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November 2008 Anchorage Gospel Rescue Mission Newsletter

November 2008 Anchorage Gospel Rescue Mission Newsletter

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Published by: Anchorage Gospel Rescue Mission on Sep 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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David M. Williams
Program Director
Larry Aldrich
Operations Manager
Randy Hess
Maintenance Supervisor
Larry O’ConnorGreg MannRoger KleinDonn BakerJohn Lofquist
Client Supervisors
David McKnight
Van Driver
Solomona Talivaa
Anthony Boone
Neil Givens
Learning Center
Darlene Whaley
Kitchen Manager
 Anchorage Gospel Rescue Mission A Ministry of Rescue & Recovery 
A publication of the Anchorage Gospel Rescue Mission • Anchorage, Alaska
   n  o   v   e   m   b   e   r
   2   0   0   8
   r   e   s  c   u   e
  t h a n k s g i v i n g
A Time To Be Thankful—A Time To Share
here did the time go? I cannot believe that it has already been a wholeyear since I was wrote the last Thanksgiving newsletter! I want to takethis opportunity to
Thank You
for all of your help through this last year.Your prayers,
nancial support, in-kind gifts and time volunteered to help withsome of the many things that have to be done, We are indeed thankful.However, the day is drawing near, it seems like each year the time goes byfaster and faster. Actually we do look forward to the holidays, always with alittle anxiety and apprehension. We try to anticipate how many people we willserve, how much food it will take or money to sponsor the event and make it areal success. This year it is a real challenge because of the economic conditionsand more and more people coming to the city, it presents a real problem. We willserve everyone that comes to the Mission one way or another. We do not countsuccess by how many we serve, but by how many we had the opportunity to sharethe Gospel with and how many came to know Him as their Savior as a results of our Chapel service and personal witnessing.But, we do need help with food for our Thanksgiving dinner and for your“volunteer help”
(opportunities for you to serve are listed in the Directors Deskpage of this newsletter).
Many people would be without a Thanksgiving Dinnerif it were not for the Mission providing it. We want to continue to be the outlet tohelp people during this season and we need
 special needs for thanksgiving
Thanksgiving Dinner will be served on
November 26, from 3 to 5:30 PM)
Lots and Lots of Turkeys – Stuf 
ng Mix – Cranberry SauceGreen Beans – Corn – Instant Mashed Potatoes—Onions – Celery – Fruit Cocktail – Dinner RollsCanned Sweet Potatoes – Marshmallows – PumpkinApple and Pecan Pie.
 We invite you to visit us on the web ordrop us an E-mail with your commentsand suggestions
Hello! As the newest member of the Anchorage GospelRescue Missions staff, I would like to introduce myself.My name is Darlene Whaley and I am a volunteer withAmeriCorps. My duty assignment is Kitchen ProgramTraining Manager and I am responsible for the dailyactivities of food production and instructing “
participants in their quest to gain meaningful employmentupon graduating from the program. I am instrumental inhelping them in obtaining the necessary certi
cationsfor employment in the culinary
eld, I also assist incomposing resumes and cover letters, and conducting jobsearches. I secure guests speakers to present informationon relevant issues such as anger management, life skills,how to conduct job interviews, workplace ethics andnutrition and health.My quali
cations include owning and operating tworestaurants, twenty years comprehensive experience withthe management of staff, preparation and cooking of meals in the restaurant, catering and oil
eld environment.I was involved in the selection and training of staff, menuplanning and design, procurement, inventory control andfood and labor cost. I also have eleven years managementexperience with Alaska Airlines I am currently attendingWayland Baptist University seeking a degree inOccupational Education. I have signed up for a year of service at the mission and my 90-day probation periodwill be over October 28
.The kitchen staff I am honored to work with performs undersome very challenging conditions. Menus can changeat any moment as we are dependent on the kindness of those who donate food items and equipment.. Food mustbe constantly accessed, rotated and used according to itscondition. We are forced to become very resourceful inour culinary creations. This is a positive occurrence. I amblessed to have some very skilled chef’s in the kitchen tohelp guide the less trained. When the “
” Disciplesset forth in the community to contribute their knowledgeand skills, they will have an advantage over those trainedwith limitless products at their disposal. They will beable to accomplish creative menu planning with whatis on hand They also succeed to create delicious meals,using less than perfect equipment. Our ovens are quite achallenge. They are hot in the back, cooler in the frontand vary over 100 degrees in temperature. I am certainlynot complaining. We are blessed by the kindness of othersand we are thankful for all the equipment donations wereceive. We utilize everything and make it work.The
rst assignment a Disciple Trainee is given is thekitchen, so I have the responsibility to welcome themand begen the training. The most dif 
cult part of myassignment is losing Disciples. Some chose to return totheir former lives, and I somehow feel I have failed them.This is a dilemma all new staffers experience and mustseek to overcome.I am extremely thankful that I have the opportunity towork with this group of people. I would recommend and/ or hire each and every one of them, given the opportunity.Our kitchen is shining clean and great care is taken tomeet all of the health codes. Please consider donatingany useable items to our culinary program. The moreequipment we have for training, the better quali
ed theywill become. The more varied food products they haveto utilize, the more pro
cient they will become. Feel freeto come in and donate your time in the kitchen. You canassist in serving meals and daily clean-up. I am lookingforward to meeting you. Just pop in the kitchen and wewill give you the grand tour.
   k   i   t  c   h   e   n    u   p   d  a   t   e
   D  a  r   l  e  n  e    W   h  a   l  e  y
   d   i   r   e  c   t  o   r   ’   s    d   e   s   k
   R  e  v.    D  o  n    B  e  t  t   i  s
We are offering the followingopportunities for YOU to helpYOUR Rescue Mission thisThankgiving.
Our Volunteer Coordinator
Jeanne Lutz—Phone 278-9679,
needs volunteers of individualsand families that can make the followingcommitments of time on Wednesday November26
Team 1
Prepare food and decorate facilityfor the Thanksgiving meal
– To be served onWednesday, November 26
(Not Thursday).
 Need a commitment of 4 consecutive hoursbeginning in the morning.
Team 2
– Serve the refreshments, meal,dessert and clean up of facilities at theclose
– Wednesday, November November 26
(Not Thursday).
Need a commitment of 5consecutive hours beginning in the afternoon.
Both teams require childrento be a minimum of 8 years of age.Jeanne will do the scheduling of the teams.
You may reach her at her home telephone after6 P.M. and weekends or leave a message on hertelephone recorder. Please leave
an eveningnumber
and speak the number slowly. She willgive you speci
c details about team assignmentsand schedule your time to work.
a day to be thankful 
What Does It Mean To You?
Are you really thankful for the things God has done foryou—for all of the blessings He has given you; are youeven aware that they come from God or do you think youhave done it on your own? Or, are you too busy to justpause a moment and re
ect on what you have and whereyou are now. Are you thankful for the little things in lifethat you just take for granted? What if all of the blessingswere stopped—because you never take time to thank Godfor all of the little things He does for you. When you look at other people that are less fortunate than yourself or see aperson that is homeless do you stop and say,
“but for thegrace of God, there go I’.
 Please take time on this Thanksgiving Day and everyday to give thanks to God. Let us become a thankful people.
 We are thankful for you! Each day at the Mission we countour blessings as we see how God has touched your heartand you share with us
nancially, with in-kind gifts and byvolunteering to help.
We are so blessed by the gifts from Your hand  I just cannot understand Why you have loved us so muchWe are so blessed, we just cannot 
nd a way or The words that can say,Thank you Lord, for Your touchWhen we are emptyYou
ll us until we over 
ow,When we are hungryYou feed us and cause us to know;We are so blessed,Take what we have to bring;Take it all everything, Lord, we love You so very much.

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