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Spring 2006 Crossroads Mission Newsletter

Spring 2006 Crossroads Mission Newsletter

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Published by Crossroads Mission

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Published by: Crossroads Mission on Sep 06, 2010
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e have hada greatwinter season.Both of our bigcelebrations, theThree Days of Thanksgiving andthe Three Days of Christmas, wentsmoothly. Weserved meals to ourbiggest crowds everat these communityevents. Our kitchen staff prepareddelicious food. It was humbling to seemany volunteers involving themselves inall the activities. We simply could not dothese big events without so many helpinghands. One of the highlights of the seasonfor me was to see the faces of the childrenduring Christmas. Many clubs,organizations and individuals made surethat no child was without. It was ablessing!On the first day of winter, we held aMemorial Day for all who have died dueto their homelessness or addictions. Amemorial was held with special singing,messages and activities. This meaningfulmemorial helped raise communityawareness about the homeless andaddicted.In January, we hosted the thirdannual “Soup-er Celebration of Hope”.Fifteen agencies brought more than 22services on site for the homeless andneedy. Many folks learned about thevariety of service agencies in YumaCounty.This Easter season we continue torely on God as we face the challenges andcelebrate in the victories as we “help thedisabled, disadvantaged, anddisenfranchised individuals and familiesachieve a better quality of life”. I want tothank all of our donor friends who sofaithfully stand by our side season afterseason. God bless you during thisspringtime season!
 R E S C U E 
Crossroads Mission
is a member of the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions. www.agrm.org
Winners All Around!Winners All Around!
e’re going for first place!” Thatis what Myra, ExecutiveDirector of Crossroads Mission, keptrepeating when she talked about the floatparticipation for the 2006 Rodeo Parade.This was our first float entry in theparade, and frankly we were nervous about it.A team of volunteers along with Crossroads’staff members Susie Rico and Pat Cox workedhard for more than a week. They plannedevery detail, every spray of paint and glitter.The end result was fabulous!The theme was “Feeding the Dreams of Our Red, White, and Blue Buckaroos”. Thepatriotic, western design won first place in itsdivision and the sweepstakes trophy for bestin the parade!
We also won The Yuma Sun’sYUMA’S BEST award for best place tovolunteer!
This is a real honor for us because thecommunity voted for us. We are grateful tothe many volunteers that help us makemiracles happen here at Crossroads Mission!Thank you for your support and formaking us winners all around!
M.Ed., LISACExecutive Director
 A Good SeasonThanks to God 
Spring 06 Crossroads Mission Vol. 9, Issue 1
 News for Our Partners News for Our Partners
y name is Gina and I am an addict.The first 17 years of my life werespent in Chicago growing up in a stricthome. I dropped out of school and movedto Phoenix where I was introduced tomethamphetamine.The beginning of the end startedduring Rehab number one at the age of 19.This ended after a geographical change thattook me back to Illinois where I married thefather of my two sons at the age of 25. Myaddiction resurfaced, but with a new facecalled crack-cocaine and heroin. This new“friend” helped me loose my children andend up in rehab number two.Once again, I thought that ageographical change was in order so Imoved to Yuma. Shortly after moving toYuma, I was re-introduced to meth. Theend began to surface when, due to myaddiction, I was arrested. By the grace of God I was assigned Drug Court where thecounselors decided to send me toCrossroads Mission. While at the Mission Ifinally started to see a light at the end of thetunnel.During a powerful woman’s prayergroup I found Jesus Christ and started to see
 From Geographical Change to Heart Change
Page 2 Spring 2006 Crossroads MissionIN HER OWN WORDS...
clear cut directions to remove my obsessionto drugs—the Twelve Steps. I completedthe Life Skills Program and earned myGED. I am now currently employed atJohnny Carino’s here in Yuma, and most
ildred & Russell have been volunteering at CrossroadsMission for more than 5 years!They both were born and raised in Nebraska and moved toArizona in 1964 because of Russell’s construction job. They havebeen married for 47 years and have 6 children and 4 grandchildren.Mildred and Russell only dated for about one month! She says itwas love at first sight!Currently, Mildred works full time as Special Events andPublic Relations Assistant. Russell picks up food donationseveryday from grocery stores, restaurants and other places.Mildred says that they both enjoy volunteeringsince they get to meet a lot of people and help out, plusthey get to get out of the house!Crossroads Mission salutes Mildred andRussell for their valuable contributions to ourdaily operations. Thank you and God bless you!
Crossroads Mission Salutes Mildred & Russell McNeal
“2005 Volunteers of the Year” 
importantly I now have a faith in JesusChrist to guide me.I can now state emphatically that“My name is Gina, and I am a Christian.”Thank you Crossroads Mission.
“While at the Mission I  finallystarted tosee a light at the end of thetunnel.”
- Gina
Crossroads Mission Spring 2006 Page 3
Congratulations to the 2005 Employees of the Year. Crossroads Mission salutes them for their excellent work and dedication.Tammy has been at Crossroads since March of 1999. She is our Human Resources Coordinator. Pat has been at Crossroads sinceJanuary of 2003. He is Crossroads’ Maintenance Coordinator. Thank you both and God bless you!
Crossroads Mission Salutes Tammy Bayne & Pat Cox
“2005 Employees of the Year” 
y name is Lisa F. and I am analcoholic. I was born inWisconsin and had as normal achildhood as most - a normal girl inschool, all of the normal thingsyoungsters do in Wisconsin. I graduatedfrom high school and promptly went intothe military, at age 18. While in themilitary I had the opportunity to beskilled in the profession of Environmental Science Technician.During my 6 years in the military I gotmarried (at age 22) and had two children,who are no 18 and 20.This marriage lasted about 7 years.I think I only stayed with him because of the children. Unfortunately, he wasneither nice to me nor the children. Soonafter I got out of this relationship, Ifound what I thought was my perfectmate and we got married. Thisrelationship lasted for the next 9 yearswhen he decided to leave me.When I was around 35, I stareddrinking heavily and continued untilAugust of 2004, when I entered the LifeSkills Program at Crossroads Mission. Iknow now that this was the best decisionI’ve ever made. After graduating in
The Opportunity to Get Her Life Back...
December, 2004 I thought I finally got“it”. However, I’ve now determinedthat I never really knew what “it” was.I’ve fallen off the proverbial wagontwice since I graduated and each time Ire-entered the Crossroads MissionDetox Center.The last time I went throughDetox was around four months ago. Inthese four or so months of sobrietyI’ve learned much more about myself than I had in the past, I’ve decided tostay at the Crossroads Mission FamilyShelter, and have started workingtoward a college degree inEnvironmental Sciences.Crossroads Mission has given meanother chance, and this time it trulydoes feel different. The atmosphere atthe Family Shelter, and the Mission asa whole I find extremely comfortableand suitable for me to work on mystudies. I truly believe that withoutCrossroads Mission’s help, none of this would have been possible.With the above said, I would liketo close by thanking Crossroads forgiving me the opportunity to get mylife back.
“After graduating in December, 2004 thought I finally got ‘it’. However, I’ve nowdetermined that I never reallyknew what ‘it’ was.”

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