thecall center, eventually became the senior manager.3.Dick said:1.If you have an issue, open your mouth!2.Give me ideas to proposals3.If you want to be like a partner then you sign up for some responsibility in the process4.Empower to act.
he did several things to reinforce things in the company:4.Constantly reinstates the mission, commitments and vision.5.Gives a “you said, we did” report. Then are discussions of the initiatives.6.There is a report on the month performance with “celebrating heroes” (individuals who made acontribution to the center is publically recognized)7.“pride day” ( personal responsibility in delivering excellence) people where the logo merchandise, hasdifferent colors that symbolizes the values, vision and mission.- He said that “if you are not willing to be innovative and do things differently, we are going to have thecompetition pass us like we’re sitting still on the freeway”.-Dick demonstrates exemplary leadership skills, show others how to seize the opportunities to bring the bestof others and guide them in the journey.
-Leadership can happen everywhere, in public private or social sector; at home school or community.
Claire Owen is founder and leader of vision and values of the SG grouping London. A 110 person firm that’sa collection of four businesses designed to meet the marketing and human resource recruitment needs of 
agencies and corporations. Stop gap, the United Kingdom first specialist freelance marketing agency and the SG group original business.
She was working, she had a4 week’s baby and a huge mortgage, worried with what will happen to his client.He calls the client and told him that she will provide a stopgap. She was providing a temporary solution.
She created a marketplace providing freelance marketers.
She wanted a transparent business with people that she can trust
Competitors looked at her and told her she will never success.
She wanted a business with phenomenal reputation, be a company people wanted to do business with.
She set clear values with her staff, the values came from walking in the shoes of her staff and candidates
She gain people because they identified with her values, they wanted to make a difference by helping people.
She put always her staff first; they are the one that will determine the reputation of the company.8.SG Group uses values in everything they do.9.They set meetings once a month to share company’s financial10.Everybody learns about the business profit made or loss taken so people don’t forget about their clients11.They make “grapevine” when people ask about things they might have heard about to what is reallyhappening.12.They film the meetings so the one that misses it can watch it.13.The atmosphere changed positively14.She says: we don’t have employees or staff; we have people that have emotions and needs.
The five practices of exemplary leadership:
Leadership is not about personality; it’s about behavior.
Leading-> you have to be good example and live what you say.
Exemplary leaders know if they want to gain commitment+ achieve high standards = must be models of the behavior they expect of others.
Be clear on guiding principles
Clarify values
Must find their own voice, give voice to values
Leaders are supposed to stand up for their beliefs-
Leaders most forge agreement around common principles and common ideals.

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