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2009 March - April Path of Citrus County Newsletter

2009 March - April Path of Citrus County Newsletter

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Published by: Path of Citrus County on Sep 06, 2010
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Diamonds in the Rough
“Diamonds in the rough”: that is how Malissa, Crystal and Melanie describe them-selves. All three are in their twenties. Rough, turbulent beginnings—and now, shelteredat The Path together, undergoing positive transformation in their new walk with Christ.In spite of losing parents at young ages, battles with poor choices and self-destructive behaviors, these young women are finding courage, hope and strength together.
Seeing them through eyes of love, patience and a little bit of time to absorb their new life at The Path,you catch a glimpse of the beauty and possibilities within them. Consider the significance of Christ’s death onthe cross, His glorious resurrection, the hope and peace we all have available to us, as they share how The Pathhas changed them:
Before The Path:Weak Today: Still weak— but a little strongerthan before
“Growing up was … well,tough. My father was hardto get along with and mademe feel invisible. I was ok until my mom passedaway four years ago. Af-ter that, I stopped feelinganything but pain and an-ger and I kept it all inside. Rebecca(Women’s Administrator) tells me Ihave to open up and let it out. It’shard. If there was one thing I couldchange about my life, it would be tohave my mom back. Since coming toThe Path, people show me
March/ April 2009
 A Publication of The Path of Citrus County * www.pathofcitrus.org * Issue 2 - Volume 3 
“Dear friends, now we arechildren of God, and what we will be has not yet beenmade known. But we know that when He appears, we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is.” 
 —1 John 3:2 NIV — 
Before The Path: LostToday: Renewed
“My mom has been gone for two yearsnow. What I have learned is to tell your mom how much you love her because itmay be the last time. I wish I could tellher how much I loved her, and that in theend she made up for not being aroundwhen I was younger. This makes methink about my role as a mom. I regretnot having my kids with me right now.Looking back, there are many things Iwish I could change... At The Path,I’ve learned
Before The Path: Trust no one!Today: Filled with hope
“My birth mother abandoned me and mysister at a very young age, and we were placed in foster care. My foster mother adopted us both and raised us. But I wasvery stubborn and rebellious. I refusedto listen to anybody. I did some hurtfulthings to my (adopted) mom and endedup leaving home and living on thestreets. What I would change about mylife was being such a pain and not keepingmy mouth shut, causing so much trouble. My mom was onlytrying to help me, and I kept pushing her away. While at ThePath, I’m beginning to understand
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 The Path SpotlightDirector’s CornerCyclist Raises FundsPath for Hire
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how strong I am. I’ve realized that God can change anyone.”Malissa is encouraged by Rebecca, Kristy (Path office manager) andother staff new to their Christian life, acquainted with custody or visita-tion issues, and separationfrom their children. Her new goal is to become aCertified Nurse’s Assistant(CNA) this spring.
Remember Robin? She was featured in our newsletter last fall. Today, Robin has successfully graduated from The Path’s program. Sheis employed, and has found a mutually beneficial living arrangement here in our community.An elderly member of a local church needed assistance with driving at night and help aroundthe house. Robin needed a good home for herself and her daughter, with an environment promoting her continued progress and renewed Christian faith. Today they regularly attendchurch together and Robin is about to become a new member. It was a match made inheaven!
If you know of someone who might benefit from a similarlive-in arrangement, please call 527-6500.
Home Sweet Home
(continued from cover)
what my mom was going through. Before The Path, Ifound my answers in drugs and alcohol. Now I know Idon’t need those. The Bible helps me with my relation-ships. At first, I turned away from Christ. The hardestthing for me was to drop everything and surrender. Now that I have? God is awesome!”Crystal is job-searching, and continues torebuild her relationship with her mom.She has been drug and alcohol free for over four months. At The Path, she chal-lenged herself to quit smoking. Crystalhas been cigarette-free for 35 days.
(continued from cover)
 that I have a Father upstairs who cares about me. I’m stilllearning who God is, and I struggle with understandingthat I have a loving Father in Jesus and a ‘family’ inChrist who loves me, too. Rebecca and Kristy havehelped by sharing their own experiences with family con-flicts and loss of a parent.”Melanie is cautiously optimistic, but smiles more eachday. With support from The Path’s individual and groupcounseling, and loving guidance from her “Path Family,she begins the healing process from her painful past. Next to the picture of Jesus taped above her bed is a pieceof paper with “March 2 at 10:15pm” written on it. It’s theday Melanie gave her heart to the Lord and was saved.
Malissa, Crystal and Melanie offer these words to anyone walking a similar path:
“Take one day at a time. God is awesome and He can use us all to help others. Don’t follow in our  past life’s footsteps—stay strong, and don’t let the bad choices win. If we can make it, so can you!”With Christ’s help and your generous gifts of love, we will continue our mission to rescue the many“diamonds in the rough” like them.
God bless you for your part in their lives.
Malissa’s StoryCrystal’s StoryMelanie’sStory
Citrus Countyresident
Julia Michael
(pictured left) again cycled126 miles to complete JOY FM’s 2009 Bike Ride for the Home-less on February 20-21. Julia shared her past firsthand experi-ence with homelessness in an interview on JOY FM. Today,with Christ in her life Julia has changed dramatically and desiresto use her experience with homelessness as an example of hope.She chose to ride for The Path because she had met many peo- ple from our mission at her Wednesdayevening church services. When shelearned of the JOY FM Bike Ride, shewanted to help. “It seemed to me thatThe Path wasn't just about giving hand-outs but truly giving a hand up: Doingwhat God says we are to do— give tothe poor, the homeless, the hungry, thewidows and the children.”
Thank you, Julia, for blessing The Path with over $500!
 Dear Friends of The Path,
t’s true. We get the people no oneelse wants. Parole officers, spouses, mothers, the judicial and mental health systems—all havewritten off the many people who come through our doors.
ut I’ll tell you who hasn’t written them off: JesusChrist. The Bible tells the story of a master who sent his servant to “go out quickly into the streets and lanes of thecity, and bring in here the poor, the crippled, the lameand the blind.” Sounds like our team here at The Path...
hat’s why Easter is such a great time to reach out withGod’s love. Especially this year. We can offer hopewhen others have turned their backs, walked away and locked the door. It gives us an opportunity to tell othersabout Jesus and salvation.
’d like to extend a challenge to you: we have found three buildings that could greatly expand the shelter and our services to many more like Malissa, Crystal and Melanie. With these buildings, we have the opportunityto create jobs and safe places for them to stay. Won’t  you consider investing in these purchases?
our return on investment is eternal.
 In His Service,
 DuWayne Sipper, Executive Director 
Director’s Corner
“I will be your God throughall your lifetime…I made you and I willcare for you.”
Isaiah 46:4 TLB 
Cclis Rises unds
Special Thanks to All Our Volunteers
Thank you hardly seems enough for the wonderful people who con-tribute their time, faith, special skills and talents—and yes, eventheir building space--to help make a better life for the men, womenand children who find shelter at our mission. You are well-loved and appreciated for all you do!
 The Path Spotlight

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