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Winter 2007 Crossroads Mission Newsletter

Winter 2007 Crossroads Mission Newsletter

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Published by Crossroads Mission

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Published by: Crossroads Mission on Sep 06, 2010
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 News for Our Partners
 News for Our Partners
inter 06 Crossroads Mission Vol. 9, Issue 4
Winter 06 Crossroads Mission Vol. 9, Issue 4
Myra E. Garlit
Executive Director 
 A Hand-Up
hristmas is a big celebration at CrossroadsMission. So big that we can't do it all in oneday. In 2002, we expanded our Christmas andThanksgiving festivities from one day to three days.Since then, we have held the 3 Days of Celebration.During the
rst day we serve a delicious Mexican meal,on the second day we serve a roast beef banquet withall the trimmings, and
nally on the third day we offer atraditional turkey meal.Just as we did in the Thanksgiving Celebration, thisyear we expect to serve approximately 1,800 meals inthree days. It's a lot of work and preparation. These areour biggest events of the year. There is no doubt thatwithout the help of our volunteers and supporters wewould not be able to take on such huge endeavors.Our sincere thanks to our many caring friends thatsupport us!
3 Days
of Celebration!
At the 2005celebration
The Season for Giving
The Season for Giving
A special thank you to our many friends who shared withCrossroads during this Season of Giving! One of thosefriends is
KCFY FM 88.1
, Christian radio station. Theirgoal was to collect a ton of coffee and they successfullycollected more than 600 cans for us. Thanks to them wehad plenty of coffee during the Thanksgiving celebrationand plenty more! (Right: Greg Myers from KCFY & GordonBlock from Crossroads pose with some of the coffee.)Look inside to
nd out how others are also giving.
Season’sGreetings toeveryone. Ivisited theMen’s Shelterlast eveningduring theeveningmeal.When Idrove upto the frontof the shelter, I was struck withthe number of men who wereoutside the front of the shelter.Many had eaten and were talkingor waiting for bed sign in. A manin a wheel chair called to me. Hewas probably in his early to midsixties. He wanted to tell me howmuch he appreciated the shelter.He said that he was very weak andcould not work any longer. Hewas hopeful that he was going tobe better in a few days and go back to work. I asked him to check in with the doctor at our healthclinic because he had a place onhis face that looked like cancer.He replied that he was sure it wasbut he probably wouldn’t stay thatlong. I recognized the young manwho spoke to me next. I hadn’tseen him for a while. He told methat he had been to prison for twoyears and he was so glad to be out.He said that he was thankful forthe Mission and that he had someplace to go. He had been throughour recovery program, had relapsedand paid the ultimate price for thatrelapse. He had been job huntingand was sure that he would becalled the next day. He wants topay child support. There were morethan 100 men in front of the shelterthis night. Many wouldn’t havea bed but would sleep on mats inthe chapel to get away from thesecool desert nights. Every man hada story. Yes, some of them accepttheir way of life but most of themwant to make a change. That’swhat we do here at Crossroads isoffer men, women, and familiessolutions. We call it “hand up nota hand out.” Thank you for givingthis past year. We are truly gratefulfor each of you!
Page 2 Winter 2006 Crossroads Mission
onths ago,several agenciesbanded together to forma community coalitionto combat the plague of methamphetamines in ourcommunity. CrossroadsMission was one of thoseagencies. Together, theyformed The Meth NukeGroup.As part of theircommitment to inform aboutthe dangers of the drug, theMeth Nuke Group held aconference at the MartinLuther King building onOctober 19, 2006. About200 concerned citizensand professionals attendedthe conference. In it,
vecommittees were formed tocontinue the
ght againstthe very addicting, verydebilitating drug.Crossroads Missionsupports this worthy projectbecause we see the sufferingon a
rst-hand basis. Now,you are invited to participateas a committee member onany of the committees. Thecommittees are Prevention,Education, Treatment,Enforcement and Victims.The committees will bemeeting in the near future tocontinue this battle for ourchildren, spouses, and lovedones who fall prey to the use
In the Fight AgainstMethamphetamines
of this drug.For more information onthese committees or if youwould like to sign up toparticipate on one of them,please call Susie at726-0491, Ext. 10.
“My name is JoeAnnMarcantel and I’m a 48 yearold recovering drug addict. Ispent 15 years actively usinguntil I was arrested almostfour years ago. My motherhelped me in acquiring astrong program with thehelp of N.A. I was put inthe Drug Court program twoyears ago and have sincegraduated and been releasedfrom probation. I’ve stayedinvolved in the alumni of DrugCourt and hold the position of President.Working for CrossroadsMission has allowed me togive back what was so fullygiven to me, and I praise Godevery day for giving me thisopportunity.For three years and 7 monthsI have been free of drugs andfor me life is now great.”
Crossroads Missionis probably the safest environment to work for anyone in recovery. We are proud to give opportunities toskilled people who are re-entering the work force. Our strict no tolerance policiesagainst drugs and alcoholoffer a safety net to those whoneed it.
JoeAnn Marcantel
Family Shelter Supervisor/Case Mgr.
The Opportunity to Give Back at CRM
Participant’s Name: _______________________________________________________ Social Security # ____________________
 Last Name First Name MI (For Tax Records Only)
Address: _______________________________________ City, State, Zip: ______________________ Phone # _______________
The maximum Arizona State tax credit is $400 per year, which is determined on the base you established previously, in donating to charitable nonpro
torganizations. These donations are pursuant to A.R.S. Section 43-1088. Donations must be postmarked or delivered to Crossroads Mission byDecember 31, 2006 to be claimed as a credit for this year. Participating donations will be used for covering general expenses of Crossroads Mission, a501 C(3) organization. Our administrative costs are less than 10%.
Amount: ______________________ Check Number: ________________
Crossroads Mission Winter 2006 Page 3
will be gone shortly. It won’t belong before we start
ling our taxesfor this year. Remember that A.R.S. Section 43-1088,designed to help the working poor, is still in place.This allows you to donate up to $400 to CrossroadsMission when
ling jointly, and $200 for single
ling,and declare it as a tax credit on your state taxes. That’sright! You can receive up to $400 back from Arizona
There is Still Time to Get a Tax Credit! 
You Can Receive an Arizona Tax Credit of Up to $400
as a tax refund when you itemize your deductions. Youdo need to have paid to Arizona at least the amount youdonate.There is still time to plan for your 2006 income taxreturn. Send your donation along with this completedform today!
For more information call Bill Sr. at (928)726-0491, Ext. 22. Remember the deadline:December 31, 2006.
MAIL TO: Crossroads MissionP.O Box 1161, Yuma, AZ 85366-1161
“My name is JessicaHerrera and I am astudent at NorthernArizona University inYuma studying to bea social worker. I amworking at CrossroadsMission in order to work towards my life goal: tohelp people. My fatherand my uncle are bothemployed at CrossroadsMission so I
gured itwas a good place to be!I know from my familyand social experienceswhat alcohol and drugscan do to a family andan individual and I wantto somehow help to stopit. Crossroads Mission isgiving me a great start inmy carreer in the socialhelp
eld and also givingme an opportunity tohelp someone, someway,somehow.”
Crossraods Mission is proud to offer learningopportunities to students of our community. We oftengive students like Jessicainternships that expand their understanding of thesocial problems of Yuma.They get to experience reallife situations, and oftenget to see real life solutionsthat lead to success.
Jessica Herrera
Family Shelter Supervisor/Case Mgr.
Crossroads Mission: A Good Place to Be!

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