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Enhancing Carbonate Reservoir Characterization

Enhancing Carbonate Reservoir Characterization

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Published by pmiar

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Published by: pmiar on Sep 06, 2010
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    M    i    d    d    l   e    E   a   s   t    &    A   s    i   a    R   e   s   e   r   v   o    i   r    R   e   v    i   e   w    I   s   s   u   e    9    2    0    0    9
Enhancing carbonatE rEsErvoircharactErization
DEInIng A IElD stRAtEgy
Oe o he ke haee i a oi ad a reeroir i o eabih ho hdroarbo id i moe hroh he rre dri prodio. Oe he eieer hae eabihed he roe ha id i ake hroh he rok ad ideifed here hdroarbo mih be e behid, he a deeop raeie omaiai prodio ee ad boo oa reoer.I arboae reeroir, he aeme o o pah i ompiaed b eare h a ara rare,erai oer he oeii beee he ario par o he reeroir, ad ariaio i eabii hai iee he eeiee o reoer mehod h a aer ijeio.I hi arie, Berard Moaro, Mihae sder, ad geor Za examie mehod ha haraerizerare paha, eabih he deree o id exhae beee reeroir omparme, ad eabeperophii o defe eabii ariaio aro he fed.
    M    i    d    d    l   e    E   a   s   t    &    A   s    i   a    R   e   s   e   r   v   o    i   r    R   e   v    i   e   w    I   s   s   u   e    9    2    0    0    9
    M    i    d    d    l   e    E   a   s   t    &    A   s    i   a    R   e   s   e   r   v   o    i   r    R   e   v    i   e   w    I   s   s   u   e    9    2    0    0    9
Reeroir haraerizaio i he a o bidi a mode o areeroir baed o i haraerii ih repe o id o. toahiee a arae pire o a reeroir ad ho i i behaedri i prodie ie, reeroir eieer m be abe o idei he mai o paha ad defe he oeio beee heario par o he reeroir. Oe he eieer hae eabihed he roe ha he id ake hroh he rok ad ideifed herehdroarbo mih be e behid, he a deeop raeie omaiai prodio ee ad boo oa reoer.
RActuREs, cOnnEctIvIty, AnD wEttABIlIty
the ara rare eork od i arboae rok oehae a oroi iee o id moeme. rare abe repoibe or aer breakhroh, a oi, ad driiprobem h a md oe ad k pipe (i. 4.1). Moarboae reeroir oai rare ha a rae rom ioaedmiroopi fre o kiomeer-o rre oaii maidiida rare.I oi ad a reeroir, he ara rare ma ere a odi ha eabe or ehae he o o hdroarbo, or he ma aa barrier preei or oi he moeme o iqid adae ad diidi he reeroir io omparme ih diereprere reime ad oi/aer oa (Owc). I ome fed,a e o rare ma perorm boh roe a diere ime or adiere prere.where rare pi he reeroir io dii hdroarboome, eooi ad eieer eed o eabih he omead he exe o eah omparme i a rae o eohemiaad prodio e. Ideii he idiida reeroiromparme ad he deree o id oeii beee hemi a ke ape o reeroir eieeri i arboae reeroir.thi beome pariar impora dri he aer ae oprodio he bpaed omparme ma oai are adapped hdroarbo ome (i. 4.2).weabii ha aa bee reoized a a impora parameer o be oidered i oi reeroir. Hoeer, aoi or hediribio o eabii i arboae reeroir i a oep haha emered o ree i he idr. weabii ha a roiee o reeroir perormae ad o he proporio o oi haa be reoered. aire o haraerize he eabii reime aead eieer o impeme deeopme pa ha a damae he reeroir. ne oi ehiqe ombii mearemerom mipe lwD ad ireie oo a o be ed o hepharaerize eabii i ope hoe. Ke meareme idenMR, reiii, ad a oher meareme eiie o araio,idi dieeri, ima ero apre ro eio adarbo/oxe.
0.0 0.1 0.2 0.3Oil saturation0.4 0.5 0.6 0.7
4.1: Fracture corridors can control the movement o injected water and sweep eciency. A central injector well is sweeping oil to our producers located in the corners o a homogeneous reservoir block (A) and a reservoir with large racture corridors (B). Recovery is reduced in the ractured reservoir.4.2: A detailed understanding o the interactions between reservoir compartments will guide eld development planning and may help to locate bypassed hydrocarbon zones.
Fgr 4.1Fgr 4.2
Crbt xprts r dvlpg wys t pply bth ld d w tchlgy tbttr ct  rsrvr chrctrzt. R&D prgrms cdctd by Schlmbrgrhv hlpd th dstry t hc th chrctrzt  rctrd rsrvrs, tstblsh th cctvty btw th cmprtmts  cmplx rsrvrs, d tdtrm hw wttblty vrts c rcvry ctrs.
Fueree mpme

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