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Transmission and Distribution

Transmission and Distribution

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Published by prabhjot singh1

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Published by: prabhjot singh1 on Sep 06, 2010
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1. A preferred relay scheme for transmission line protection consists of:(a) Time-graded over-current relays(b) Current-graded over-current relays(c) Mho-relays(d) Impedance relays Ans d2. In a transmission system the receivingend voltage can be maintained close tosending-end voltage by using:(a) Synchronous converter (b) Static or synchronous condensers(c) Static converter (d) None of these Ans b3. Mho relay is normally used for theprotection to transmission lines of:(a) Long lengths(b) Medium lengths(c) Short lengths(d) Any lengths Ans a4. Which of the following is not thetransmission voltage in india?(a) 66KV(b) 132KV(c) 275KV(d) 400KV Ans c5. Which of the following is usuallygenerating voltage in india(a) 11KV(b) 22KV(c) 33KV(d) 66KV Ans d6. Highest voltage for transmitting electricalpower in india(a) 800KV(b) 500KV(c) 765KV(d) 400KV Ans a7. Over head distribution line earth wirewhich runs along, is earthed at four equally spaced point during in every(a) 1.6 KM(b) 2.8KM(c) 5 KM(d) 10KM Ans a8. The principle reason for using highvoltage for power transmission is to:(a) Reduced the transmission line(b) Reduce the transmission loss(c) Make the system more reliable(d) To simplify the transmission of power  Ans b9. The advantage of D.C system over A.Csystem is:(a) Improved line regulation(b) No skin effect(c) No charging currents(d) All of above Ans b10. For high voltage application, the insulator used are of:(a) Suspension type(b) Pin type(c) Strain type(d) None of these Ans a11. The top most wire in a distribution line is:(a) Neutral wire(b) Earth wire(c) Phase wire(d) Any one of these Ans c12. In a power transmission line, the sagdepends upon:(a) Conductor material alone(b) Tension in conductors alone(c) Height of tower alone(d) All of these Ans d13. Conductors used in high voltagetransmission lines are stranded to:(a) Make it easy to handle(b) Reduced the cost(c) Increase the cost(d) Increase its conductivity(e) Increase its tensile strength
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 Ans a14. On a transmission line, when ever theconductors are dead ended or there inchange in the direction of transmissionline, the insulators used are:(a) Suspension type(b) Strain type(c) Pin type(d) None of these Ans b15. Ground wire is used:(a) To avoid over loading(b) To give good insulation(c) To connect a circuit conductor or other device to an earth plate(d) None of these Ans c16. The ground wire should not be smaller than:(a) No 6 copper (b) No 8 copper (c) No 10 copper (d) No 12 copper  Ans c17. Grounding is generally done intransmission line at:(a) The supply end(b) The receiving end(c) Middle of the line(d) None of these Ans a18. Earthing of transmission line is necessaryto provide protection against:(a) Over load(b) Electric shock(c) Voltage fluctuation(d) Temperature rise of conductors Ans b19. Thermal protection switch is providedpower line system to protect against:(a) Over load(b) Temperature rise(c) Short circuit(d) None of these Ans a20. Earthing switch is generally installed on:(a) Main board(b) Isolator frame(c) Circuit breaker frame(d) None of these Ans c21. Temperature increase produce thefollowing effect on a transmission line:(a) Tension of the conductor an d its sag(b) Tension of the conductor decreasingits sag increase(c) Tension of the conductor decreasingits sag increase(d) Tension the conductor increasing itssag decreases Ans c22. As per india standards, the crosssectional area of the neutral wire in a 3phase wire system is:(a) Twice that of phase conductor (b) Equal to that of a phase conductor (c) Half that of a phase conductor (d) One fourth that of a phase conductor  Ans d23. As per india standards, the permissiblerang of power supply frequency is:(a) 49.5 to 50.5 HZ(b) 49 to 51 HZ(c) 48.5 to 51.5 HZ(d) 48 to 52 HZ Ans d24. Rise of temperature of transmission line(a) Increases the stress and decrease thelength(b) Decreases the stress and increasethe length(c) Increase the stress and increase thelength(d) Decrease the stress and decrease thelength Ans b25. Lightning arrestier should be located:(a) Away from the circuit breaker (b) Near the circuit breaker (c) Away from the transformer (d) Near the transformer  Ans d26. Guy is attached to a transmission line
Page 3
pole to:(a) Reduce the sag(b) Hold the telephone line(c) Strength the pole(d) None of these Ans27. Overloading is mostly cause of fault is(a) Overload line equipment(b) Transmission equipment(c) Alternator equipment(d) None of these Ans b28. Between the power house and consumer,these are usually a number of transformation and switching station.These are called(a) Station transformer (b) Intermediate station(c) Substations(d) Switch fears Ans c29. From the consideration of cost andsafety, the outdoor substation areinstalled for voltage exceeding:(a) 6.6KV(b) 11KV(c) 33KV(d) 66KV Ans c30. ACSR is used for transmission of power in preference to copper conductorsbecause:(a) It is lighter (b) It is more economical(c) It has higher current carrying capacity(d) It can stand higher surge voltage Ans b31. Typical gap length of rod type surgediverter used for 132 KV line is:(a) 10 cm(b) 20 cm(c) 35 cm(d) 65 cm Ans d32. Batteries at a power sub-station are usedfor operating:(a) Circuit breaker (b) Relays(c) Trip circuit(d) All of these Ans c33. High voltage transmission line is used(a) To improve power factor (b) To reduce the capacity of generators(c) To minimize transmission losses(d) To avoid pilferage of power  Ans c34. In the transmission line, the wire aboveall the other wire is:(a) Red phase wire(b) Yellow phase wire(c) Blue phase wire(d) Earth wire Ans d35. In erection of 11 kv lines we provide earthwire which is made of:(a) Bare copper (b) All aluminium(c) G.S.S(d) A.C.S.R36. A distribution transmission sub-station islocated at a plane(a) Near to P.S.E.B office(b) Near to grid sub-station of P.S.E.B(c) Load center of the loads to beconnected(d) Near the farthest load37. A.C.S.R conductor is used for transmission of power, rather than copper conductor because:(a) It is lighter to transport(b) It is more economical(c) It can with stand surge voltage better (d) It has high current carrying capacity38. Shackle/bobbin insulators are used inerection of:(a) L.T line

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