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Final LOC CVA(Print)Old

Final LOC CVA(Print)Old

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Published by Walter James Millo

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Published by: Walter James Millo on Sep 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Before Illness During Illness (at home/hospital) Analysis
PHYSICALMr. Bieber is 54 tall withmedium built body, black hairand tan skin. As a breadwinnerhe actively does his work in theirfarm, such as plowing andspraying insecticides on theirplants. He walks when he is goingto their farm and according tohim this serve s as his exercisewhich he believes givesenhancement to his physique.Aside from doing farm works, healso work as butcher and carrieras his part time job.Activity during illness isincreasingly declined because of left sided body weakness.According to his wife, during hisillness, he can no longer performhis usual activities of daily livinglike what he can. When he wasinflicted with his illness, hebecame dependent to his son andwife. He was being assistedwhenever he does some of hisusual activities such as going tothe bathroom to take a bath or tomove, and he was being fed by hiswife.There is a significantchange in his physicalactivities because he wasinflicted by his illness.Nsg. Diagnosis:Impaired physical mobilityr/t left sided bodyweakness.MENTAL He is elementary undergraduate,though he did not finish hiseducation, he can still decide forhis own and for the sake of hisfamily, able to explain things thatare necessary to be clarified, cancomprehend tagalong but in alimited word only, he preferredto speak Ilocano, he is welloriented to person, time andplace. Immediately recall whenasked and able to respondappropriately.He is disoriented to person, time,and place and was slowlyresponding to simple commands.Despite his condition he does ableto participate in his medicationregimen and can still comprehend.With regards to decision makinghe depends on his wife. When thenurse asks some questions on him,he sometimes respondsinappropriately, though he canable to recall what is being ask tohim, he needs his wife to give ahint for him to recall.There is a change in hismental status.Nsg. Diagnosis:Impaired memory r/tneurological disturbancessecondary toEMOTIONALMost of the time he can managestress by sharing ideas with hiswife. He is a loving husband and agood father to his offspring andhe shows good attitude andremains strong in dealing withproblem. There are times that heis controlling his emotionsbecause he wanted to show toother people that he is strongand does not give up easily.Having misunderstanding orconflicts with other or even withhis family doesnt mean that hewill cry or do some violentreaction no matter how heavy orWhen he was experiencingdizziness, headache, a feeling of defecating and some of his bodypart became weak he first expresshis feelings and reactions to hiswife. According to him, its betterto show/express what he feels sothat they will know what to do. Hewas worried and anxious with hiscondition because he is not yetready to accept the reality abouthis condition, but according to hiswife he never loses hope and healways put on his mind thateverything will be alright andremains strong.There is a change inemotional status patientbecame more expressiveon his feelings.

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