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Herbal Med 2

Herbal Med 2

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Published by Yoyie May Guillang

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Published by: Yoyie May Guillang on Sep 06, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Other Name:
(Katanda-Tagalog, AndadasiIlocos,Palochina-Visayas, Ringworm Bush or shrub -English)
Akapulkoor Acapulco in English is a shrubfound throughout the Philippines. The shrubgrows about one to two meters tall. It hasthick branches and the leaves are embracedwith 8 to 20 leaflets that are oblong-elliptical in shape. The flowers of theAkapulkohave oblong sepals, and its fruitsare tetragonal, which are also winged andglabrous. A medicinal herb that containschrysophanicacid, a fungicide used to treatfungal infections and laxative that is usefulin expelling intestinal parasites.The primary part used for herbal purposesare the leaves, although the roots andflowers are also used for certainpreparations with medicinal value. Theextracts from the Akapulkoplant iscommonly used as an ingredient for lotions,soaps, and shampoos.
enefits & Treatment of AkapulkoExternal Use:
Treatment of skin diseases (Tineainfections, insect bites, ringworms,eczema, scabies and itchiness) Mouthwash in stomatitis
nternal use:
Expectorant for bronchitis anddyspnoea Alleviation of asthma symptoms Used as diuretic and purgative For cough & fever As a laxative to expel intestinalparasites and other stomach problems.
: A strong decoction of Akapulkoleaves is an abortifacient. Pregnantwomen should not take decoction of the leaves or any part of this plant.
reparation & Use:
 For external use, pound the leaves of theAkapulkoplant, squeeze the juice and applyon affected areas. As the expectorant for bronchitis anddyspnoea, drink decoction (soak and boil for10 to 15 minutes) of Akapulkoleaves. Thesame preparation may be used as amouthwash, stringent, and wash foreczema. As laxative, cut the plant parts (roots,flowers, and the leaves) into a manageablesize then prepare a decoction Note: Thedecoction looses its potency if not used fora long time. Dispose leftovers after one day. The pounded leaves of Akapulkohaspurgative functions, specifically againstringworms.It should be noted that the pounded leavesof this plant may be applied thinly on theaffected part twice a day. Markedimprovement may be expected after two tothree weeks of continuous application tothe affected area(s) where the preparedAkapulkoleaves were applied.
Other Name:
(MargosoTagalog, PaliaVisayas, Bitter Gourd English)
Ampalayais a climbing vine and the tendrilsof which grow up to 20 centimeters long.Ampalayaleaves are heart-shaped, whichare 5 to 10 centimeters in diameter. Thefruits of the ampalayavine are fleshy greenwith pointed ends at length. It can never bemistaken for any other variety because itsribbed and wrinkled surface had alwaysbeen ampalayasdistinct physical structure.The bitter taste of the ampalayafruit hadalso been the distinguishing factor from therest of the fruits with medicinal value, andthis is due to the presence of a substanceknown as momorcidin.Ampalayacontains a mixture of flavanoidsand alkaloids make the Pancreas producemore insulin that controls the blood sugar indiabetics. Aside from Ampalaya'smedicinalvalue, it is good source of vitamins A, B andC, iron, folic acid, phosphorous and calcium.
enefits and Treatment of Ampalaya:
ood for rheumatism and gout And diseases of the spleen and liver Aids in lowering blood sugar levels Helps in lowering blood pressure Relives headaches Disinfects and heals wounds & burns Can be used as a cough & feverremedy Treatment of intestinal worms,diarrhea Helps prevent some types of cancer Enhances immune system to fightinfection For treatment of hemorrhoids Is an antioxidant and parasiticide Is antibacterial and antipyretic
reparation & Use of Ampalaya:Diabetes
. Ampalayafruits and leaves can beeaten as vegetable. Ampalayatablets andcapsules are also now available in thePhilippines.
. Powdered leaves and rootdecoction of Ampalayaare applied tohemorrhoids as astringent.
. Ampalayaleaf juice is usedto expel intestinal parasites, treat dysentery,diarrhea, and chronic colitis.
rounded seedsmay also be used. Taken in a spoonfull3x a dayuntil ailment subsides.
. Ampalayaleaf juice is used for mildcoughs for children. Administered in ateaspoon 3x a day.
urns, Scalds and Wounds
. Pounded Ampalayaseeds or leaf are used to treat burns, scalds andwounds.Other acclaimed uses are for the treatment of HIV, hypertension, treatment of fever andheadaches, treatment of rheumatism and gout,disease of the spleen and liver.
In large dozes, pure Ampalayajuice canbe a purgative and abortifacient.

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