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Newton Man Helps Save New Hampshire Hiker

Newton Man Helps Save New Hampshire Hiker

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Published by Laura Maas

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Published by: Laura Maas on Sep 06, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Newton man helps save New Hampshire hikerBy Laura Paine
 Wicked Local Newton Posted Aug 06, 2010 @ 05:35 PM Newton ² A West Newton man has been credited for helping save the life of a hiker who almost fellto his death during a trek this week the New Hampshire woods.Around 2 p.m. on Aug. 4, Jason Cohen and four friends came to the rescue of Devin Arn, 24, a New Hampshire native.Arn was hiking alone and lost his footing on a path, sending him down a ³steep, wet, rock face´near Silver Cascade, New Hampshire.Cohen, 21, and his friends are counselors at West End House Camp in East Parsonfield. Theywere on their way back to camp when they decided to stop at the waterfall near Silver Cascade, New Hampshire.³We decided to go up the trail about 100 yards or so from the road,´ Cohen said. ³As we weresitting where the waterfall leveled off, this man who was 60 feet above us tumbled down towhere we were and his head was hanging over the edge. Blood was coming out of his head. Wecalled 911 and helped him until they got there.´Cohen is an EMT for Southern Madison County Volunteer Ambulance Corps and though he didnot have is usual resources available to him, he knew they wanted to keep him as still as possibleand to cover the wound until help arrived.³Neither of those were possible because his wound was on his head, which we could not reachsafely and when he started waking up we couldn¶t keep him in the same spot safely because hewould have rolled over the edge or pushed one of us over the edge,´ Cohen said.The men moved him five or six feet and were able to cover the wound with a t-shirt.³(We) did our best to keep him still but he was very strong and we couldn¶t prevent him fromrolling over a couple of times,´ Cohen said.The group stayed with Arn until medical personnel arrived to the scene and assisted intransporting the injured man to the waiting ambulance.³When it was going on, there wasn¶t much that I could think about,´ Cohen said. ³I didn¶t startto worry until the rescue team took over and I could really gather my thoughts. I started picturinghim rolling down the rocks again, flying passed my friends and thinking how easily he couldhave been one foot closer to them and taken one of them with him.´

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