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September 2009 Anchorage Gospel Rescue Mission Newsletter

September 2009 Anchorage Gospel Rescue Mission Newsletter

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Published by: Anchorage Gospel Rescue Mission on Sep 07, 2010
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Anchorage Gospel Rescue Mission
A Ministry of Rescue & Discipleship
a publication of theAnchorage Gospel Rescue Mission • Anchorage, Alaska
Larry Aldrich
Operations Manager
David Williams
Program Director
Randy Hess
Maintenance Supervisor
Larry O’ConnorRoger Klein
Client Supervisor
David McKnight
Van Driver
Solomona Talivaa
Denny Lef 
erBill McCormickAnthony BooneCado SpatesThomas Nolcini
Phase 5 Disciples
   r   e   s  c   u   e
   n   e   w   s
   e   s   t .    1   9  6   5
Why Should You Care For—
The Least, The Last, The Lost—
B E C A U S E,
The Bible tells us, “The poor shall nevercease out of the land”,
Deuteronomy 15:11
 The last, the least and the lost is very descriptive of the homeless. When I read Deuteronomy15:11 and Mark 14:7,
“For ye have the poor with you always, and whensoever ye will yemay do them good….”.
I believe God is telling us to help provide for the less fortunate. Iknow that we will always have the poor, needy and homeless people with us. There have beenplans by many cities, including Anchorage, to end homelessness and have even set a timeframe. However, I have been dealing with this problem for many years and I do not see anymass movement to end homelessness and there never will be. It seems like there is no end tohomelessness. Usually by this time of the year we can see a noticeable reduction in the numberof people coming to us for help. But again this year we are seeing more people continuing tocome to us for help. We can only accommodate a few of these people with shelter (becauseone of our dorms has been closed by the city) but the numbers of people coming for mealsand clothing has been on the increase. I do not believe Anchorage has felt the effect of therecession yet but when it hits more and more people are going to be looking for help!There are many reasons why a person may become homeless.
In the minds of most peoplethough,
drugs and alcohol are the main reason.
I will agree that they play a big partand may be the end results of why a person becomes homeless. But there are many otherreasons—mental illness, divorce and the break-up of a home are other reasons. However,one of the big reasons for a person being homeless in our city is unemployment. Most of thepeople that come to the Mission would work if they could
nd a job. When a person losestheir job, their source of income, then gradually everything they own—they may turn to drugsand alcohol. They think they can
nd some relief from their problems by taking this outletonly to
nd out they have created a greater problem. Finally, when all is lost, they may cometo us for help. But, we are limited as to what we can do because of lack of space!Those that do come to us (and can get in) and have a sincere desire for help—can
nd it here.You see, we believe a person’s real help comes from GOD. With Jesus in their life and theHoly Spirit to give them the help, guidance and comfort they need a person can look beyondtheir present circumstances and see the Lord can help them reach their goals and achievementsin their life. They do not need the drugs and alcohol for a crutch. But now they have Jesus tolean on and He will help them to get where they want to be – recovered and serving. Pleasepray for the Mission and Staff that God will open the way for us to aid more of the people thatcome to us for help.
   p   r  o  g   r  a   m    d   i   r   e  c   t  o   r
   D  a  v  i  d    M .    W  i   l   l  i  a  m  s
When was the last time you came home and complainedabout not getting a traf 
c ticket? Try to recall the timewhen you received your paycheck and then tried to getout of taking it by saying, “It’s not my fault I had towork in order to support my family.” How many of us have become victims because we didn’t stop at theliquor store and spend our last few dollars on alcohol?Why am I so willing to accept the consequencesof my positive action yet at the same time resist theconsequences of my negative actions? It seems tome this character
aw makes me a hypocrite. Mywillingness to accept consequences equally de
nes whoI am as a person. As a Christian I have a fundamentalresponsibility to the body of Christ to not only be agood steward of choice but to also be willing to acceptthe consequences regardless of the classi
cation goodor bad.I have a dear friend who has had a really dif 
cult year.He made some really bad choices and as we all knowthere are consequences. Like me his instinct is to makeexcuses rather than practice acceptance. It’s easy forme to blame others for my circumstance because itallows me to believe my pain is not self in
icted. If Ican somehow make it their fault I can then focus myanger and hate in their direction rather than my own.They become my safety net. After all isn’t that whatSatan loves for us to do? Beat ourselves up! It’s painfultherefore we attempt to avoid it at all cost. The ironyis; the more I struggle to break free of Satan’s will, themore I take on his nature by lying to myself and blaming others for my circumstances.
You belong to your father, the devil,and you want to carry out your father’sdesire. He was a murderer from thebeginning, not holding to the truth, forthere is no truth in him. When he lies,he speaks his native language, for he isa liar and the father of liesJohn 8:44I had a spiritual awaking while watching the FoodNetwork. A mother of four girls was competing for herown T.V. show and one of the challenges included hertelling why she felt this would be right for her. She toldabout how she had climbed the corporate ladder andhow it had
lled her mind yet had left her soul empty.Then she turned to her passion, food. She told abouthow she was no longer afraid to try new things becauseif she failed at least she was failing at the right thing.My passion is Christ but I’ve always been afraid to fail.This fear of failure has been a barrier in my relationshipwith Him. Thanks to the voice of a mother of four whoI will never meet I can now deconstruct the barriersbefore me and get a better understanding of who Christis. Even when I fail it no longer matters. For I nowknow I’m failing at the right thing. This knowledgegives me the freedom to stand back up and try againwithout wasting time playing the blame game.This begins by acceptance. I told my friend it was hisdecision to travel the road of destruction therefore hecould not blame others for his circumstances. Like I’mwont to do, he began playing word games by askingme if it was the road to destruction or just a bump inthe road. I didn’t respond because he was missing thepoint while looking for a way out. The truth is he wason the road to destruction. Just because that road didnot, “PRAISE BE TO GOD”, end in total annihilationdoesn’t mean he wasn’t on the road. After all I don’thave to go all the way to Seward to have been on theSeward highway. This attitude illustrates our propensityto avoid the real issues and that is, the consequences of our choices are ours and ours alone!We are choice driven. Once I’ve made a bad decisionI have a new set of choices to make. They are: beatmyself up for my mistakes, blame others for my actions,or accept the consequences of my decisions. Beatingmyself up or blaming others is me failing at the wrongthing. Accepting the consequences of my decisions isme trusting Christ and that is the Right Thing.
The Right Thing!
Living Memorials 
….touch lives as they honor the memoryof loved ones and friends.
In Memory of Enoch Adams
by Phillis J. Matheny
In Memory of Frank, Esperanza and Ernest Casas
by Martha Cashen
In Memory of Mickey Robert Dinsmore II
by John and Donna Poff 
In Memory of Lucille Gilmore
by Bill and Pat Peissig
In Memory of Arnie Howard
by Cynthia Howard
In Memory of Mike Howerton
by Carol Howerton
In Honor of 
Paul John Halligan
by Ellen Halligan(Sister of Paul Halligan)
Because There Is—God 
We will always have another dawnWhen morning ends the night.We will always know this world is oursWill somehow turn out right.A peace will strangely
ll our heartsWhen weary work is done,And though the storm is long and rough,A bright new day will come.Because there is GOD, I am sureWe will always have a smile.And somehow we will
nd a wayTo make each day worthwhile.A friend will bring us endless joyAnd love will live through all,We will have a Winter wonderlandWhere snow
akes softly fall.I do not know why days are sad,Why life must bring a care.I only know that God aboveIs ever watching there.And sometimes though my heart can not smile,Though dark the road I trod,I always
nd my way at lastBecause God is there.
Enoch Adams
 At Home with the Lord 
Enoch went home to be the Lord on July 22, 2009. He wasa beloved husband, father and friend. It seemed to me thathis ultimate goal in life, after God and family, was to servethose that were in need or to help them in some way with theskills that God had given him. But most of all he was a
neChristian man.He was a mild mannered man, kind-a quiet, but alwaysready to help or have some input into a problem we mayhave had here at the Mission. He had served on the Boardof Trustees for 35-1/2 years so he was well acquainted withthe problems that can arise at the Mission. I remember afterthe last Board meeting he was able to attend that he said, “if there is anything I can do just let me know.”Enoch was selected to serve on the Board during some verydif 
cult times at the Mission. The Mission was just gettingstarted good and faced situations with
nances, staf 
ng andtrying to maintain a very old building. He was very active inhelping the Mission make the transition from the downtownlocation to the location we now occupy on Tudor road.Yes, he is gone from our presence now. He will be missed,but not forgotten.
A Blessed Promise 
For this we say unto you by the word of the Lord, that wewhich are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord shallnot prevent them which are asleep. For the Lord Himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of thearchangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christshall rise
rst: then we which are alive and remain shall becaught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lordin the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord. Whereforecomfort one another with these words.I Thessalonians 4:15-18.

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