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Published by Mother God Amon Ra
Love is Marching On, Please Share the News!
Love is Marching On, Please Share the News!

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Published by: Mother God Amon Ra on Sep 06, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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~Galactic Free Press~ 9/6/10Your Unique Newspaper, for Your 5D Reality Reading Pleasure The world is flat, and The Planet is round. 2Dimensional thought, that is flat.3Dimensional thought, not as flat. You can take quantum leaps from there. 2d-thought=world, Multi-Dimensional Thought=Planet Earth. It's Brilliant!What We give to Humanity, is their Humanity. That is their God Nature, and theyare missing it? Gosh, I better check in. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDPwtRY-G_Q&feature=relatedIn Your Eyes, Ben HarperHumanity has been enslaving themselves in an illusion. Now, they're walking around denying that it is an illusion. We look at Humanity and wonder Why a Hu=God,Man=Manifestation, Being Present would do something like that. Present is the Key, in Aqui.See, what happened on Planet Earth was a subtle attempt to rewire something thatdid not need rewiring... or maybe it just got short circuited. Everything donein this way was just on the surface, but to actually see the surface you have togo deeper, this is where Consciousness exists, that deeper. We Came here to give Humanity All They Are, and sometimes we have to scratch our heads and wonderwhy so many still do not get it... to Love it's obvious. Right Now the Planet ispinging Humanity, through their Consciousness, to feel her and hear her. You have to go deep, and You will also find Us there, equally so.Humanity needed a challenge of “most of all”, so We told Humanity their challenge was nothing. Figure that would Grow them Up Pretty Quick. Their challenge was nothing, their Awakening is Everything.The Human Body Hologram is a Creational work of art, and the Planet's Magic. Weare rewiring it back into the Original design.The only thing that humanity has done wrong is that they could not find nothing.Humanity needs to lose their past so that they can prepare to have a living Present, it does require all their attention, and they are worth it!The ego is always going to attempt to question reality, or completely avoid it at all costs. We have watched that, up close and personal. We call it running with heels and elbows flying.Even though We have observed those running away from Love, We understand the Truth. It does not matter if they run how far they run, there is only The Truth, that The Inevitable Awakening is upon them.In reality, if there is darkness, why would you create it? We did not create darkness. We cannot even say that darkness created darkness, because We have yet tosee it. You can observe ignorance though, and We have seen quite a bit on thisPlanet.End TransmissionLove Unconditional Father~MotherGodAbraham Hicks Now, We are Freehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFGac0hhM90&feature=player_embedded
~Letters to the Editors with a Response Letter from Us~As an ordinary human, I find it strange that I am writing this letter.You are " Mother God", so you claim., so I don't know where your heads at.On this planet, if you address anybody by that title, people writeyou off as a nutcase. Sometimes I feel like, maybe they're right.I have no reason to doubt you except that, number one, I never evenconsidered such a being and number 2, how can I really know even ifyou are?It's all very frustrating. I am almost twice your age and it all justdoesn't make sense.Yet, I resonate with what you do here and I am happy that itshappening! It's all very strange, as I said.My life at the moment is very stagnant. I am in the "I don't knowwhat to do" zone, if you ever lived there.I even hate to write this stuff, because it seems to violate thepositive thinking boundaries.I am just an elated melancholy man. How's that for a paradox?I know things will get better, but the anxiety of the moment is difficult.I know, I know, just live in the Now and it will be alright.If only whatever misinterprets that in me would get it, it would be good.Enough for now. Love you AllI know I lost the one I love because of my extreme views, regardlessif I ever spoke of them. It was just my actions and what I projectedthat scared her. I am a very gentle man and never mean harm, but Iknow I am very non conventional in my ways of relating to people.Living in a world that considers public declaration of love as theanswer is no easy task. At least in my experience. Religion has beena big factor in my life when I thought I was right.Our Response:Dearest Anonymous,You are trying to figure things out with your left brain, and the left brain causes chaos, conflict, confusion, and makes everything complicated. You see we could care less if you "believe" who we are. It does not matter, because once you Really See You, We are An Automatic recognition. There are others who have already had this experience, you will just have to ask them about it yourself. The Ones that Know who they Truly are, Know Us as Well.We Now wonder if you really have read our information, because We share the Truth, In its Most Simplest Form, and we share it freely and unconditionally. Your left brain tries to analyze the information, and it takes you a while to read themessages, cause your too busy being distracted by your left brain. Thus confusion sets in.
By writing to us, this is your True Being's Call for Help, and We Honor that Completely. You have shown us your unconsciousness so that it can be healed, Bravo.In doing that, you also shared where many others are at on their journey's so that we can help.WE have been Sharing the Love and Truth for Years Now, Saying that We are here.WE have assisted in helping many through the illusion, and some turned and ran.We Are still here though, and We cannot Leave this Planet until Everyone is Awake, and remembers they a Just Love.We have watched already another being choose their ego, over the Real Truth. They chose fantasy land, which is the illusion that is crumbling. We are not looking for followers, we are looking for co-creators in love, equally with Us. Just like Father God and I Co-Create the Newspaper, speaking for the Universe, The Planet, and Humanity. Our Truth is the Truth of Oneness, its obvious to us you havenot got that yet and how would we know that?The ego cannot love, its not love, it's emptiness, its unconscious. The Being inside would like to wake Up, and So that's Why we are Here. Thats a Yep and Its True.We Love You Unconditionally, and We wait at the Gates of Heaven to Greet you asYou Awaken. Love Mother and Father GodPS. There is no such thing as an ordinary being, there are a whole lot of Extra-Ordinary Humans and We Call Them Gods!! PPS. They [ the illuminati] took MotherGod out of the bible, conveniently and then decided to turn Father God into a tyrant, lol, instead of the Truth, Of ALL Loving!!IF I AM A GOD?poem by AnaShyNa Love Reporter PredragDo you feel is there anything wrong with this question?I BELIVE there is nothing wrong to this question. Only difference is in the answers you are going to give to your self.If you have even a slight doubt that you can't take this responsibility in yourhands, this is giving you great answer who you really are. If you do not even dare to answer this question, you probably think about yourself following: 
THAT you are not fully entitled to take this title of Godlikeness even for a couple of moments of your life;
THAT you rather give others your life to make any and all decisions "necessary" for You; 
THAT you are not brave enough to start Loving Yourself, even for a short moment; 
THAT your mind and emotions are actually not Yours at all;
THAT you are not imaginative enough to be able to solve any situation for all Humanity here on Earth; 
THAT, maybe, you could bring some of the answers to the front, and write them down, but only as anonymous;
THAT your answers are not technically advanced or SPIRITUALLY sophisticated;
THAT all your "PRIVATE" thoughts should stay private, as others could ridicule you, starting from family to unknowns on internet;
THAT you do not want to be stripped of only private thing, your very private and secretive thought; 
THAT even you share these thoughts, you will realize there are millions of souls, all over the internet with almost IDENTICAL THOUGHT, THOUGHT OF SOLUTION;
THAT even all members of your family have the same THOUGHT;

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