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De-mystifying The Mechanics of Magick

De-mystifying The Mechanics of Magick

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An explaination for the layman regarding the clarification on definitions of magick in the occult context, and in magickal studies.
An explaination for the layman regarding the clarification on definitions of magick in the occult context, and in magickal studies.

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Published by: (Administrator) on Sep 07, 2010
Copyright:Public Domain


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De-mystifying The Mechanics of Magick
There is absolutely no reason to put esoteric information into code, metaphor, orindecipherable symbols anymore. Much has been written in the occult of the pastcenturies but too much of it goes over the heads of the layman.It is time to demystify the obvious and visit briefly in this treatise what exactly ishappening in the real world and not in the limited box of unreality most people dreamabout to live their lives in.
Magick - a
term coined within the last century,
is a modern and often misunderstoodname for any natural change
. Plain and simple.Nature has it's own laws and principles and there are many different planes anddimensions that make up the natural universe/multi-verse we exist within.If there exists any fundamental rule of life, it goes as follows:
 You are born with free will; However, you can not act outside of the rules of nature's program whichyou belong to.
The laws of nature differ between dimensions and planes of existence and all “magickal” operations, all process' of change and transformation, occur within the laws of nature of the particular dimension in which they exist.Correctly understood, if anything is to transform or be made anew it must occur withinthe parameters of a particular natural law owing to the dimension said thing existswithin.Now let it be understood to the student, that the terms
, or
and etc...
these are definitions used when people do not understand a particularnatural law or parameter of natural operation. This illustrates how those individuals arecompletely unaware or ignorant of any other dimension to reality besides the physicalplane.There is the law of 
cause and consequence
within natural operation.This cause-and-effect is the mechanical operation of magick.This is a
which flows mathematically from the Divine (or “
source of nature” 
if you prefer).The force that initiates change is Will;
. No big secret there, now realize howeverthat the strength of willpower can range from simple obligation to powerful drive orpassion to create.The magician is the one who understands the tools they have at their own disposal,meaning all the different psycho-spiritual elements within themselves. A good example ishow the element of emotion can amp the will or intent for the desired result.
Creative change happens directed by our own inner will or the will of that which isexternal to us (nature's program, as example, which is generated from the Divine).There exists a delicate equilibrium between the
that is the natural multi-verse and the
that is the world inside us. What is external to us holds bearingon the inner changes within and thus it is that equally what us people carry withinourselves gets reflected outwards into the environment around us.Nonetheless, the operation of causing change and transformation is a natural principle,whether it be by our own will or of something else, or of someone else.It is only through understanding the nature of consequence that we come to comprehendwhy something changed and what caused it to do so. We have to learn to see
.If you want to change something, by your own will, you have to understand what it isand how it can be affected in order for it to transform or be changed. You have tounderstand what specific effect will produce a particular change when acted upon by anoutside or internal force.You may have an idea, for example, and you want to make something.You then gather anything you might need to exact that idea or create it; Whatever toolsused to materialize your idea into our atomic, Euclidean third-dimension.This is the creative act under will, of uniting
(an idea) with
(anobject or thing).Even an emotion can be evoked or created in some way through some conduit like thus:You brought a thing from the mental dimension, through understanding it's cause, andcreated a corresponding associative emotion to manifest in the astral which then has it'sown physical effects seen as a response in an individual.No doubt there are these occult principles applied with advertisements and politicalpropaganda now days but the more conscious one is of these occult principles, then thebetter one can take measures for defending themselves against them.Let it be clarified:
is better defined as -
causing a conscious change
.This is because we are only referring to that which is changed/transformed through theconscious
of an individual and not solely through mechanical operation of nature(although it is the will of the individual at times to exploit and manipulate nature'smechanical law in order to cause change).All the tools to accomplish this are different to varying degrees among individuals,cultures, traditions, etc...Western magickal operations usually differ from Eastern traditions however they oftenretain some original elements but throw in a mix of other things as well.Again, when people don't understand why something happened, why something changedor transformed, they call it
“mystical, magical, metaphysical, miraculous” 
and all othersorts of names to try and conjure the idea of something taking place which transcendsthe average human comprehension.

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