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Hrm in Mc Donalds

Hrm in Mc Donalds

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Published by Mohit Khurana

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Published by: Mohit Khurana on Sep 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT INMCDONALDSThe human resource department at McDonalds is working as a separate department and holds an important place in almost all major operations of the organization but all managers across McDonald's are givenresponsibilities for selecting, motivating, developing and evaluating employees so that they can have a share inthe organization¶s affairs. All managers therefore take on human resource responsibilities. Employees are themost important resources in McDonald's, particularly in creating a competitive edge.FUNCTIONS OF HR IN MCDONALDSThe functions of HRM in McDonald¶s are:POLICY-MAKING - Establishing major policies that cover the place and importance of people in
 McDonald's.WELFARE - Concerned with looking after people at McDonald's and their needs.
 SUPPORTIVE ± Co-operative and helping other managers in their work.
 BARGAINING AND NEGOTIATING - Acting as an intermediary between different groups and interests.
 ADMINISTRATIVE ± Responsible for pay rate system and supervision implementation of health and safety
 laws, etc.JOB ANALYSISMcDonalds has many employees who are working on different posts and are working hard according to their owncapacity. McDonalds conducted job analysis in order to hire new employees at every year that sometimes onquarterly basis. This also enables management to have a better understanding of the jobs and duties being performedat every level and also helps them in training the people who are freshly recruited.JOB ANALYSIS METHOD IN MCDONALDSIn job analysis McDonalds focuses on Work Activities and Human Behaviors of an employee for a job.JOBS IN MCDONALDSMcDonalds Pakistan has two types of job openings with their sub openings as listed under 
Restaurant Jobs
Office JobsRESTAURANT JOBSIn the restaurant jobs, there is a clearly defined career path, from Crew Member to Crew Leader to Floor Manager to Assistant Manager to Restaurant Manager. And from there onwards the opportunities for growthand development are limitless Area Supervisors, Operations Consultant and beyond are just a few to mentionfrom.
 TRAINEE MANAGER This is an entry level managerial position at McDonald's restaurant, providing opportunity to start and excel thecareer with the core business functions. Trainee managers handle various areas of professional excellencewhere sales, people, product safety and security are the minimum areas to be mentioned.CUSTOMER CARE REPRESENTATIVEThis is an exciting career opportunity for the females, responsible to independently organize birthday events &various activities at local store level so that the challenging fun activities of the job will gear up thecommitment of employees for providing the first class customer services.CREW MEMBER Crew Members are the core team members always ready to serve the customers on the floor with a shiningsmile unique with the services. This job is offered either as a Delivery Rider or a Crew Member. So the fun &enthusiasm prospect apart from extensive learning will make employees a key member of the team serving our customers. There are three main areas of responsibility of a crew member:
Customer service
Food preparation
Cleanliness and hygieneOFFICE JOBSManagerial jobs are categorized as Office Jobs in McDonalds. At McDonald¶s office jobs are an excellentmatch, provided an employee can exhibit the right skill set up to excel in the areas of his/her expertise.Depending upon the knowledge, experience and right aptitude, there are 3 key entry points in the office jobs.INITIAL ENTRY LEVELThis entry level is specifically for beginners to start the career in a professional work culture, these positionswill provide the opportunity to develop the skills as a successful business entrepreneur.MIDDLE ENTRY LEVELAs a middle entry level incumbent the incoming employee will perform as a liaison with team members todeliver the team objectives while ensuring the execution of assigned tasks as per defined standards and procedures.HIGHER ENTRY LEVEL
The higher entry level job incumbents are accountable for the execution of assigned tactics and strategic plan. The provision of leadership approach to work will enhance their sense of ownership and part of the winning teammember.JOB ANALYSIS METHOD IN MCDONALDSMCDONALDS applies the basic methods of Job analysis by which HRM can determine job elements and theessential knowledge, skills and abilities for successful performance methods. MCDONALDS uses thefollowing job analysis methods according to their jobs:
Observation Method
Interview Method.
Questionnaire Method.The CREW MEMBERS are like main workers of the McDonalds because they are the one who handle thestage work. McDonalds use directO bs er vation andIn ter viewin g together Firstly, they observe the work of thecrew member note the information as much as they can and then for further assistance ask the crewmembersabout the detail of their work. For CUSTOMER CARE REPRESENTATIVES McDonalds follow the similar Interview Technique where theyask the employees that what they feel when they work in this fun environment, how they manage all the work and satisfy the kids and their parents.For the MANAGERIAL JOBS McDonalds use theQues tionnair e and Interview Method.They prepare a structured Questionnaire in which they ask employees about their jobs, purpose, educationrequired for the job, experience or other key factors. Whereas, in Interviewing they further collect theinformation related to job directly from employees.JOB DESCRIPITIONThe job analysis is used to generate a job description, which defines the duties of each task, and other responsibilities of the position. The description covers the various task requirements, such as mental or physicalactivities; working conditions and job hazards.JOB DESCRIPTION AS PER JOBSMcDonalds represent its Job Description as³Category Profile´ and ³Individual Competencies´OFFICE JOBSFor office jobs Job Description is named as ³Category Profile´I . INTIAL ENTRY LEVEL:Strong focus towards learning and adapting to the corporate environment
 A real interest in how people drive business

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